“Citizens Assembly” Paints OKC Purple!

Laurette, your words are simply rocket fuel for me and I trust that others will be inspired as well.   Laurette attended the Citizens Assembly last Saturday in OKC.

This amazing lady has crystalline clarity!



From her blog;

Purple Oak.  Purple Politics.


Tenth Amendment Resolution

Last night my husband and I attended the Citizens Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This Assembly was regarding the Tenth Amendment Resolution HJR 1003 authored by Representative Charles Key.

I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about the Assembly, comment on a few of the speakers and hopefully impress upon you, the urgency of this matter.

The Assembly was held to discuss and support above mentioned Resolution which declares that Oklahoma will be claiming rights under the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution as a sovereign state and thus will not be intimidated into compliance with the unconstitutional Real ID Act.

To learn more about the Real ID Act and why such vehement opposition is crucial to our American Liberty, please see this blog post.

Listening to the speakers who were present, I found myself charged with a surge of energy that will hopefully be channeled into some effective action on behalf of this mission.

The event was made possible but a variety of folks and in particular Kaye Beach, who I’d like to publicly thank for all of her activism and efforts regarding this matter. In my opinion, the Assembly was a success! There was a genuine feel of “we are all in this together” and it was amped!

The assembly was funded by a handful of organizations and spearheaded by Mark Lerner and his organization http://stoprealidcoalition.com/ He delivered an inspiring talk that was devoid of party partiality, and I appreciated that! He (and other speakers) did mention a socialist agenda that seems to be in the minds of our elite government, but they all were clearly stressing the point that this has been happening for some time now, and under several administrations over several decades. I admit I was waiting for the ‘watch out for Obama’ from those residing on the far right, but it didn’t come. There seemed to be a general understanding (or at least I hope) that this is something for which the only direction to point the finger was at OURSELVES, and I found that to be a refreshingly truthful and accurate idea! While the focus was of course on passing this HR which would grant OK sovereignty to deny the Real ID act….The general theme of the night was that “We the people” are the ones in charge and it’s only due to our own lack of action and malaise that change does not happen… and that we need to stop expecting everyone else to take care of it for us. There was a lot of reiteration of the Constitution and how important it is for We the People to BE the government as per the Constitution and that if we want to stop the shredding of our rights that WE need to do something about it.

The MC for the evening, RJ, a Ron Paul supporter and unapologetic conservative, also stressed the importance of unity on matters of freedom and sovereignty and denounced the notion of rejecting unified efforts based on differences on social issues that divide the left from the right. I can’t agree more on the point that division is unacceptable when we are faced with such bigger fish to fry!

Another Speaker was Sally Kern, who had some valid points to make about the importance of denying the Real ID act and just how destructive such an act can be to the principles of Liberty and how it would trample the Constitution. Mrs. Kern did mention her own political opinions in her speech, but she kept it to a minimum and followed it up with a clear suggestion that it doesn’t matter, that we are all in this together on this one.

I can agree with that and point out that there is no need to change someone’s mind about their party in order to impress upon them, the importance of salvaging our rights under the 10th amendment.

Sally Kern was followed up by a Democratic Senator, Contance Johnson who announced
“I am a democrat” and was met by thunderous applause! She delivered a FANTASTIC talk on the urgency of this HR and just how unjust and un-American the Real ID act is. I especially enjoyed how she pointed out that it shreds the Constitution by assuming we are all guilty until proven innocent rather than the other way around. The theme of her talk magnified the point that while we are suffering from some major issues in this country, the cure should never be worse than the disease, and this certainly would be.

Most importantly, we heard from Charles Key, the author of this resolution, whom I don’t know all that much about yet, but I recently learned about his in depth research into the OKC bombing and thus he has both piqued my interest and earned my support! Regardless of his stand on minor social issues, someone with such strong convictions and apparent courage is just dam cool in my book. What made him even cooler to me is that he incorporated into his speech the lyrics from Steppenwolf’s “Monster” and followed that up with “maybe those hippies were on to something after all”. I’m paraphrasing there, but that FREAKIN ROCKED! Here’s this seemingly political “suit” reminding us how the 1960’s rock band knew more about REAL Patriotism than we do!

Anyway…. again, the night was about building the momentum and strength to claim OK sovereignty over the Real ID act. This assembly took place in 25 other states and I’m hoping the turn out was just as good, and the vibe was just as amped! I was very inspired by the obvious purple haze in the room. We were from the left and the right – the red and the blue – and we were all bleeding together in purple, for one purpose – Liberty. And the idea was that WE THE PEOPLE are ultimately responsible for what is happening in our country and that it was up to US to take care of it if we didn’t like it.

Now, what can WE do?

Well, the idea is the 150 rule. If each of us reach 150 other people and tell them about the urgency of this matter, that a percentage of them *will* hear us and hopefully repeat the message to others. So, that is what I intend to do…. My hope is that this is what you intend to do as well. Email your contacts list. Blog it on your favorite social network, send out a broadcast text, call the parents in your kids class, get your soapbox out in your favorite chat room, or just tell the cashier at Starbucks. Take a big handful of seeds and spread them around. Some *will* land on fertile ground my friends.

Many of you right at this very moment will be searching your mind and your soul and deciding whether or not you will participate in spreading this most urgent information. You may be reviewing the names of all your family and friends and deciding whether or not you should talk to them, or if it would be a waste of time. We all know that many people reject these little nuggets of truth out of fear they may choke trying to swallow them… but I am urging you – tell them anyway.

Some will hear it and not listen. Some will not hear it at all. Others may consider the urgency yet take no action – but others will listen to the message, hear it and take action on their own. Who will you be?

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3 responses to ““Citizens Assembly” Paints OKC Purple!

  1. Laurettelynn

    Kaye, you rock so much and are such an inspiration for me and those of us who burn with the fiery need to do more! WE are We the people, we are the government, WE are hope!!!
    Rock on!!!

  2. I wish I could have attended this meeting. Please keep us updated at the PPJ Gazette. On days that I feel there is little hope, I find that reports such as this inspire me to keep going.


  3. Marti, I will make it my job to send you any good news I find.

    I just posted about Virginia-apparently they are doing the same thing we are-Rally legislation. Really perked me up!

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