Public Schools, Signs of Suicide with NEW FREEDOM for All

Kaye Beach

March 25, 2009

The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health has implemented a plan that every parent must know about

It is too late to prevent it, it is already here, in your schools and expanding as I type these lines.   I became aware of this frightening situation about 5 years ago and I credit this knowledge for removing every last shred of naivete I had regarding the true nature of government.  By its works we can know it and  it isn’t like we were never warned.

“Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

—-George Washington

We should never “trust” government; the concept just does not apply. Government is force; its opinions are enforceable upon us. There is no living and let live in matters of government.  I found this quote by Albert Camus “By definition, a government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more” I admit that I have no idea who Albert Camus is but he sums up what I was trying to convey very nicely.  Thank you Mr. Camus!

You cannot apply the concept of faith or trust in that which has no heart.

Government as an entity is more a machine than anything.  It runs on wealth and when pure wealth gets scarce, its system is designed to process and extract wealth from nearly anything including you, including your children.  Don’t waste your energy getting angry, instead start whacking it back to a manageable size before you find your life and all that you love taken, processed and used for fuel.

The government was created by us in order to safeguard our natural and legal rights.  When it starts making choices outside of its design and that is the near mathematical formula of the law which is the design we chose for it and us, then the world we know is turned on its head.  There is the Rule of Law or not.  It is that simple.  The Constitution is the design that conforms it to Law and it is not tolerant of very much tinkering before it will cease to operate in a predictable manner.

On April 29, 2002, The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health was established by executive order for the stated purpose of helping catch those Americans that are suffering from mental illness that fall through the cracks of the system.

On July 22, 2003 The New Freedom Commission released a plan to fix the system. “Achieving this goal will require greater engagement and education of first line health care providers–primary care practitioners–and a greater focus on mental health care in institutions such as schools, child welfare programs, and the criminal and juvenile justice systems. The goal is integrated care that can screen, identify, and respond to problems early”

Read the Report issued by the President’s New Freedom Commission

In fact, what this “New Freedom Commission” did was expand a program that has been so successful in Texas that in 2004 according to the Texas Comptroller, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, 60% of foster children were taking major psychotropic medications. This Texas news investigation (below/video) in 2005 pins the figure at 2out of 3 foster kids.

While my focus here is on our kids, I noted that our new county sheriff put emphasis on mental screenings and treatment for each person arrested. Compassionate?  Some may think so but it is also part of TMAPs brilliant plan to find every possible hapless customer for state funded pharmaceutical treatment.  This is just forced drugging gussied up as compassion.  I bet there is an enormous story there but first things first.

The Dallas Morning News

Sat, 13 Nov 2004

[. . . ]Her investigation shows that 60% of children in the Texas foster care system are being drugged with powerful psychotropic drugs that have not been approved for children. Yet, “Children as young as 3 are receiving powerful, mind-altering drugs.”

[. . . ] The Houston Chronicle reports that Risperdal and Zyprexa – made up half of the drugs prescribed to foster children in Texas. These drugs are among the most dangerous of psychotropic drugs. They carry new FDA-required warnings about diabetes, blood clots and strokes.

News Investigation.  2 out of 3 Texas children drugged

Psychotropic Medication Patterns Among Youth in Foster Care 2008

This program is called the Texas Medical Algorithm Project or TMAP.

“TMAP is a Trojan horse embedded with the pharmaceutical industry’s newest and most expensive mental health drugs. Through TMAP, the drug industry methodically compromised the decision making of elected and appointed public officials to gain access to captive populations of mentally ill individuals in prisons and state mental health hospitals.”

This statement was made by Allen Jones in a 2004 report detailing what he found out about this program.  A former a former inspector with the Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General, Mr. Jones became aware of TMAP after it was introduced as the “model program” recommended by the Presidents New Freedom Commission on Mental Health and was being introduced as PennMAP in his state.  He goes on to say;

“TMAP opened the doors of the Texas prison system, juvenile justice system and Texas state mental health hospitals to the unlimited influence of major pharmaceutical companies in expanding the usage and marketing of their most expensive drugs.”

