Obama Care Protest takes a Detour July 17, 2009

okc609 067 

Today in downtown OKC, shortly before noon a crowd of around 50 Oklahomans who oppose the current plans for healthcare reform marched up to Mary Fallin’s office and went in. This group organized by Sooner Tea Party, counter-protested against proponents of the plan last week and expected to do the same this week but apparently Move On, had moved on.

None of the OK GOP representatives are likely to vote in favor of this initiative but why waste a chance to visit your congressional representative? Coburn’s office was closed due to a personal loss by one of his staff.



Congresswoman Fallin was not in but two of her assistants were and they were gracious about giving this well behaved “mob” some of their time. The conversation was taken outside, in front due to the size of the crowd and an impromptu Q and A session commenced with the two spokesmen for Fallin’s speaking and listening to the crowd for nearly an hour.

okc609 011


The  mix of people who showed up was an intersting one,  most were unfamiliar to me and in fact a few of the more vocal participants just happened upon the demonstration and joined in. They were informed and fiery so I decided to audio record the event, take pictures and just watch what happened.

I was pleased to hear the plain message that our next governor must advocate for upholding the Tenth Amendment. This tells me that the wisdom of restraining the federal government from controlling the states has wide popularity among a variety of conservatives here.

The two men addressed the crowd beginning with the assurances that Mary Fallin is very conservative, has a very conservative voting record and is doing her best to get the message opposing this reform out through radio, blogs and television.

Many of the protestors expressed a desire to do something more to help.

James Lane took his lunch off of work in order to participate and his suggestion was that was a townhall meeting might be in order so that we could get to work helping our state government come together in the healthcare reform issue. Several said that they wished for more leadership from our DC representatives, here in the state. One gentleman from Fallin’s office said that these were all good points and promised to speak to the Congresswoman about their ideas and then reminded everyone that she was home every weekend.

One lady made a clear statement at the beginning that;

“if we don’t have states rights we are going to lose the whole battle!”

Fallin’s representative stated that Congresswoman had voted against every spending initiative of the Obama administration which was met with an outburst of objections from the crowd. The assistants countered by assuring everyone that Fallin did not vote for the stimulus but a few of the protestors interjected that although she did not vote for the stimulus, she did vote for the $700 billion dollar bailout last fall, to which her assistants deferred that that particular measure was;

“A totally different item, totally different. These are different. Keep in mind about that whole deal-they’re not spending that money the way that they told congress”


When asked about oversight the Fallin staff members offered
that Republicans are in the minority and could do little.

They won’t let us put any of our input into the bills” said one spokesman for gubernatorial candidate Fallin.


“The lady fan of state’s rights says;

We have got to shift the power back to the states!


And one person, with pleading frustration says ;

“Do you have our names? You need to have our names.. . I mean why not, here you have a great opportunity.. . ”

Spokesman- “Sure, We can get them, get a sheet we’ll write them down. . .we want to hear from you and I’ve got some cards too.

The frustrated protestor further informs the Fallin staff members that;

“Over the last year. . .I said please, let me know how I can help , or sent my name to the Republican Party. You think I ever hear anything? No. I never hear anything!”

While cards are being passed around Mr. Lane, the lunchtime demonstrator and newly minted conservative activist speaks;

While we appreciate that she didn’t vote for the stimulus but her vote on the the bailout, I mean that was still unconstitutional. On what grounds did she oppose the stimulus? If it’s just because that’s the way the wind is blowing. . .I want to know that she has strong values and principles that she is going to hold to. The bailout vote was unconstitutional and it was just as bad as the stimulus”

Fallin’s staff member responds;

Well, I gotta tell you. . you know. ,I don’t want to get into. . We could talk for two hours about why TARP hasn’t worked now but. . I tell you. . uh. . .She voted for it. . .because. . I’ll tell you who else voted for it! A guy whose office is in that building (gestures across and down the street)- Tom Coburn-no. Listen. In that moment in time, our economy was on the ropes. I..I.. again Caleb (spokesman #2) put it well, what happened afterwards is another debate. At the time our credit markets were frozen. She was told that if we don’t do this and we don’t do it the way we say were gonna do it, the economy is going to experience a. .

