Update-Oklahoma Pandemic Planning

**Update Sept 14, 09**

Senator Randy Brogdon’s staff began looking into this right away.

Seth Rott, Research Analyst for Brogdon,called Mr. Evanson and spoke with him personally and found out that;

No.  Mr Evanson has no verifiable information on any OK law regarding madatory vaccinations.  He admits that his statements were based upon a few reports from others who asserted this claim and concedes that he probably should have made that point clear.  Mr. Evanson indicated he would clarify the unconfirmed nature of the information on his website.

Rott pointed out that OK State Legislature was not in session in the time frame given by Evanson.

What we do know  is that there are portions of Oklahoma’s Pandemic Plan that is not open for public review and even  legislators too seem to be having trouble accessing these portions.  This is a legitimate concern for all of us.

Public Health programs should be open and accessible to the public and certainly our legislators.  The fact that there is some level of secrecy surrounding pandemic planning makes speculation unavoidable.

The OK Health Department needs to be candid with the citizens and lawmakers of this state.  We have a right to know what to expect.


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Previous Report

Sept 13, 09

This video was posted on youtube on 9-11-09
*update*I have no assurance of the accuracy or sourcing so take that under consideration.  The Speaker is Greg Evanson, former Kansas Trooper.
Reasonable souls knowledgeable in law point out that certain elements of this story defy credibility.

For instance,RFID bracelets, while technically feasable would be very improbable due to cost etc.
Restriction of travel while possible, would be much more specifically limited.
Bottom line. If Evanson is privy to any inside info, it is limited and he seems to be “filling in the blanks” with a vivid imagination.

Unless sources are provided to evidence some of these claims they should be taken with a grain of salt.


2 responses to “Update-Oklahoma Pandemic Planning

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  2. oklahomawatchdog

    Great work Sen. Brogdon. Seth and Kaye. We do need to know what is going on. The health officials have no right keeping this info from us.

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