Joyce Foundation and the IACP-who’s buying?

They started by buying law reviews: now they’re buying organizations, or at least their reports.
A while back, the antigun Joyce Foundation made a hefty grant to fund a gun summit meeting by some members of the International Assn of Chiefs of Police. Here’s the pdf file.
Surprise! It concludes we need lots and lots of gun control. Ban “assault weapons,” repeal the Tihart Amendment, ban .50 BMG, outlaw possession by anyone with a violent misdemeanor record, ban armor piercing using a standard of actual ability to penetrate body armor (which would encompass virtually any rifle round), outlaw private gun transfers, increase ATF’s budget, etc., etc.

iacpBut the interesting part is that the International apparently let Joyce staffers write the report:
“We are grateful to several key staff at the Joyce Foundation; President Ellen Alberding for her leadership, passionate concern for quality of life in our communities, and particularly for her interest in partnering with the IACP to address gun violence, Program Officer Roseanna Ander for her dedication to reducing gun violence in the Great Lake States and the nation, and her relentless enthusiasm as she worked with IACP staff to make the summit a reality and Communications Director Mary O’Connell, who has aided in highlighting and supporting the vision of our summit participants through her editing, writing and consistent work to produce this report. “


One response to “Joyce Foundation and the IACP-who’s buying?

  1. I don’t agree with your train-of-thought. I don’t agree with this at all. Gun violence is done by criminals not gun enthusiast, hunter and/or sportsmen. If you want to be a victim that is fine by me but I have a right to defend my wife, family, home, pets and myself.

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