Oklahoma Tea Party- Perspective. *update* Honey! I shrunk the Tea Party!

 Hot off the AP

ATLANTA – Whipped up by conservative commentators and bloggers, tens of thousands  (SCRATCH THAT! This mornings report in The Oklahoma has been edited to read just “thousands”)that of protesters staged “tea parties” around the country Wednesday to tap into the collective angst stirred up by a bad economy, government spending and bailouts.

Shame, Shame Shame on you Ass. Press!  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090415/ap_on_re_us/tax_day_protests

When I blogged this last nigh it said “Tens”  Good illustration of how accurately the news is being reported to us.  Wonder what else they lie about?

There were more than “Tens of Thousands” in Oklahoma alone!  Drop the Bong fellas…



Oklahoma Capitol Tea Party

The rallies were directed at President Barack Obama‘s new administration on a symbolic day: the deadline to file income taxes. Protesters even threw what appeared to be a box of tea bags toward the White House, causing a brief lockdown at the compound.

Oh Really?   Just a bunch ‘O Obama Haters, huh?


OK Capitol Tea Party

Shouts rang out from Kentucky, which just passed tax increases on cigarettes and alcohol, to Salt Lake City, where many in the crowd booed Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman for accepting about $1.5 billion in stimulus money. Even in Alaska, where there is no statewide income tax or sales tax, hundreds of people held signs and chanted “No more spending.”

“Frankly, I’m mad as hell,” said businessman Doug Burnett at a rally at the Iowa Capitol, where many of the about 1,000 people wore red shirts declaring “revolution is brewing.” Burnett added: “This country has been on a spending spree for decades, a spending spree we can’t afford.”

1,000? What’s the matter?  You guys run out of fingers and toes?


Thousands turn out for “Tea parties”


 Iowans in a number of cities across the state rallied against tax day. That included a crowd of around 3,000 outside the Capitol building in Des Moines.

Today’s Tea Party was a great event and very successful!  There were between 2,000 and 3,000 people there, great speakers, great weather.  The crowd was very enthusiastic.


 and this;

TEA PARTY: Liberal Media Bias, Des Moines Register Headline Fraudulently Understates Des Moines turnout.


In a simply unbelievable display of liberal media bias the Des Moines Register’s webpage carries the following headline description of today’s Tea Party rallies in both Des Moines and Iowa City (link):The very first sentence in the story employs the multiple “thousands” to describe the turnout in Des Moines, and the body of the story contains the State Patrol’s estimate of 3000. KCCI television has good coverage (who has to be wondering how the editors changed his own eye witness estimate of “thousands” in Des Moines to the singular thousand in both Iowa City and Des Moines) confirm the estimate of at least 3000 in Des Moines.

 By Andrew Duffelmeyer

More than 1,000 people showed up to the west steps of the Iowa Capitol Wednesday for an anti-taxation, anti-government rally called the Des Moines Tea Party. Organizer and West Des Moines businessman Charlie Gruschow said the goal is “to start another revolution across America.”


IowaPolitics.com: Capitol tea party gets more than 1,000 attendees

Gassius Nonsensius from the AP


In Boston, a few hundred protesters gathered on the Boston Common — a short distance from the original Tea Party — some dressed in Revolutionary garb and carrying signs that said “Barney Frank, Bernie Madoff: And the Difference Is?” and “D.C.: District of Communism.”


Texas Gov. Rick Perry fired up a tea party at Austin City Hall with his stance against the federal government, as some in his U.S. flag-waving audience shouted, “Secede!”

In Atlanta, thousands of people gathered outside the Capitol, where Fox News Channel conservative pundit Sean Hannity was set to broadcast his show Wednesday night. One protester’s sign read: “Hey Obama you can keep the change.”

Julie Reeves, of Covington, brought her Chihuahua Arnie, who wore a tiny anti-IRS T-shirt. “I want the government to get its hand the hell out of my wallet,” Reeves said.

