Adam Kokesh makes a heck of a first impression!



 Washington D.C. July 12, 2008
It was HOT!  Like Oklahoma hot-I wasn’t expecting that in DC.   All day R3VOLution Marshals, Medics and volunteers scrambled to see that the marchers did not take us on a detour towards the Federal Reserve (they thought about it)  got enough water ,which was a trick with only one fountain on the grounds, and played nicely with the Capitol Police (they did!).  I somehow ended up using all my training as an EMT mostly in service as a water girl with a few dashes to help out the inevitable victims of heat exhaustion. By the end of the day we had only 9-10 out of thousands drop from heat.  Not bad considering and my stint as the water bearer ensured that I made many new friends and got lots of attention.

A busy, busy day with no time to stop and really pay attention the excellent line up of speakers.  Naomi Wolf managed to distract me for a moment. Her hair appeared to be ruby red with the sun blazing on it and I wondered aloud why she had changed the color. . .ok, I confess I was a hairstylist for years before I defected to join the liberty seekers supporting the Ron Paul campaign but hair is still a thing for me.

Water, water, radio squawking, brief reunions with friends I had not seen since months before in New Hampshire, Texas, South Carolina, appeared off and on all day.  Hours flew by as I passed out coveted bottles of water as fast as I could grab them and sneakily hid the bills that grateful rally-goers insisted we take to replenish the supply while the police kindly pretended not to see (against the rules to exchange money on Capitol grounds) I could not tell you what many of the speakers that day said even though many of them are heroes to me.  But this one, this freedom firebrand’s speech made me stop and listen.

You know it when you hear someone speak from the heart.  This is Adam Kokesh speaking last July. His words rang the crowd like bell!

Look at him now.

Kokesh For Congress!


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