Freedom is Brewing in Oklahoma! Tea Party 2/27/09

(maybe more if you can organize one fast!)

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 27th @ 11AM, or whenever you can get there

OKC – State Capitol Steps

Tulsa – Veteran’s Park, 21st & Boulder

Invited Speakers include, Senator Randy Brogdon, State
Representatives Charles Key, Dr. Mike Ritze, Jason Murphey
and Republican Party State Vice Chair Cheryl Williams and
Tulsa County Chair Sally Bell, and many others.

On February 17th, President Obama signed the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which has sent the
national debt into the trillions of dollars and jeopardized
the American way of life.

All these government bailout initiatives amount to reaching
into our pockets and indebting our children in order for
the government to spend its way out of a crisis that
uncontrolled spending and intrusive government controls on
the economy caused in the first place.

After several trillion dollars poured down the hole of
inefficient, bloated corporations, who really need the
tough medicine of bankruptcy reorganization, this is too
much!  Like the over-taxed Colonies over 200 years ago, we
are stepping forth to show our displeasure. To President
Obama and Congress we Americans shout in unison, “ARE YOU

On Friday, February 27th at 11am at Veteran’s Park (21st&
Boulder) and on the steps of the State Capitol in OKC,
Oklahomans from all walks of life will rally together
responding to CNBC’s Rick Santelli’s call to protest this
gross negligence in government spending.  As part of the
Nationwide Chicago Tea Party they will be joined by
Americans in New York City, Washington, DC, Houston, Los
Angeles, and Chicago, in a show of united opposition to
bailout plans.

Tulsa area contact:
Jai Blevins (918) 760-8282

Oklahoma City area contact:
Alan Webb (405) 413-9322

This movement was spearheaded by [1]Top Conservatives on
Twitter, [2]Smart Girl Politics, [3]the,
[4]Americans for Tax Reform, [5]the Heartland Institute,

[6]American Spectator Magazine, and [7]R3publicans.
We invite you to join in support with these         
Official Facebook Event Page:

Please see for more

Links from above:

Special Thanks to Sandra Crosnoe for her tireless efforts to motivate and connect people and information on this event.   Her example of Servant Leadersip is a source of inspiration to all who love their country and neighbors.

Much appreciation, Sandra!



One response to “Freedom is Brewing in Oklahoma! Tea Party 2/27/09

  1. you guys are so awesome – thanks for making my day!

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