Oklahoma STOP SB 483!

Kaye Beach

March 29, 2009


By: Jolley and Lamb of the Senate and Terrill of the House.

An Act relating to public safety; amending 47 O.S. 2001, Section 2-110, as last amended by Section 1, Chapter 199, O.S.L. 2005 (47 O.S. Supp. 2008, Section 2-110), which relates to the release of records by the Department of Public Safety; directing the Department of Public Safety to establish procedures for access to computerized images; prohibiting use of images by certain persons; establishing consequences for unintended use; and providing an effective date.

It looks like we have not made any headway at all in trying to educate our state representatives about the threat to our safety and security that government data collection and sharing presents. 


Get used to the new “Fusion” of information Oklahoma because our legislature is going right along with the program!


What is The Program? 

  Read for yourself, straight from the horse’s mouth.



Read the section on “people screening’

It will not be hard to figure out which of our officials are complicit in this.  But, maybe I should not speak this way.  How will those of us who know we were not born to be ruled over by all-seeing masters survive this transition?  How do you reconcile the “quaint” notion that you should be free from scrutiny as long as you don’t harm others or their property?  I do not wish to have my life, my person under constant observation and judgment.  This is a violation that carries with it implicit threat of force.  It is coercion.  We may as well all have the ankle bracelet of the mobile prisoner.  Do you think that this system will support the liberty that is our birthright?

Science and technology has been issued a Directorate.  We are to be pre-judged.  Our behaviors and physiology scrutinized using devices and algorithms unknown to us.  We are in the game, whether we like it or not, the rules of the game are unknowable.

Fusion Centers

As of February 2009, there were 58 fusion centers around the country. The Department has deployed 31 officers as of December 2008 and plans to have 70 professionals deployed by the end of 2009. The Department has provided more than $254 million from FY 2004-2007 to state and local governments to support the centers.

The Homeland Security Data Network (HSDN), which allows the federal government to move information and intelligence to the states at the Secret level, is deployed at 27 fusion centers. Through HSDN, fusion center staff can access the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), a classified portal of the most current terrorism-related information.  http://www.dhs.gov/xinfoshare/programs/gc_1156877184684.shtm

But time is short on this particular aspect of it-we have to stop SB 483!


Here is the problem:  (excerpts from SB 483)

  “the release of records by the Department of Public Safety”

  The Commissioner of Public Safety is authorized to establish procedures and enter into agreements with any other law enforcement agency of this state or political subdivision of this state for the purpose of providing direct electronic access to the photograph or image in computerized format of any person who has been issued a driver license or identification card by the Department of Public Safety. 

Any record required to be maintained by the Department may be released to any other entity free of charge when the release of the record would be for the benefit of the public, as determined by the Commissioner or a designee of the Commissioner.

For the entire text, go to http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/TextOfMeasures/TextOfMeasures.aspx

And click SB 483

So, this bill would allow direct access, meaning no need for a warrant, no paper trail, no form to sign.

  Just Ask! 

The Commissioner or whomever he designates can arbitrarily decide when to release this data and whom to release it to.  If it is for the benefit of the public, in the commissioner’s opinion-that is reason enough to allow access.  

 Since when is the “benefit of the public” enough to over ride our Fourth Amendment guarantee?

** go to https://axiomamuse.wordpress.com/urgent-kill-sb-483/  DOWNLOAD the flyer at the bottom of the page and distribute to your Representatives**

‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.’

Just because this manner of searching you doesn’t tickle doesn’t mean it is legal.  Probable cause, the presumption of innocence, these concepts that do not apply with our government anymore.

This kind of data sifting is referred to as being non-invasive. 

Physically it is not, unless you end up on the receiving end of an arrest due to an error or perhaps a strip search as this lady did.  She maintains that the outstanding ticket she was apprehended for was paid. “They said I had an unpaid ticket, but the ticket had been paid off back in 2003 or 2005,” Since when is a traffic ticket grounds for degradation?

 Oh, she did have a tail light out too.

 Understand this little piece of legislation is only one small aspect of the overarching plan to combine multiple sources of information about citizens in order to monitor them and analyze their “transactional footprint” for the purpose of preempting crime or terrorism.  If you saw the movie Minority Report, then you get the picture and if you read the Missouri Information Analysis Center  (MIAC) Strategic Report you can see just how valuable the “Fusion” concept is.