The tea parties were promoted by FreedomWorks, a conservative nonprofit advocacy group based in Washington and led by former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas, who is now a lobbyist.

Organizers said the movement developed organically through online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and through exposure on Fox News.

While FreedomWorks insisted the rallies were nonpartisan, they have been seized on by many prominent Republicans who view them as a promising way for the party to reclaim its momentum.

“All you have to be is a mildly awake Republican candidate for office to get in front of that parade,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

The movement attracted some Republicans considering 2012 presidential bids.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich planned to address a tea party in a New York City park Wednesday night. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sent an e-mail to his supporters, letting them know about tea parties throughout the state. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford planned to attend two tea parties.



Currently the corporate-funded conservative lobbying groups Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity, are organizing the events and conservative media including talk radio and FOX News are widely promoting them

                                                                                                                                       —-The Huffington Post

Playing off a Sunday op-ed by New York Times economist Paul Krugman, Maddow touched on the issue of “AstroTurf” in the tea parties, which Krugman suggested are in-part “manufactured” by “right-wing billionaires.”


 So who’s behind the Tax Day tea parties? Ordinary folks who are using the power of the Internet to organize.  [. . . ]                                                                                                                                                                 —The Wall Street Journal

 Hacks trying to make political hay when presented with the opportunity is no surprise.  The truth is that this movement has energy and this level of energy cannot be manufactured.  

If you are enamored as I am of the idea of standing shoulder to shoulder with other like-minded Americans the solution is simple.  Stake your claim on events like these and defend your territory from even a hint of agenda-bending by insisting that  you and  your peers be the kings for a day.    

The politicians, in general, are responsible for the policies and decisions that we will have to bear.  You spoke loudly in opposition to the recent financial muck-ups and they ignored your calls, letters, emails……They have a ample opportunity to be heard-We DON’T!  Keep something for yourself and bypass the bickering and uncertainty by making protests OFF LIMITS to those who may have ulterior motive.  Good, bad-ALL of them.  Where officials are present there  will always be doubt surrounding their agenda and this will weaken the one enormous strength of these events-point of solidarity. 

 If the politicos are not allowed to steal the limelight from the true heroes of the day, the average Joe and Joesephenes, we can keep the momentum and unity among our fellow Americans that provides any citizen action with power.

 Having said that, it is also critical the WE create other venues for our representatives and candidates to have an opportunity to be heard, supported and tested.  Create questionnaires, develop dialog and reward or punish them accordingly.  If you find a gem, it is imparitive to support them!  A gem in the eyes of the people will almost always be no prize to the corporate world and they will need your material support to compete with the sellouts that run against them.

  When they act courageously in the halls of our statehouses-be there!  Without you to back them up, they will be beaten down!  The Capitol halls do not teem with Mr. and Mrs. America-they teem with sharks, con-men and paid lobbyists.  You want freedom?  You want fairness?  You will have to be a presence to get it.  It is a shame, I agree, but we must COUNTER-LOBBY if we wish to protect what we hold dear.

I have seen the good guys bleeding on the floor, flayed for daring to do the right thing by their constituents who have not a clue that someone is even braving the gauntlet on their behalf.  Where is the reward for this?  It is upside down and inside out at the Capitol buildings in our country without consistant input from you.  Bad legislation garners reward and good deeds often are met with a sharp rap across the knuckles in politics.   Any creature is unavoidably shaped by the environment they find themselves in-We have to CHANGE THE ENVIRONMENT if we want our good representatives to survive and thrive. 

The Rally at the Oklahoma Capitol did not permit politicos to take the mike although they were warmly and sincely invited to attend.  No exceptions were made although we do have some genuinely exceptional lawmakers in Oklahoma as well as some grassroots bred, up and coming candidates. 

