Get Nekked at Tulsa Int. Airport!


Heck no!  I won’t go

My daughter took a ski trip 2 or 3 weeks ago with my best friend and they flew out of Tulsa.  They were using the “Super Stripper” then.  They also swabbed your personal effects to detect explosives.

The TSA has done preliminary tests of the scanner on passengers who had just passed through metal detectors. Those tests found that the machines excel at finding hidden objects, White said.

My friend’s husband was the only one to get the “nekked treatment”    I was disgusted that he marched right through it.  “they can see your personal business with those things, you know.”  he shrugged.  I let my 14 year old daughter know that we don’t get naked at the airport, not even for a ski trip.  I know the US dollar is worthless but demanding nudity for priviliges just creeps me out.

If security really needs to check the masses that thoroughly then they can do it the old fashioned way. ” M’aam, would you mind taking off your clothing, please?”

Why make it easy for them?

Look,  Germany, France, the EU are resisting these high powered peeping machines.

Australians are outraged;

Airport admits ‘strip search’ body scanners WILL show people naked

Cheryl Johnson, general manager of the Office of Transport Security, said:’ It will show the private parts of people, but what we’ve decided is that we’re not going to blur those out, because it severely limits the detection  capabilities. ‘

‘It is possible to see genitals and breasts while they’re going  through the machine, though,’ she admitted

However, Ms Johnson said there were a number of measures in place to tackle  concerns about privacy.

“The faces are automatically blurred and … it’s only a chalk-style outline,  it’s not as invasive as some of the other equipment that we’ve got,” she said.

Gee, Thanks Ms. Johnson.

That old argument to vote with your feet does not work any longer.  So many businesses are owned or partially owned by the government that gets it’s funds from the sweat of our brow that taking your business elsewhere is often a false option.   Reminds me of growing up military.  When using government military services ESPECIALLY medical, you took what they offered and shut up.  You could not sue a Dr. or complain.  They were inefficient, cold sometimes even abusive and the level of expertise was spotty at best.  When I became civilian I was amazed at the difference.  I think if people want to get an idea of what government ownership and management produces, they should look to the military because that is what it will probably most resemble.

Lets be realistic here.  This technology will not be limited to airports and that is the rub.

See!  Now They Want to Scan Your Bones

Reasonable people want to compromise because in our daily, average American lives that is an approach that works.  We think in terms of getting along with one another in our social circles.  It is disasterous to think this way in regards to the enormous corporate government.  They don’t take a little and call it good.  They want it all.  That is why we are working our behinds off everyday to make a living-we compromise, we don’t generally expect more that a fair share.  This is why we are looked upon as a resource for the unscrupulous who want make an inordinate amount of money for very little labor.  They are not held back by quaint notions of fair play.  You know it, I know it.  Give the government an inch and they will take a mile.  With the recipients of their contracts cracking the whip, maybe two or three.. see the end of the below article for other used being considered.

Feb. 2009

Body scanners replace metal detectors in tryout at Tulsa  airport

By Thomas Frank, USA TODAY WASHINGTON – For the first time, some airline passengers will skip metal detectors and instead be screened by body scanning machines that look through clothing for hidden weapons, the Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday.

An experimental program that begins today at Tulsa International Airport will test whether the $170,000 body scanners could replace $10,000 metal detectors that have screened airline passengers since 1973. Airports in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City will join the test in the next two months, TSA spokesman Christopher White said.

The scanners aim to close a loophole by finding non-metallic weapons such as plastic and liquid explosives, which the TSA considers a major threat. The machines raise privacy concerns because their images reveal outlines of private body parts.

“We’re getting closer and closer to a required strip-search to board an airplane,” said Barry Steinhardt of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Privacy advocate Melissa Ngo fears that passengers won’t understand that the scanners take vivid images that screeners view.

White said each scanner has explanatory signs on how the machines work and posters showing the image they create.

Passengers at the test airports will be instructed to go through the new scanners. Anyone who doesn’t want to go through will be allowed to refuse and instead go through a metal detector and receive a pat-down, White said.

People in the scanner will stand with their arms raised and their face will be blurred out in the metallic-looking image on a nearby screen. TSA screeners view the images from inside a closed room near a checkpoint and immediately delete them.

“We’ve struck a very good balance between security and privacy,” White said.

Christopher Bidwell, security chief at the Airports Council International trade group, said the scanner “really does not reveal as much as some people might think.”