Not only are these children being medicated for their “illnesses”, but it was being done with the newest, most expensive and powerful of these meds on the market. The Texas Medical Algorithm Project was implemented in Texas in 1995 and this is the “model” program that has given rise to the mental health screenings being performed on schoolchildren nationwide as a way of increasing business for the psycho-pharmaceutical industry.


Allen Jones came forward and revealed what many already suspected, that the New Freedom Commission’s recommendations,  based on TMAPs- the Texas Medical Algorithm Project, was nothing more than a pharmaceutical industry profiteering plan.

This is a psychiatric prescription drug prescribing plan for professionals that are funded by the state’s dollars.  TMAP scoops up hundreds of millions of state money by implementing a prescription formulary that mandates that the newest, most high-powered and expensive drugs be used over the older and more thoroughly researched ones.  This scheme was produced by the very same pharmaceutical companies that contributed generously to the development and promotion of TMAPs along with University of Texas psychiatrists and state officials who stood to profit from it. TMAP personnel used unethical methodology to arrive at the forgone conclusion that the newer, more expensive pharmaceutical were the best. These are the drug companies involved in financing and creating and marketing TMAP ; Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, and Austrazeneca Pfizer, Novartis, Janssen-Ortho-McNeil, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott, Bristol Myers Squibb, Wyeth-Ayerst Forrest Laboratories and U.S. Pharmacopeia.  TMAP featured patented drugs from these companies.

The level of complicity between these companies and numerous public officials to make money from directly inflicting misery on the innocent people in state care is the most disgusting example of corruption I have encountered to date.

Your Child Was Sent to Get Lobotomized....and all I got was this lousy check

This devious program has been slipped right past the noses of parents and installed in our schools under programs coordinated by NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness and Columbia University.  Have you heard of TeenScreen?  How about SOS-Signs of Suicide? This is the one that was operating in my daughters school last year.  I went in to view the program’s guide sheets myself.  You are not allowed to have make any copies or take any information out of the school.  After all the study I had already done on these type screenings I was still appalled when I read their “task checklist” There were yes or no boxes for the entire procedure.  If the student’s screening indicated a problem;


Did you notify parents?  Yes   No

Provide a reference?       Yes   No

Did parents agree to follow up   Yes   No

If Yes, did they do so in a timely and appropriate manner?  Yes   No

If No, did you notify DHS (child services)?  Yes   No

The last one had me out of my chair!  Understand that unlike the type of permission needed for leaving school grounds as in a field trip, this screening did not require that you sign a form to give permission.  That is known as active consent.  You need only do nothing for your child to be included in a mental health screening that opens them up to a referral to a psychiatrist and a 90% chance of being prescribed a drug.  All you have to do with the form you receive is nothing and you have just unwittingly opened your family up to a visit from DHS.  This is known as passive consent.  You must sign the form and be sure it gets back to the teacher on time for your child to be allowed to opt out.

I spoke to a number of parents about the SOS program, not even 1 had any clue as to what this program was about.  It did save my daughter from sitting alone the day the screening was held though.

DRUG MONEY-The half-million dollar grant to SMH pictured above is just the tip of the iceberg. Click here to see the drug company connections concerning the grants to SMH from Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Solvay, Abbott Labs, Wyeth, Forest Pharmaceuticals, The Robert Johnson Foundation, AstaZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline. We have the actual tax returns and grant reports showing how much and when these grants were received by SMH. Drug companies have provided this program with at least $4,985,925.00 up to 2008. Eli Lilly alone has poured over $3,920,425.00 into the program from 1996 to 2008.

The SOS guide I read spent a good deal of time on getting your references in order.  Making sure that the contact info was up to date and the professionals ready to receive clients.

