Topics Overheard on Radio Free Oklahoma Tonight


RFID Bracelets in Boston, Howard Houchen, Senator Randy Brogdon, and more about Emergency Health Powers……

We had a great conversation with Howard Houchen, District 2 congressional candidate. He displayed the passion and sense of duty that I find characteristic of the many non-career politician, grassroots candidates appearing all over the state for the 2010 elections.

His website is

Mr. Houchen is a 912 Candidate and Jacob Roecker, a sincere and dedicated Patriot if I’ve ever met one, is the spokesman for this project.

You can find out more about this effort at

We also spoke with Senator Randy Brogdon, Republican candidate for governor in Oklahoma. Senator Brogdon is having a money bomb on Sept 18th and we encourage the grassroots to step up to the plate and help his campaign in any way you can. Here is he money bomb website


Senator Brogdon’s campaign website is at (Don’t be surprised when you visit his site and he walks right out to talk to you!)


We mentioned the Midwest Liberty Fest which is sure to be a grassroots activists (or soon-to-be) dream. This event will take place Oct. 9-11 in Ducoin Ill. Here is the website for all the details


Also discussed were the H1N1 pandemic flu preparations. The Red Dirt Reporter details a document that gives insight about what the possibilities are.

How will Oklahoma health officials handle the swine flu pandemic?


A 2001-2002 Oklahoma document that gives some background on where we find ourselves today



Also, the MIAC (Missouri Information Anysis Center-a Fusion Center) hearings were revisited and new information brought to light about MO’s Homeland Security plan which relies heavily on Public-Private Partnerships.



Fusion Centers share information between public, private, local and federal entities and agencies. Not to be overlooked, the military is included in our “New Era” of policing. The idea is that by amassing and combining huge amounts of data on people then with the application of computing power and mathematical algorithms our government will be able to predict and preempt criminal or terrorist acts before they happen.

Here is a leaked document, Concept of Operations for Police Intelligence Operations, put out in March of 2009 that explains the concept clearly in great detail.

If you want the bottom line in a nut shell, here is how it works;

Beginning at about page 25, the plans to fuse civilian police and military in THE US is discussed. Before that is a roundup of what all was learned overseas, at war, about combining the two. Traditionally, America has a firm aversion to the military being loosed upon US citizens for policing operations. Apparently this is not an issue anymore.


While Radio Free Oklahoma was on air we received this bit of news;

Boston launches flu shot tracking



Using technology originally developed for mass disasters, Boston disease trackers are embarking on a novel experiment – one of the first in the country – aimed at eventually creating a citywide registry of everyone who has had a flu vaccination.

The resulting vaccination map would allow swift intervention in neighborhoods left vulnerable to the fast-moving respiratory illness.


The article mentions that the Boston Marathon utilized this technology for the sake of testing this system-the Boston Marathon, as you can see from this


Utilized RFID. Big question-why is this article circulation now when it was 1st run in 2008?


Till next week…….



3 responses to “Topics Overheard on Radio Free Oklahoma Tonight

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  2. I couldn’t tell from above article if you were for getting flu shots and vaccinating entire countryside or against. The pandemic of 1918 was caused by troop innoculations so this entire campaign is a hoax. The only logical explanation for such a big hoax is to create chaos to implement a military coup against the United States and genocide against our people.

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