SB 1102 DNA Database Continues to Expand-Please ACT!


SB 1102 has now passed both Houses but an amendment made means it will have to go back to the Senate for a vote.  Please contact your Senators and tell them to vote NO on SB 1102 when it is returned


The state of Oklahoma currently collects and stores DNA samples from convicted felonies in a DNA database. If Senate Bill 1102 becomes law, samples would also be required for those convicted of certain misdemeanors such as resisting arrest, negligent homicide, causing a personal accident while driving under the influence, unlawful discharge of a weapon and destruction of property.  Also, taking a whiz outside can get (listen up college drinkers!) you entered in the data base.

I sat in the committee where Sen. Nichols presented this bill, his reaction when questioned by another Senator (Lerblanc) about what would be next?  . . .was interesting.  Senator Lerblanc made reference to previous bills that kept broadening inclusion into this database.   Sen. Nichols struck me as being intelligent and of good character and I watched him very closely as he explained the bill and especially when confronted on this by  Sen. Lerblanc.  Nichols quite readily agreed that it was a good question.  He so readily offered so many reasons why bills such as this warrant concern that I was dumbfounded when the committee when ahead and passed SB 1102 on through.  Sen Nichols did a better job arguing against this bill than for it!  I smell a rat.  In particular the kind that run around the Capitol lobbying for law enforcement.  We are likely outgunned on these issues and I think someone should be offering a bill that bans armed lobbyists at the Capitol!



Senate Contact Information




Mailing address: 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd, Room Number, Oklahoma City OK 73105

Phone Number: Main Switchboard (405) 524-0126, Direct line to Senator’s office 405 521-5+Extension

Senator Party District Room Extension Executive Assistant Email Address

Adelson, Tom D 33 527A 551 Deborah Curry

Aldridge, Cliff R 42 511 584 Leah Maloy

Anderson, Patrick R 19 417A 630 Kathie Gasaway

Ballenger, Roger D 8 528A 588 Pat Padgett

Barrington, Don R 31 515A 563 Sandra Jay

Bass, Randy D 32 514B 567 Donna Ambler

Bingman, Brian R 12 424 528 Cheryl Boothe

Branan, Cliff R 40 417C 543 Kathy Lawrence

Brogdon, Randy R 34 416 566 Cindy Sullivan

Brown, Bill R 36 413A 602 Doris Sesock

Burrage, Sean D 2 529B 555 Donna Garlick

Coates, Harry R 28 512 547 Lee Thompson

Coffee, Glenn R 30 422 799 Becky Woodie

422 306 Rita Chapman

422 550 Brittnee Preston

422 636 Madeline Mitchell

Corn, Kenneth D 4 531 576 Susan Cochran

Crain, Brian R 39 417B 620 Katie Griffin

Crutchfield, Johnnie D 14 533B 607 Marie Bigger

Easley, Mary D 18 429 590 Cheryl Rogers

Eason McIntyre, Judy D 11 527B 598 Roxanne Blystone

Ellis, Jerry D 5 513A 614 Jean McCurley

Ford, John R 29 424A 634 Debbie Thurmond

Garrison, Earl D 9 514A 533 Peggy White

Gumm, Jay Paul D 6 535A 586 Susie Kalivoda

Halligan, Jim R 21 520 572 Cathey Jo Warner

Ivester, Tom D 26 529A 545 Pam McLerran

Johnson, Constance D 48 534B 531 Patricia Hobbs

Johnson, Mike R 22 519 592 John Willbanks

Jolley, Clark R 41 425 622 Gay Greeno

Justice, Ron R 23 423A 537 Yvonne Phelps

Lamb, Todd R 47 418 632 Bobbie Brown

Laster, Charlie D 17 522 539 Sharon Veazey

Leftwich, Debbe D 44 533A 557 Jeri Holland

Lerblance, Richard D 7 528B 604 Anita Bell

Marlatt, Bryce R 27 427 626 Jodi McKee

Mazzei, Mike R 25 413 675 Pamela Hodges

Senator District Room Extension Executive Assistant Email Address

Myers, David R 20 414 628 Betsy Ingraham

Newberry, Dan R 37 412A 600 Holly Miller

Nichols, Jonathan R 15 428 535 Pauline Elmore

Paddack, Susan D 13 533 541 Toni Doake

Reynolds, Jim R 43 412 522 Sonnie Winfree

Rice, Andrew D 46 521 610 Peggy Leininger

Russell, Steve R 45 428B 618 Debbie Purinton

Schulz, Mike R 38 415 612 Pam Nordstrom

Sparks, John D 16 513B 553 Cindy Chandler

Stanislawski, Gary R 35 427A 624 Shannon Sharpton

Sweeden, Joe D 10 535 581 Becky Welch

Sykes, Anthony R 24 426 569 Tonya Lewis

Wilson, Jim D 3 533C 574 Amy Schroeder

Wyrick, Charles D 1 530 561 Linda Bostick



12 responses to “SB 1102 DNA Database Continues to Expand-Please ACT!

  1. Way to go Oklahoma! Now if only the rest of the country would wake up and follow suit!

  2. I think this is great. Tools like this can only help to hold people responsible for their actions. Sure there is some potential for abuse of privacy but we’ll figure that out as we go. In the balance, this is a very good thing for our society where lack of mature, responsible, law-abiding behavior is becoming more and more commonplace.

  3. I am from the home state of your president, unfortunately. Reading this makes me want to move to Oklahoma!

  4. Honest people have nothing to fear from giving a DNA sample, in fact, it is to our benefit to be in the data base, Stop trying to protect criminals, they have the most to fear from being in the system.

  5. Reading this makes me want to move to Oklahoma as well. They seem to be doing the right thing. I live in Cook County right now and I can tell you this is a city that does nothing for the people. Skyrocketing taxes, corruption. I also found out that the Ban on handguns don’t apply to members of government, they label themselves law enforcement and Daley and all his friends can carry concealed.

  6. Define a “terrorist”, Who is deemed” a threat to public safety”?, What is a Suspicious Activity Report and where does that report go after it is made, What are the dangers of human cataloging?

    If you think “criminals” are the only ones that should be concerned about biometric cataloging, you are not paying attention or you work for the government and need to believe in Big Momma.

    Shoo! Go educate yourself.

  7. Good job Oklahoma! You are setting the example other states should follow. I live in Missouri, not too far from the Oklahoma border, and I thought I had a few more illegal aliens than usual recently. I guess their doing their usual rat thing and jumping ship to us!

  8. Awesome Oklahoma! A state that isn’t afraid to stand up for America!

  9. This is a good law we need to keep track of criminals and those idiots who commit them.

  10. way to go OK

  11. Lets put it this way. Don’t screw up, Keep your nose clean and you don’t need to worry about being human or biometric cataloged.

  12. Bill,
    Could you define “screw up” for me so I will know exactly what it is I am to avoid?

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