Add West Virginia! State Sovereignty Movement


Kevin Patrick sends word from Alan Shook who yesterday said that things were not looking so good for

getting this measure into committee.



“You guys DID IT! “It’s down in bill drafting–I just asked about it and they haven’t finished it yet. It will definitely be introduced” — Alex Shook


This is a great example of just how important and effective communicating with our representatives, especially on a state level, can be.  I have seen this effect personally-Your state representatives many times are operating with little guidance from their constituents at large and this leaves them open to influence by any number of other sources that do not operate in the interests of the people.


Kudos West Virginia!






List courtesy of Kevin Patrick-Patriot, Activist for West Virginia SovereigntyKevin Patrick and Lovely Lady

-Thank you Kevin!


States who have passed or proposed bills to affirm 10th Amendment rights.


2009: Arkansas 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues


2009: Arizona 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment


1994: California 10th Amendment

1995/96: Georgia 10th Amendment


2009: Georgia 10th Amendment


2009: Kansas 10th Amendment


* Add 2009 Kentucky Feb, 25th


1997/98: Louisiana Sovereignty Constitutional Amendment


2009: Michigan 10th Amendment


2009: Minnesota 10th Amendment


2009: Missouri Freedom of Choice Act (Abortion), 10th Amendment


2009: Montana 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, 2nd Amendment


2009: New Hampshire 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Federal Reserve, Taxes, Martial Law, 2nd Amendment, Draft/War, Patriot Act, Labor Camps, 1st Amendment


2008: Oklahoma 10th Amendment, (Other Legislation: No Child Left Behind, Real ID Act)


2009: Oklahoma 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues


2009: South Carolina 9th Amendment, 10 Amendment, Martial Law and Related, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment


2009: Tennessee 10th Amendment


2009: Texas 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment, Funding Issues


2009: Utah Real ID Act


2009: Washington 10th Amendment



* Proposed: Alabama 9th Amendment, 10th Amendment


* Proposed: Alaska


* 1994: Colorado 10th Amendment


* 1995: Florida 10th Amendment


* Proposed [HJM RS18517]: Idaho 10th Amendment


* 2009: Indiana 10th Amendment


* 2009: Iowa 10th Amendment


* Proposed: Maine


* Proposed: Nevada


* Proposed: Ohio 10th Amendment


* Proposed: Pennsylvania 10th Amendment


* Proposed: Virginia 10th Amendment


* Proposed: West Virginia Same As New Hampshire (in Draft)


Republic of Lakotah Full Independence


Hawaii Full Independence


* Some are not verified with the actual state and may have not yet been proposed or passed in the state

The reported today that Kentucky State Rep. and Majority Whip John Will Stacy (D) introduced HCR168 (status page):

Declare state sovereignty over powers not given to the the federal government by the U. S. Constitution; demand the federal government to cease mandates beyond constitutionlly delegated powers; prohibit federal legialtion requiring state passage of laws under threat of penalties or sanctions; direct the Clerk to distribute copies of the Resolution.


One response to “Add West Virginia! State Sovereignty Movement

  1. West Virginia Needs your Help!

    In this *.zip file are 5 things. One is the 10th Amendment Declaration, one is a list of States who have Sovereignty Legislation at some point in the process, another is an email I sent to the WV Legislature, and the last two are the email address and phone number (2 files) of every Legislator in WV.

    I need you to write an email and send it to all of those people. If you have time: make a phone call too. You may use the email I wrote to get ideas if you need. In your email explain how important it is that they help this Resolution along. Attach the 10A Dec, and the list of States. Plug the web address: as well.

    Alex Shook (one of my Reps) told me today that things do not look good for this even getting to Committee unless we really start to work. So please, take 5 minutes to help.

    In Liberty,

    — Kevin Patrick

    -= Montani Semper Liberi =-

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