An expose’ of NAMI (TeenScreen) done in 1999 by Mother Jones states;

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) bills itself as “a grassroots organization of individuals with brain disorders and their family members [. . . ]

It’s certainly well funded by the industry: According to internal documents obtained by Mother Jones, 18 drug firms gave NAMI a total of $11.72 million between 1996 and mid-1999. These include Janssen ($2.08 million), Novartis ($1.87 million), Pfizer ($1.3 million), Abbott Laboratories ($1.24 million), Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals ($658,000), and Bristol-Myers Squibb ($613,505).

NAMI’s leading donor is Eli Lilly and Company, maker of Prozac, which gave $2.87 million during that period. In 1999 alone, Lilly will have delivered $1.1 million in quarterly installments, with the lion’s share going to help fund NAMI’s “Campaign to End Discrimination” against the mentally ill.

In the case of Lilly, at least, “funding” takes more than one form. Jerry Radke, a Lilly executive, is “on loan” to NAMI, working out of the organization’s headquarters[. . . ] She(Laurie Flynn, Exec. Dir. NAMI) characterizes Radke’s role at NAMI as “strategic planning

In 1997, TeenScreen was established in Tulsa Oklahoma.  It was the first in the nation.

According to a 2003 Tulsa World newspaper article, Mike Brose, executive director of the Mental Health Association in Tulsa, stated: “To the best of my knowledge, this is the highest number of youth suicides we’ve ever had during the school year — a number we find very frightening.”

By 2003 The Executive Director is frightened by a record number of youth suicides.  6 years of TeenScreen that claims suicide prevention as a top priority and the numbers increase!  There is plenty of indicators that this sort of diddling around may actually worsen the situation.  Read this statement posted on NAMI’s own website by the Head of the organization-the same organization running the TeenScreen scam.

Jane Pearson, PhD, head of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), in an article published on the NAMI website, has stated: For example, a prevention program designed for high-school aged youth found that participants were more likely to consider suicide a solution to a problem after the program than prior to the program.”

There is ample exidence to show that they are completely aware that these programs actually INCREASE suicide in teens!

Another good one:

Former TeenScreen director admits there is no suicide epidemic

Rob Caruano, former TeenScreen director stated to a reporter for the South Bend Tribune: “Teen suicides, while tragic, are so rare that (any) study would have to be impossibly huge to show a meaningful difference in mortality between screened and unscreened students. You’d have to be screening almost the whole country to reach statistical significance.” Maybe this is why he is no longer a director of TeenScreen, since their main PR campaign is that there is an increasing “epidemic” of teen suicides. In fact, suicides in pre-24 year olds has been decreasing since 1996. Studies also indicate that a large number of teens who commit suicide are already in the care of psychiatrists and are on psychiatric drugs.
South Bend Tribune, December 22, 2004


Here is a list of Oklahoma TeenScreen school sites-I do not know when this list was last updated.

Now, how do these twisted sisters get the pharmaceutical customer fishing scams in our schools to begin with?

I’ll let them tell you in their own words;

Laurie Flynn: “Now, here is something very important, in this day at this time, are we all familiar with the red states and the blue states? You need to know that the key to making stuff happen, ahh, in this day and age, is really what we might want to call, the green states. That is to say, the states where the key member, senator or member of the house, sits on a committee that appropriates money.”
“And those states become very important targets, and those localities become very important localities, so we wanted to be visible in those kinds of places. So here you see that not only was Florida a good place for us, because of Governor Bush and our friend Jim McDonough in the Office of Drug Control, but because there was a couple of key members of Congress without whose support, health legislation does not pass and does not get funded.”

“Similarly in New Mexico we had both opportunity, with the new Governor, we had opportunity with the new Secretary of Health, we had Senator Bingaman and Senator Dominici, different parties, both interested in stuff that benefits their voters in New Mexico, both interested in this program.”