The crowd interjects

Who was she listening to??” someone asks.

She was told. . .it wasn’t just. . . The way that . . .She was. . she was. . . she was . .under the impression, as was the congress if they didn’t do this the credit markets would freeze, the very grease in the wheel of the American economy would freeze and so. Look. . look. . she voted. .



This bit of information came out on Friday, July 17, 2009

Paulson reveals US concerns of breakdown in law and order




The crowd is not mollified much by these comments and many speak out at once .  The dark haired unnamed Spokesman seemed to become slightly irritated; “Without your ability to get a loan-everything fails!”

Fallin’s staff member, Caleb reclaims control;

“We are getting off point here. . The point is that we have this healthcare issue coming up, right now and once it is over our economy it will be a massive, massive entitlement that will be almost impossible to repeal.”. ..

“A lot of these other things that we just passed recently, we can repeal if conservatives get back in power-soon but something like healthcare in a massive entitlement form will be almost impossible so we got to beat this now.”

The crowd again asked what they could do to help and they were advised that the Republicans needed to regain power.


A petite but feisty lady kept up the drumbeat and pulled the two spokesmen back to the subject at hand each time they attempted to steer the discussion to less contentious subjects
 okc609 074

We are told that the Republicans must reclaim power or all is lost but these demonstrators want to know specifics.

Several times members of the crowd raised the subject of state government asserting their proper authority and repelling the federal government Sen. Brogdon’s name was mentioned again as an alternative to status quo politics and his support of the Tenth Amendment Resolution was held up as the model for Fallin to follow.

“Washington does not need to be deciding what kind of life I am going to live!” This was one statement made by a participant that drew a round of applause.

“We want to know what she is doing for state’s rights…there are others running for governor that are big advocates of state’s rights and unless she falls in with that…unless she starts advocating for that, she is going to lose my support”

One of Fallin’s spokesmen offered that she voted against the stimulus. When it was apparent that this answer didn’t satisfy he hastily went on;


“I gotta tell you. . she did attend the Tea Parties in April, she did go. She is supportive. I can’t tell you how many times she emailed me from Washington to tell me. . .w-when I could go because she was excited about this movement and your ideas. . saving our deficit, saving our future generations AND. . . . and. . you know. . makes herself very vocal on this issue”


Once again, the crowd was reminded that Fallin rejected all of President Obama administration’s spending initiatives and again the crowd seemed less than impressed and countered by reminding them that she did vote for the bailout and that was unacceptable.


Some ladies brought literature on what AZ is doing to protect the people from Obama care and asked is falling could, since she is running for Governor, go ahead and start advocating within the state for something similar? The AZ measure to protect the residents of that state specifically from the Obama Care bill is an idea that this group liked. They were firm in wanting to see legislators in Oklahoma stand up to the federal government and defend the principle of sovereignty guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment

Arizona Moves to Oppose Obama’s Expected Health Care Mandates




Participants said that they wanted to see the conservatives do something other than just cast votes They want to see the Republican party get organized, get a strategy and utilize the help that that is being offered to them by the grassroots and stop simply biding their time until they get back in power.

Look. We are willing to help” says one lady who went to Denver to help out with the Mccain-Palin campaign

I’m tired of donating to the party; I want to donate to an individual that is going to step up and do it!”

When asked what the party was doing to ensure future success, one of Fallin’s spokesmen finally hit on an idea that met with approval;

“We have to stay consistent with our principles.”

fallin crowdem2

To which the British ex-pat questioner, now American citizen responded with a tight lipped






fallincrowdJimmyCMy new friend, Jimmie Carter!

fallincrownogThis gentleman made plenty of well-articulated points.





okc609 022Signing up!

 fallinrepsecSecurity man hovering in the background made us all feel much safer


okc609 067There were so many well-reasoned ladies present. I asked them if they would like to go with me to our Capitol and help by giving input to our elected officials.

okc609 063

British-American and fan of the Fair Tax.


