Oklahoma County Sheriff’s DUI Checkpoint 7/31/09 Results

Sobriety checkpoint to be held Friday

The Sun

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) will conduct a sobriety checkpoint July 31 in Oklahoma County from 11 p.m.-3 a.m. The sobriety checkpoint will focus on people who are driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Deputies will stop vehicles passing through the checkpoint and ask for driver licenses. The exact location of the checkpoint is not being released. Any driver suspected of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be directed to a safe area off the roadway for further observation and possible testing for intoxication

The maximum penalty in Oklahoma for a first time DUI conviction is 1 year in jail, a $1,000 fine, and 6 months revocation of drivers’ license.

Results from the August 31, 2009 sobriety checkpoint.


(Del City) On July 31, 2009 the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from Del City Police conducted a sobriety checkpoint at S.E. 44th and S. Bryant. The results of the checkpoint follow:

-12 total arrests:
*5-driving under the influence arrests.
*5-warrant arrests.
*2-driving under suspension arrests.

-51 citations were written for various traffic violations.

-28 warnings were written for various traffic violations.


-4 vehicles were impounded.

-A total of 438 vehicles were counted driven through the checkpoint.



This was Reported by Check Points on July 22, 2009

Oklahoma State Rep. Harold Wright believes DUI laws need to get tough to cut down on drunken driving deaths. The Republican lawmakers from Weatherford, Okla. wants zero tolerance laws for DUI.

People enjoying glass of wine at dinner or a bottle of beer after work could wind up in jail.

Oklahoma DUI laws currently have the legal blood alcohol limit for driving at .08%. Police also have the right to detain a driver suspected of DUI, no matter what the blood alcohol level.

The proposed legislation will be studied and discussed this fall.

Source: KOCO.com



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3 responses to “Oklahoma County Sheriff’s DUI Checkpoint 7/31/09 Results

  1. According to my rough calculations (assuming each incident was unique), they arrested, cited, or warned over 20% of those who passed through the checkpoint! That’s 1 in 5! Not counting the warnings, it comes to over 14%. To me, that number sounds awfully high.

  2. So the question is then, are a large portion of OK drivers just criminal or is it the cops doing the stops?


  3. David Zinger

    OK County and Highway Patrol conducted a DUI checkpoint on Waterloo Rd in March 2011 that backed up traffic for 2 miles. There were several wrecks due to stopped cars by people that were not drunk (They came over a hill to sudden stopped traffic). Business Revenue was down 70-90% on that night and officers used private property w/o permission. I do not how this can be legal?

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