“And so, on and on you see, that each of the sites where we’ve tried to have multiple TeenScreen locations, tend to crosswalk with key members of Congress…”

“Pennsylvania has proven to be a particularly important site because of Senator Spectre, Arlen Spectre, who had a very close, ahh, primary, and we were all lighting candles and praying for him, mostly because he’s Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee and he was sold on this program and we really wanted to see him hang around long enough to sign a check for some of the growth of the program.”

Flynn: “We were also able to promote this by placing some public service advertisements in major newspapers as well as newspapers that go to Capitol Hill…”

“One of the things that we did was to mail a copy of our report ‘Catch Them Before They Fall’ and we mailed a model resolution, ahh, to all the 50 states, we sent this as a very friendly, ‘Here’s some information you might like to use since you’re on a health committee’ – we mailed it only to people who were in key committees – ‘you might like to have this resolution, to introduce the notion that every child should be screened for mental illness, at least once in their youth, in order to identify mental illness and prevent suicide.’ So we offered them up some language and some tools, and a surprising number of folks, in fact, introduced it exactly the way we sent it and made some real strides with it.”

See?  It’s easy, as easy as your state representatives are anyways…..

Here’s a real giggle for you.

NAMI TeenScreen Rep: “We’re trying to look at how we could reach out to the community and offer that [TeenScreen] for families that are home-schooling.”

That’s a riot!  Great comic relief NAMI!  These are the people that are going to help us to deal with reality?


What about homeschooled children?

More WaCKy quotes from these Evil Penguins HERE

Congress Fails to Protect Parental Rights in Mental Health Screening Programs

Representative Ron Paul (R-TX-14) introduced an amendment last week to House Resolution 3010 saying that “none of the funds made available in this Act may be used to create or implement any new universal mental health screening program.” The amendment was defeated 97-304 in a late afternoon vote on June 24, 2005.

Last year, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriation Act, H.R. 4818, which provided $20 million in funding for state grants in order to change their current mental health care system. HSLDA and other pro-liberty groups are concerned that states will use these grants to implement some form of mandatory, comprehensive mental health screening.

Representative Paul’s amendment to H.R. 3010 would have alleviated the concerns about this type of system. However, powerful interest groups within the psychiatric community were adamantly opposed to the amendment and its protections for parental rights. The amendment was considered under short notice and consequently the voice of homeschoolers was not clearly heard.

The voting record is available at

The government was created by us in order to safeguard our natural and legal rights.  When it starts making choices outside of its design and that is the near mathematical formula of the law which is the design we chose for it and us, then the world we know is turned on its head.  There is the Rule of Law or not.  It is simple.  The Constitution is the design that conforms it to Law and it is not tolerant of very much tinkering before it will cease to operate in a predictable manner.

If you are bewildered to find your country operating with less and less predictability then break out your toolbox and unroll the design sheet and get busy. We can argue later about the original design, what is missing or can be improved, but right now we have to get the machine back in order first because our construct has been, extended, added upon, subtracted from and all around jury-rigged to the point where the original design is almost completely obscured.  The other alternative is to stand back and let it go and pray that it topples before it destroys everything. We have allowed our government to become an unwieldy, enormous clanking monster. It will feel no remorse in devouring you or your children, it has no conscious.




**I want to know who the players are in our state.  I will share what I find and encourage you to personally seek answers from school administrators, health care professionals, state officials-anyone that plays a part in this scheme.  I know that many involved do not realize what they do, we have to let them know.

For the interview(highly reccommended), click link at bottom.John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute interviews Allen Jones.