6 responses to “Obama Care Protest takes a Detour July 17, 2009

  1. Julie Henry

    America is awake and speaking out! Just wish I had known about the protest and I’d have been there too. Our elected officials need to know that their jobs are in jeopardy and every choice they make is crutial and under scrutiny. There’s no room for error or special interest voting.
    This is no time to fence post sit and you better know your loyalty is to the Great State of Oklahoma, not to the federal government. There is no excuse for not reading the documents that they expect you to sign into law and not being informed enough to know that the current administration is working quickly to force socialism down our throats. Why are we depending on Michelle Bachmann to voice our beliefs and question the constitutionality of the legislation at hand? Where is Mary Fallin?

  2. Nancy Blalock

    You know the one thing that concerns me about all this is, you don’t get something for nothing. Oklahoma is getting stimulus money. Are we beholden to DC and will they use it to wipe out our states rights?

  3. Nice job, wish I could have been there with you asking these questions which remain unanswered! Where are the constitutional champions among us? For instance – Who is calling for Sotomayer confirmation defeat? Is Fallin? Is Brogdon? others?

    Are they personally encouraging the US Senators that they know to be public and vocal and adamant about how bad this Sotomayor appointment is? Is lying under oath about the entirety of her life message not enough for an instant decline?

    Where are the champions among is? Send the press releases to Axiom if the local news is just not printing them and you are doing it and we don’t know about it!

    Special thanks to Charles Keye and Randy Brogdon on the sovereignty issue and the sterling leadership that they have shown there!

    Back to the bailout votes: I would like to see all elected officials and candidates for office pledge to decline federal funds with strings attached.

    Let’s get back to local control and look for the champions among us rallying the people and holding the standard of the constitution up for all to see both verbally and in their votes.

    I have said in the past that I would never vote for any elected official who voted/votes for a bailout be it endorsed by an R or D president. It just is not acceptable.

    My question for Axiom’s audience is that since both Coburn and Fallin and others in our state are in this category – is there any scenario of public apology written and spoken that should excuse them of their bailout votes? It is a sincere question and I would love to hear from folks on that thought.


  4. This is an example of what we need to be doing more of-making our elected representatives offices as much visited as the local Dew Drop Inn.
    Although Fallin was not there her spokesman will definately be giving her an earful. They had to take the heat on her behalf!
    One thing I noticed that may not be conveyed well in my post was what I can only call a “tap dancing” response to the direct questions about state’s rights. Some of the poor guys’ answer was so stammer laced I cut it. I am not poking fun of the gentleman but it was obvious that he was extremely uncomfortable with this topic. Why?
    I’m sorry but Mary Fallin being a fan of Tea Parties does not indicate any particular stance on the Tenth. I would be very interested to get a straight forward answer from her about her position on this-if she wants to be governor we need to know if she is willing to parry with the federal government on our behalf.
    I will oppose any measure that will increase the power of central government. It is all but uncontainable now. When all is regulated and controlled by DC will we be able to walk up to their doorsteps and be heard? Will our votes count at all? Will we matter compared to the government corporate partners? No.
    What will our country be then? Certainly not one By, For and Of We The People.

  5. I was not and am not a supporter of the bailout, but the information our representatives were given at the time was quite dire. According to the Independent, “The Bush administration and Congress discussed the possibility of a breakdown in law and order and the logistics of feeding US citizens if commerce and banking collapsed as a result of last autumn’s financial panic, it was disclosed yesterday.”


    I can forgive a vote for the bailout under those circumstances. I don’t agree with it, but clearly there was a lot of information given to Congress at the time that still hasn’t been given to the public, and it is an understandable vote.

    On the other hand, Coburn is the only politician on the national level that I actually admire. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he fights for the causes important to me and so far has stuck by his word. You asked where the champions were, and he is one.

  6. Larry G. Goss, M.D.

    Great Job! Great Article!
    As a physician with 37 years in practice, I wish to point out that the enormous cost of medicine in this country is being already driven largely by Government (Medicare/Medicaid) mandates and requirements which the private insurance companies follow in lockstep! As just one example, ask any physician about the cost of “prior authorizations” in their office!

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