Gilchrist, Macy Settlement. Read Depositions

Sunday June 28, 2009

I have often wondered aloud what ever happened to Joyce Gilchrist, the OCPD forensics “expert” famed for shoddy, botched or outright fictionalized lab results that resulted in innocent people being convivted of heinous crimes and sentenced to prison or worse-death. 

Now I wonder-Is this it?

David Johns Bryson spent 17 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

A settlement was reached in his case against former DA Macy and Joyce Gilchrist

 Gilchrist agreed to pay out 16.5 million to Bryson but claims that the city should pay.  That issue will have to be resolved.


Bryson appeal overview the Evidence Lies



Fowler has been struck twice by lightning. A retired house painter in Oklahoma City, Okla., Fowler lived through his 19-year-old son Mark’s arrest in 1985 for murdering three people in a grocery-store holdup. Mark was sentenced to death. A year later Fowler’s mother Anne Laura was raped and murdered, and a man named Robert Lee Miller Jr. was sentenced to die for the crime. The same Oklahoma City police department forensic scientist, Joyce Gilchrist, testified at both trials. But DNA evidence later proved she was wrong about Miller. He was released after 10 years on death row, and a man previously cleared by Gilchrist was charged with the crime. Fowler can’t help wondering if Gilchrist’s testimony was equally inept at the trial of his son Mark, who was executed in January.

Last week gave Fowler even more reason to wonder. A state judge ordered a man named Jeffrey Pierce released after serving 15 years of a 65-year sentence for rape. Gilchrist placed him at the scene of the crime, but DNA evidence proved he was not the rapist. In response, Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating launched a review of every one of the thousands of cases Gilchrist touched between 1980 and 1993, starting with 12 in which death sentences were handed down. But in another 11 of her cases, the defendants have already been put to death. The state is giving the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System $725,000 to hire two attorneys and conduct DNA testing of any evidence analyzed by Gilchrist that led to a conviction. A preliminary FBI study of eight cases found that in at least five, she had made outright errors or overstepped “the acceptable limits of forensic science.” Gilchrist got convictions by matching hair samples with a certainty other forensic scientists found impossible to achieve. She also appears to have withheld evidence from the defense and failed to perform tests that could have cleared defendants.,8599,109568,00.html

Stomach turning story about the goings-on in the lab of Joyce Gilchrist, her unethical practices and testimonies, destroying and hiding of evidence and more.

It is nothing less than chilling to know that this went on for so long in spite of the fact that people knew and even tried to get something done about it.



On June 17th 2009 Scott Cooper reports on the settlement reached by Joyce Gilchrist and ex-DA Bob Macy.  You can also read the depositions;




2 responses to “Gilchrist, Macy Settlement. Read Depositions

  1. I am so very disappointed in our federal system that Joyce Gilchrist got off after sending innocent people to prison. She not only destroyed the men’s lives but the families involved as well. Then she and everyone involved gets off because of a settlement agreement. If this had been anyone else they all would have been sent to prison for destroying the lives of innocent people but since they were high up official making lots of money they get off free with a slap on the hand. It is very wrong to treat people who have money or status differently then the average person. So if that is how our judicial system works then I have lost all faith in our government for allowing such negligence to have happened. I expect more of the people of this great nation to stand againist this kind of activity and our officials need to be accountable for their actions. These people should not get because they have money they should be doing time in prison like anyone else. This whole story makes me sick to my stomach and Joyce and all involved should do the time for their crimes committed against all these innocent people that are doing time now and for those who were sentence to death for a crime they did not commit.

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