A Lone Wolf Talks on the Drug Leviathan
By John W. Whitehead

When Allen Jones was appointed lead investigator in July 2002 in a case concerning off-the-books payments from pharmaceutical companies, he had no idea that his discoveries would cost him his career and propel him to the core of President George W. Bush’s national drug policies. An investigator for the Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Jones’ findings in the case showed that the drug company Janssen had paid honorariums to key state officials who held significant influence over the prescriptions issued for state institutions such as prisons and mental health hospitals.  Although the accounts receiving these payments were marked for “educational grants,” funds were being channeled to state employees who developed guidelines recommending new, more expensive drugs rather than older, cheaper drugs with safe, proven effects.   These companies were influencing officials with trips, perks and lavish travel accommodations as a means of inducing the officials to endorse their products. Jones discovered that one of the new drugs being recommended, Risperdal, has been shown to have potentially lethal side effects such as ketoacidosis, coma and possibly death.

After initially revealing his discoveries to OIG managers, Jones was taken off the case but told that he could pursue it on his own. In the words of the OIG supervisor who took Jones off the case and participated in threatening him, “Drug companies write checks to politicians… on both sides of the aisle.” When Jones went public with his findings, he was escorted out of his workplace and told not to reappear on OIG property.  Jones then filed a suit against his supervisors, claiming that OIG’s policy of barring employees from speaking to the press is unconstitutional. Jones also claims that he is being harassed by his superiors and Pennsylvania governmental institutions in order to “cover up, discourage, or limit any investigations or oversight into the corrupt practices of drug companies and the corrupt public officials who have acted with them.” Jones’ attorney, John Bailey, has called the case “a critical test of the right to a free press.”  Bailey said, “If they shut the employee up and they have all the documents locked up in a drawer, there is no free press.”

The Pennsylvania formulary investigated by Jones (known as PennMap) is based on the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP), which was named as a model program by President Bush’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. Patients who had previously been treated with the new medications were researched, and files showing positive results were selected and reported on. Unsurprisingly, TMAP research “confirmed” that the new drugs were safer and more effective than older treatments. Ignoring the increasing body of contrary findings, TMAP Dr. Peter J. Weiden, a member of the project’s expert consensus, stated that the guidelines promoted by the programs are based on “opinions, not data” and that “most of the guideline’s authors have received support from the pharmaceutical industry.”

Just as Jones feared, the corruption extends much further than the Pennsylvania state health care systems. These flawed results are the basis for President Bush’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, which has announced its intent to administer a nationwide mental health screening. Bush also backs the controversial TeenScreen program, which is designed to diagnose mental illness in teenagers but has been shown to be coercive and unreliable. Jones firmly stated that “the same political/pharmaceutical alliance that generated the Texas project was behind the New Freedom Commission” and was “poised to consolidate the TMAP effort into a comprehensive national policy…with expensive, patented medications of questionable benefit and deadly side effects.”

Allen Jones has become the poster boy for the battle against the government as he pursues his case against OIG officials. He is hopeful that his efforts fighting industry and governmental corruption will not go to waste.

Read the Interview Here




7 responses to “Public Schools, Signs of Suicide with NEW FREEDOM for All

  1. WOW. Will share with one and all. We all know how bad it is, of course, but when we find the specifics staring us in the face, it often seems overwhelming. Oh well, like the civil war general said when he was told that he was outgunned on one side, outmanned on another, in an untenable logistical position, and completely surrounded, giving him completely impossible odds: “Attack!!!” LOL.

  2. Don’t be overwhelmed. Just us knowing about it can win the battle. If we refuse to allow this screening and understand what is behind it that will put a damper on their plans. It is not mandatory yet.


  3. Tyler Barton

    Thanks for the info, Kaye. I shared this with family in OK and TX.

  4. Awesome! Thank you. It’s bad, very bad

  5. It is terrible. They prescribe/force people to take poison…er…”medication” to adjust their emotions when they have no clue what an emotion even is.

    An emotion is an instantaneous value judgment. It tells you if something is for or against your values. However, it does NOT tell you which value that something is for or against. This is what you must reason through.

    Unless of course you are a faithist (Christian, 12-Stepper, et al.) then you don’t have to use your reason for anything, FAITH will do it all for you.

  6. My fellow on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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