The Scoop on Real ID in Oklahoma


If you are an advocate for constitutional government, you will want to attend this event;


 The People of this state that appreciate the value of constitutionally principled government are urged to attend the “Citizens Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty”

January 3, 2009


Character Training Institute



It also features a street view




We are fortunate to have legislators in this state that take their oath of office to “support, obey, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma” seriously.  Some of our best representatives have begun a bold legislative effort in a bid to uphold the rights of the people that are threatened by the unwarranted intrusions of national government into the sovereign affairs of the state of Oklahoma.   

Now, we are now called upon to do our part.


 This assembly is an opportunity to demonstrate how powerfully attached we are to keeping a representative form of government and how dearly we want to be free from government tracking the details of our lives.  Biometrics, Real ID, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative and SB 717

 On this occasion, the numbers will count!  By our numbers we will be reinforcing the work of our representatives to constrain our government to its legitimate, Constitutional bounds. By our numbers we can encourage the officials who waver and instruct the ones who would exceed the limits of government.

The national government has indicated its intent to limit our unalienable rights by strong-arm tactics as illustrated by mandates such as the Real ID Act which would force us to submit to the collection of personal, biometric identifiers.  That data is intended to be shared not only on a national level but internationally as well.

 I am very pleased to tell you that Senator Constance N. Johnson and State Representative Charles Key will be our guest speakers. They will tell us about the legislative efforts to address faulty practices regarding personal and biometric information collection, storage and sharing that put us all at risk.

Last June news of the Tenth Amendment Resolution went viral online, blazing across the Internet passed excitedly from one American to another. Charles Key’s robust resolution, meant to remind the federal government of their clearly enumerated powers per the Bill of Rights, captured the interest and goodwill of people across the nation and has earned our state a high profile as a pivot point on matters pertaining to state sovereignty.

Senator Johnson of Oklahoma said very descriptively that that the Real ID Act “smelled like a can of worms and should be rethought”  She’s not alone in wrinkling her nose at this act which that was tacked onto a supplemental war funding and tsunami relief bill and passed without debate by Congress  in 2005.  Senator Johnson registered her displeasure by sponsoring legislation to ban Oklahoma from participation.  Bill 464 was passed in May. 2007 clearly states

The summary for SB 464;

 An Act relating to motor vehicles; providing legislative findings; prohibiting state from implementing certain act; directing the Department of Public Safety not to implement certain act and to report certain attempts to the Governor and Legislature; prohibiting state from collecting data for certain documents; requiring retrieval and deletion of certain biometric data; providing an exception; defining term; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

The Dept. of Motor Vehicles for some reason took it upon them to ask for an extension from DHS which has Oklahoma in the posture of future compliance, at least in the view of the federal government.  The directives in 464 seem crystal clear to me but maybe the DMV is “interpreting” in the same manner some of our dear leaders do with the US Constitution.  I am baffled by this.  A DMV spokesma  stated that a request for extension “was issued” and then he proceeded to do the Colonel Klink “I know nothink!” routine.

CNET article on this;

After doing a bit more digging, I found that Gov. Henry wrote a letter to DHS and requested the extension. 

You can read the details here;



SB 464 directly states;

The Legislature finds that the enactment into law by the United States Congress of the federal REAL ID Act of 2005[. . .] is inimical to the security and well-being of the people of Oklahoma, will cause approximately Eight Million Dollars ($8,000,000.00) in added expense and inconvenience to our state, and was adopted by the United States Congress in violation of the principles of federalism contained in the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.


These two speakers will share their thoughts about up-coming measures and will also be able to explain what we can do to help support legislators who are willing step out of the political safety zone and stand on principle.

I am also happy to tell you that Mark Lerner, Co-founder of the Constitutional Alliance, will be present to give us the inside scoop on this and other similar efforts around the country. The Constitutional Alliance is an organization that has succeeded in bringing cohesion to many groups dedicated to the preservation of state and national sovereignty and essential individual rights.

 Mark has consistently taken the high road by keeping his assertions firmly anchored by verifiable facts.  This credibility standard is what helps makes the Constitutional Alliance a force to be reckoned with.   He, along with other C.A. (Constitutional Alliance) members have crafted model legislation designed to preserve our liberties and put an end to the this awful plan to track law abiding citizens.  To say Mark Lerner is driven would be an understatement but for the sake of brevity I will give a link for you to find out more about work of the C.A.


The Constitutional Alliance’s mission statement;

 The C.A. is has focused much of its resources on our state largely because Oklahoma, true to its claim of “Sooner Spirit” is leading the way by taking a strong stance against  the overbearing central government. 

This is a call for action that if attended to properly may prove to be very rewarding, unlike the recent fiasco when our representatives, who were in Washington and apparently too deafened by distance or dazzled and distracted by D.C. to hear us when we raised a din of opposition to against bailing out irresponsible banks.

And we are fortunate in our state to have a good handful of elected officials that will fight for to uphold the constitution and that the ones that will not, illustrating the genius of state sovereignty, are still close enough to be pinched.  This is precisely why we have to seize this opportunity that comes in the eleventh hour, to make resounding demand that our state hold fast to our founding contract.  If we, the “governed by consent”, fail to take the steps necessary to make it known that we do not consent to these tyrannical mandates we are likely to see our promised federation continue to be devoured by the central government as it continues to consolidate power at a breakneck pace. 

 We are also fortunate that a number of the founders were cautious and exacting men that jousted with Hamilton in order to provide us the tools by which to avoid just such an eventuality.  The Tenth Amendment, though somewhat rusty now from disuse, is one of those tools.

Visible and vigorous support for the members of the Oklahoma State Legislators now cannot be overstated. 


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