I think this was a very wise move and is  part of the reason the OK Capitol event had the amazing turnout that it did. If  any political official had be given a special position at the Capitol Tea Party, then invariably some would have been discouraged from attending.   Let’s face it,  these tax payers who made 100 to 1 calls against the bailout are not going to find the voice of any elected official to be particularly enticing.  No.  WE want to be heard! The OK Capitol Tea Party organizers solicited statements from citizens to be read aloud at the event. 


 How Not To Hold  a Protest:

It’s just simple psychology folks.  I mean, how exciting is a “TeaParty” with headliners like this-


Tessa Breder did a great job setting this one up and the speaker lineup was awesome. Speakers included: Congresswoman Mary Fallin. . .





 You know what they say about pointing the finger, there are 3 pointing right back at you.

Mary Fallin voted FOR the 700 billion dollar banker bailout bill!


 This is more amusing than informative-CCROK (Crock?) pumps the Norman Tea Party featuring “I Voted for the Banker Bailout” Fallin

OU TEA PARTY TOMORROW AT 10AM IN THE UNION COURTYARD. Fallin, Jolly, Reese, Dutcher, and Martin to speak. Should be great!


 “I’m going to go back to Washington and tell Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama to their face that you’re fed up. That you’re not going to take this anymore. That you’re sick of it,” Sullivan told a crowd gathered at the Tulsa Tea Party, one of many held in Oklahoma and across the nation Wednesday.

 Who is this passionate defender of the little guy?

[. . . ]Sullivan told a crowd gathered at the Tulsa Tea Party, one of many held in Oklahoma and across the nation Wednesday.

  Who would tempt fate so? 


 I am outraged for those people who went out of their way to make a statement against the pillaging of our country only to have to listen to this kind of devious grandstanding.   I am awed that he had the audacity to actually do it.  I’ll give old Sully this-he sure has guts!

Here is a more appropriate lead in;

TULSA, Okla. (AP) – Republican Congressman John Sullivan, in Tulsa for a tax-day protest, is defending more than $160 million in federal funding he recently requested, saying he’s never asked for a frivolous earmark


Sullivan voter FOR the Banker Bailout!  Do we reward him by giving him the spotlight?  At a PROTEST against misusing the wealth created by the workers of this country?!  Come on….this is insulting.  I hope that the people that attended that event today do not become discouraged, I hope they get MAD and vow to (very gently) escort the next hypocrite that tries this stunt off the grounds.

I also beg mercy for the organizers, many I know are new to this and have been subject to incredible pressure to kowtow to the demands of pushy politicians.  Tell them how you feel and empower them fend off the sharks. 

You want to know what the new partisanship is?  The dividing line should be the Rule of Law.  The Constitution.  Are you for it or against it in word, deed and practice?  Yea or Nay? Yeas on this side, Nays on the other and come out fighting!

More from the Wall Street Journal;

Some existing organizations, like Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions and FreedomWorks, have gotten involved. But they’re involved as followers and facilitators, not leaders. The leaders are appearing on their own, and reaching out to others through blogs, Facebook, chat boards and alternative media.  [. . . ]




8 responses to “Oklahoma Tea Party- Perspective. *update* Honey! I shrunk the Tea Party!

  1. Hey, Nancy? Who funds the left wing astro turf movement? Isn’t it that rich non-American Soros? If I recall, I think he funds you and your pal Harry also. No one gave me money to protest. I spent what was left from the taxes to drive to a protest, then I had to buy my own tea. Stop looking down your nose at me like your some kind of queen. I suppose we need to start eating cake now?

  2. Curious about the local media coverage of the OKC tea party.

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  6. Air Force Brat

    Funny how the total attendance figures vary so wildly. I saw on Fox News that they were saying there were about 300,000 attendees at “hundreds” of Tea Parties; World Net Daily had the attendance figure at or above a million. And several web sites said the total number of Tea Parties was 2,000 or more.

    I think I’ll go with what my eyes saw ( both personally in OKC, and in all the pictures posted by Tea Partiers nationwide) rather than what television talking heads say.

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