  Everything we do leaves a trail of data in our wake.  The intent is to bring all of our information together in order to comb it for anomalies.  Don’t dare to be different-conformity is the best way to avoid trouble.

 The Fusion concept is the method by which the MIAC came up with a report that put a large number of innocent citizens under suspicion by Law Enforcement.  It’s also a very effective method to shut you up. I bet the tyrants of history would have given their eyeteeth for something like this. 

 This is the minimum list of data sources that the Fusion Center


Oklahoma does have a federally funded Fusion Center and Public Safety is one of the key sources of data.  This is why SB 483 is more than what it might seem at first glance.


  In the Fusion Center Guidelines Developing and Sharing Information and Intelligence in a New Era Guidelines for Establishing and Operating Fusion Centers at the Local, State, and Federal Levels document,  one recommended method of partnering with these various agencies is ;

5. Utilize Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), Non- Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), or other types of agency agreements, as appropriate

The Commissioner of the Oklahoma Dept. of Public Safety, Kevin L. Ward admitted that the department was utilizing a Memorandum of Understanding.  At this time, it is not known what parties are the beneficiaries of this memorandum agreement.

 Our lawmakers who passed this bill in the Senate (late Thursday March 26)and the Committee of Public Safety , headed by Rep. Sue Tibbs, (unanimously) early on the 27th,  are agreeing to the transfer of our information, possibly without even knowing who will have access to it.

 It now goes to the House.

  And while open ended agreements to collect and share data on citizens slides through the OK. State Legislature like pudding through a goose, measures like SB 289 that would offer us some protection, suffers from a critical case of constipation. 

 It will not be enough to call just your Representative about this.   I suggest calling and emailing yours as well as several others.


If you are willing and able to give this issue some personal attention that would be most effective. I plan be at the Capitol on Monday to take information to our legislators and would be grateful for some assistance. 

 If you would like to help, send me an email at ladyaxiom@yahoo.com 


Here is an Alert issued tonight by OK-SAFE

 Calls, emails and faxes needed ASAP – starting Monday, March 30, 2009!
Known among concerned citizens as the “direct electronic access” bill, language contained in SB 483 makes the DPS a gateway agency for the distribution of personal biometric information (digitized photo) of unsuspecting citizens and is linked to the controversial fusion center being developed in Oklahoma.  Enrollment in a global biometric identification system is a concern for all, especially Christians.
SB 483 has moved out of the OK Senate, and is now on the House calendar –  it is imperative that calls begin on Monday, March 30, 2009 and continue this week to stop this bill.  Problems with SB 483:

  • SB 483 (page 4) would give the Commissioner of DPS the authority to enter into “agreements” with other state agencies and allow these other agencies “direct electronic access” to the DPS database of computerized photos.

· The “agreements” refers to Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between state entities (see 28 CFR Part 23, www.iir.com/28cfr/FAQ.htm). Who is involved? What do the MOUs agree to? ALL MOUs should be disclosed before this bill is even considered.
· Why access the photos and not the fingerprint data? The computerized photo is the most desired biometric data; fingerprint data is considered “old” tech and is not usable for remote surveillance.
· Due to the increased prevalence of surveillance cameras and CCTV, allowing “direct electronic access” to the DPS photo databases allows for more “remote surveillance and identification.”  Can you say Big Brother Is Watching You? (Not even politicians would be exempt from surveillance.)
· Due to the size, complexity, and interconnectivity of today’s computer systems, and the unknown number of “agreements” between state agencies and/or the private sector, it is not possible to secure or keep the data accessed within the four walls of this state.  There is no such thing as “downstream only” information sharing.
· The federal government funds the fusion centers – it is only logical that they would want access to the data.  Arkansas state officials have confirmed that federal access is allowed.
· Allowing  “direct electronic access” to the DPS database is ripe for abuse.    It is essential that the legislators Vote NO on SB 483!

Please call your House Representative and ask him/her to vote NO on SB 483. To find your OK House Rep. click here.  Calling several Representatives will help, too!    The OK Capitol toll free number is 1-800-522-8502.   OK-SAFE, Inc. thanks you for your prompt action on this important issue.
Check out the new information page on Fusion Centers www.ok-safe.com .


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