*UPDATED*Go Texas! Texas HCR50 for the Tenth Amendment



I knew Texas would not stand for the states north of their border all the way from Oklahoma to

 Washington to get ahead of them.  I love you Texas! (it REALLY is a “Whole Other Country”!)

Many if not most of these resolutions are born of citizens taking the initiative in droves.

As much as we gripe about Congress and our state lawmakers letting us down, it is important that we

do our part too.  This is the way our founders envisioned the process.  Citizen involvement is an integral part of the system. 

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Even with all of the miserable things going on in this country, it is still our Country and if we can focus on what is most important

to the majority of Americans and work together where ever possible during this crisis we can rise to the challenge that was issued

by Benjamin Franklin in 1787 at the close of the Constitutional Convention when asked ;

“Well Dr., What have we got–a Republic or a Monarchy?”

To which the wise and witty Founder replied “A Republic, if you can keep it”



 As reported by The Tenth Amendment Center


As of February 17th, legislation to affirm State Sovereignty under the 10th Amendment has been introduced in the Texas House by representative Brandon Creighton. The bill number is HCR50 – and here’s a few excerpts: (h/t Conservative Pabulum)


Affirming that the State of Texas claims sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution, serving notice to the federal government to cease and desist certain mandates, and providing that certain federal legislation be prohibited or repealed.




Hegar Files Senate Resolution To Affirm State Sovereignty

March 5th, 2009  |  by John Pape | Published in News | Email This Post

State Sen. Glenn Hegar yesterday filed a resolution in the Texas Senate to reaffirm Texas’ right to self-govern under provisions of the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


The Tenth Amendment limits the power of the federal by preserving state sovereignty. State sovereignty is the states’ right to self-govern without undue interference from the federal government.




The Tenth Amendment also limits the types and kinds of laws that the federal government can make and impose upon the states. If the Constitution does not specifically delegate a power to the federal government, then that power is presumed to belong to the states.


14 responses to “*UPDATED*Go Texas! Texas HCR50 for the Tenth Amendment

  1. Gald to say I’m in Creighton’s district… this is by far one of the MOST important resolutions we could pass…

  2. I am SO very proud to be a “Texian” ! Thank all yall Okies for the support ! I understand yall are moving along the same lines ! We will make our stand together !

  3. i am proud of you.go for it !

  4. If I wasn’t so proud to be a Virginian, I’d want to be a Texan. Join the ‘Come out of the Woods’ movement. Go to http://home.comcast.net/~allturners/site/?/home/

  5. i’m also in Creighton’s district. I sent his office an email telling him how happy i am with this. i told them that actions speak louder then words and we shouldn’t be afraid of the federal government.

  6. And here I thought Perry was a complete bozo, but put 1 in the PRO column for him on this.
    Of course, he is only ENDORSING the bill. Some other bright Texans had the guts to write it and push it through (I used to be in Gattis’ district till I moved).
    I have only 2 words about this Resolution:


  7. I Sent letters to all of my representatives and Creighton. I am all for this. I have been for quite ? somtime now. I’m glad that this bill passed. Maybe now the Government will leave Texas alone.

  8. Thanks to all who voted for this bill. We have faxed every lawmaker concerning HCR 50 and continue to educaate politicians.

  9. James Coston

    It’s about damn time our legislators took on the Feds and told them to butt out. With our resources, we don’t need out tax $$ being sucked up on the welfare and pork programs of the u.s. government. AS a proud ‘Texican’ keep up the good work.

  10. 19 and hopin for a future

    Thank God! Go Texas. Hope the Feds believe the sign now(Dont Mess With Texas!). Let the South Rise and give Every RACE a Chance!

  11. Proud Texan.
    I am proud to say there are some states out there that actually believe in a free America and not Socialism and New World Order that the feds want us so bad to be a part of. Go to Europe with your socialists ideas they will accept them there!

  12. There’s only one thing that’ll make this Texas man cry. Affirmation of INDEPENDENCE. Let freedom ring. If you haven’t heard the saying before, here it is…As indipendant as Texas!! Thank you Oklahoma for your kind words. This Texan loves freedom and freedom-loving neighbors.

  13. is all this an invite to a tea party ?? of sorts that is?

  14. I argue that the Senate can and ought to be reformed in what it represents. If you are interested in this line of thought, I hope you will have a look at the following post: http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/10/27/the-u-s-senate-what-is-it-really/

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