The scanners aim to address problems exposed by government probes in which covert agents got liquid explosives and detonators through airport checkpoints. A 2005 Homeland Security report urged better checkpoint technology.

Security analyst Bruce Schneier, a frequent critic of the TSA, said the scanners should improve security but warned that they take longer than metal detectors – 30 seconds vs. about 15 seconds per passenger. “There will be pressure to do the screening faster, which will be sloppier,” Schneier said.

The scanners bounce harmless “millimeter waves” off passengers’ bodies and use no radiation.

The TSA has done preliminary tests of the scanner on passengers who had just passed through metal detectors. Those tests found that the machines excel at finding hidden objects, White said.

Based on the results of the latest test, the TSA will decide at an undetermined date whether to use more body scanners in place of metal detectors.


Like I was saying, give them an inch…
Could X-ray scanners work on the street?
X-ray cameras that would “undress” passers-by in a bid to thwart terrorists concealing weapons, could be coming to a street near you, according to reports. Aside from the obvious privacy issues, would such a plan work? Leaked documents said to have been drawn up by the Home Office and seen by the Sun newspaper say cameras which can see through clothes could be built into lamp posts to “trap terror suspects”.

While Home Secretary John Reid has denied knowledge of the plans, the technology is not dissimilar to that already found in some UK airports. Currently, air security officials pick out individuals to stand in a booth while three pictures are taken of the person in slightly different positions.

Within seconds, an X-ray scanner produces an image of the body, minus the clothes. What shows up is the naked human form and anything that may be concealed on the person, such as coins, a gun or drugs.

” The real question is not whether the technology can see something under the clothing, it’s how you respond to it ”
Bob Ayers
Security expert

There are other variations on the X-ray technology. Millimetre wave machines give more of a three-dimensional image, while terahertz radiation also penetrates clothing.

A one-month trial at London’s Paddington rail station involved a millimetre wave scanner. A portable version – an “electronic wand” – was trialled last year at London’s Canary Wharf and Greenford Underground stations.

No decision has been made about wider implementation, according to a Department of Transport spokesman, who says the challenges are being evaluated.

More from BBC News;


7 responses to “Get Nekked at Tulsa Int. Airport!

  1. This has NOTHING to do with security or terrorism. The REAL terrorists are the likes of David Rockefeller, his puppets in the White House (presently Obama), the FBI, Homeland (formerly Hertland) Security, and the likes of Zbigniew Brzhinsky and Lon Horiuchi.

    The only purpose of ‘strip’ machines like these, other than to give the armed Barney Fifes that run them a thrill, is to dehumanize travelers, accustom the travelers to having their 4th Amendment Constitutional rights violated, and to show them that they are no longer free.

    These machines are disgusting evidence that the”New” World Order is beginning to clamp down hard on Oklahomans.

    Hey; I have an idea! Require every ‘security’ person that monitors these machines to walk through them before each traveler does as the traveler watches through the machine (and probably sees how fat the ‘security’ men are and how small their peckers are; and how saggy the ‘security’ women’s breasts are) THEN we will see how many ‘security’ personnel want to “man” these machines.

  2. PS

    The 2005 incident was proven to be a government sponsored false flag operation anyway. It’s intended purpose: To allow “security” at airports to further intimidate and harass travelers by requiring travelers to dispose of all liquids, toothpastes, etc. before boarding planes.

    This also resulted in requiring several mothers to drink their own pre-bottled breast milk at the security checkpoints.

    I suggest having people like Christopher Bidwell, Bruce Schneier, Christopher White, submit to urinalyses by peeing in a cup and then forcing them to drink it afterward because they gotta’ be on illegal drugs to consider something like this

  3. Oooh heeeeeell no! I read about this a year and a half ago, and it FREAKED me out then, just as it does now! Shame on TIA for allowing it in Oklahoma!!! This is not about “safety” this is about making us feel more controlled and more vulnerable. It says to us all “you are all criminals and you must strip yourselves to prove your innocence” It’s disgusting!

  4. PPS.

    If these things are so damned efficient then why not install them at the capitol building in Oklahoma City so that people don’t have to wait in line to put their change in a basket there?

    SURELY the Oklahoma state government deserves as good as the airlines.

  5. Dan,
    That is an interesting idea that I will be unable to resist sharing next time I’m at the Capitol.

    I also wat to get some pictures from one of those “super strippers” and tack them up everywhere so people can see what they are being reduced to.

  6. AmericanBob

    TSA is out of control, all we have to do is frisk the ones that look like MUSLIMS or hippees

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