“Citizens Assembly” Remarkable Turnout!

The turnout to this assembly was tremendous.    Every time we meet we grow stronger.

Approximately 200 people traveled from all over Oklahoma, including the Tapp family all the way from the panhandle.  We had folks come from Texas, Arkansas and Kansas to stand in solidarity with us as we turned out  to demonstrate our determination  hold the line on federal encroachment. 

Now,  we have to stay informed as this legislation progresses.  We need to keep up a steady drumbeat of support by calling our representatives and making sure that they understand that we are committed to seeing these bills become law.  Let’s offer them education, encouragement and serve as the impetuous for action on their part.  Please check this often for updates on the status of the measures.

Jan. 6th is “organization day” at the state capitol.

Jan. 15, 2009 is the last day for introducing measures.

Session convenes on Feb. 2nd


As soon as the text of the measures goes up, I will post them here and will try to keep an eye on the other states and report on their progress.

We are building a network of people willing to do what it takes to secure our legal and natural rights.  We are not afraid of appearing “radical” which, by the way, means root.  Arising from or going to the root, fundamental.   The Rule of Law is a radical concept.  If this word gets tossed in your direction, take it for what it is worth.

I hope that we can begin to hold these types of forums more often and in more locations around the state.   Knowing how rare it is to have such a group in one place at one time, the temptation to try and cover too much at one time is hard to overcome.  Everyone wants to share news, catch up and make plans and every one of us have important contributions to make and are deserving of the spotlight but fitting it all into one event is impossible and incredibly frustrating.  

There is a simple remedy for this.  We need to have these assemblies more often and in a variety of locations.   The idea of webcasting various meetings so that no one has to miss anything is one worth following up on.  Imagine being able to watch meetings taking place anywhere in the state.    If you are interested in learning to webcast, or teaching others to do so, please, contact me.  I want to learn how to do this and coordinate efforts.  Communication is the key and anything that allows us to see and hear what is going on in our communities is a good thing.  Even as we wrestle with the ethics of new technology we should use what is available to us to enhance our ability to communicate. 

There is no shortage of people in this state that are willing to jump in and do what needs to be done, but we must be patient with each other.   Many of us posses great will but little experience and what you are seeing is the efforts of those that are willing to try to do something to help but that are learning through trial and error how to do so effectively.  To give a personal example, I am a hairdresser and EMT by trade who has put work and school on hold for over a year because my conscious demands that I do my part to help my state and country.  I have no prior experience with politics, organization, activism or government.  I can’t even organize my closet!  Only my will and your goodwill keep me to this task. 

We would sacrifice much purity for more polish and although learning from the ground up is tedious, I am certain it is worth it. 

Every single person that participated in the Citizens Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty last Sat. took part in a revival of the spirit in which this country was founded upon.  Gather more like yourselves and stay together.  You are the fabric of America and are tougher and stronger than anything that could devise to undo her.

Thank you all so very much.


One response to ““Citizens Assembly” Remarkable Turnout!

  1. It was an honor to be there and participate with such a wonderful group of movers and shakers! Blessings to all,

    PS The handout which I only had in limited quantities is now posted on http://www.r3publican.com
    (please share as you deem appropriate).

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