Freudian Slip? “The Id Passes on Pass ID”

This article was first posted on the American Daily Review for which Mr. Houchen is a contributing author.

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Howard Houchen, Oklahoma Republican candidate for Congress muses upon the PASS Act and that instinctive, demanding part of ourselves coined “id” by Siggie Freud aka “Freud Dude”  for those who are bigger fans of Bill and Ted than their Psyche 101 TA.

The id is often maligned as our inner brat but it also serves a vital function-self protection.  The id is where our survival instinct resides, according to Freudian thought and Mr. Houchen speaks to this life preserving sense of knowing that something just isn’t right regarding S. 1261-the Pass Act or as Ted would say

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”



The Id Passes on Pass ID:

Howard Houchen

Surely everyone remembers their first immersion into the field of psychology. It was senior year of High School or freshman year of college…Psych 101. We were treated to Freud’s theoretical model of the human psyche. While one normally associates Freudian concepts with sexual connotations, this discussion does not require such an in depth analysis. We intently studied and listened about the Id, ego, and Super-ego and quickly learned how selfish and chaotic the Id was. We also learned the Id comprised the most basic of instincts, those we are born with…the human constitution…the very foundation of what we perceive as instinctual response.

On an emotionally dreary afternoon (due to a barrage of more Marxian-Socialist policies being heaped on American citizens) a very dear friend called and asked: “You ever get that feeling that things just aren’t quite right?” There it was…that “Feeling”…the instinctual response that we Americans get when we know something is not as it should be. Something foul is afoot, something doesn’t quite mesh with our unalienable rights that were bestowed upon us by our Creator and something that doesn’t quite fit the rules our Founders laid down in the Constitution. He was speaking, of course, about S. 1261, the PASS ID Act.

Once again OUR federal government is trampling all over the U.S. Constitution, specifically the 10th. Amendment, as well as sacrificing OUR right to privacy and our beloved belief that an individual is innocent until found guilty by a court of law. By mandating certain criteria and information, specifically biometric information (fingerprints and digital facial recognition friendly photos), be contained on state issued drivers licenses, the federal government dictates to the states of the Republic what is to be the purview of the states and the states alone. If constitutional irreverence weren’t bad enough, PASS ID would actually enroll every American possessing one of these Central Planning Committee ID cards into a single Global Biometric Identification System. “What does this mean?” you may ask: Quite simply, OUR Central Planning Apparatchik (the U.S. federal government) would be capable of and in the business of collecting, maintaining, and disseminating information on American citizens to international agencies.

“WOW, that just doesn’t seem right” you must be saying. If so, you just exhibited that “Feeling” discussed above. You see…it is the American character, the American instinct that inherently tells us things just aren’t quite right when we see things for what they truly are. To add insult to injury, this PASS ID ACT, which should be legislation designed by Americans for Americans, is being partially framed by International bodies. There it goes again…that “Feeling”. The last I checked, American citizens are to govern themselves.

My instinct tells me to fight this legislation with all I can muster. My instinct tells me that any Central Planning Authority that attempts something as egregious as PASS ID should be mistrusted. OUR instincts should tell all of us to distrust and oppose just about everything it attempts to formulate into policy.

The American intuition, developed over time and heightened by today’s political climate, must be trusted and actions taken to heed those “Feelings”. PASS ID runs counter to everything we have learned and know about the American spirit and the notion of American Exceptionalism. We are the greatest, most caring nation this world has ever known as a result of our attitude and philosophy that are guided by the ideals of freedom and self-governance. Our most basic American instinct tells us, WE, the people, to pass on PASS ID.

Howard Houchen

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