Oklahoma trooper Daniel Martin being investigated again

Oct 6, 2009

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper who was suspended after being involved in a scuffle with an EMT in May was put on paid administrative leave Sunday in connection with an unrelated incident.

Troopers Daniel Martin and Tommy Allen were placed on administrative leave after a Holdenville man filed a complaint after he was arrested on Saturday.

“Basically, there was a traffic stop last night and out of that an individual was jailed and the guy apparently contacted the department today wanting to file a complaint,” said patrol Capt. Chris West. “Based on the nature of the complaint and what Martin went through, we thought we’d just go ahead and pull him off and investigate.”

The Holdenville man became involved after the initial traffic stop, he said.

Khristopher Douglas told KWTV-9 that he was on a friend’s property when the troopers pulled up. He was told to move away from the house and, when he did, he said he was thrown down, beaten with a club and arrested.

“He (Martin) started beating me with the nightstick and the other officer jumped on my back and put a knee in my back and I was getting hit with the nightstick,” Douglas said.

This is the second time this year Martin has been investigated for his actions. In July, Martin was suspended for five days after an investigation of a May 24 scuffle with emergency medical technician Maurice White Jr.

KRMG Local News Reports that Lawmaker says OHP and DPS to Blame

Oklahoma House of Representatives member Mike Christian is a former state trooper. He says, “I don’t necessarily know that we’d be dealing with Trooper Martin if the Department of Public Safety, the commissioner of public safety and the chief of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol had done their job in the first case.” Martin and his partner, Trooper Tommy Allen, are now on paid administrative leave as the new investigation goes on.


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One response to “Oklahoma trooper Daniel Martin being investigated again

  1. Someone needs to review the officers police reports of the incident. If they lied on their police reports as to how the incident occurred, there is a possibility that they can be charged with a crime. If they are charged and convicted of a crime, they might be removed from the police force.

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