“Choice Architechture”


One response to ““Choice Architechture”

  1. christianclarityreview

    that’s better known as Game Theory: Nazi style psy-ops from all ‘parts of society’ that collectively seem to prove free will and thus free ‘choice’; the target doesn’t see themselves as manipulated, but as taking from a wide range of different ‘choices’ from different ‘parts’ of society and the personal collection ( the supposed emotional effort to do it and the time and timing ) of the ‘info’ seem to prove personal consent.

    I think someone else called that Manufacturing Consent. Norm Chomsky? But he believes in free will so he’s a victim no matter what.

    it basically goes:

    1. create or infiltrate seminaries to give the foundational principles religious validity, chief among them Free Will

    2. market products with ideology

    3. Create false tensions between false ‘sides’ of arguments on a many faced, multi-term platform that thus seem to genuinely represent different choices and thus free will as a constant backdrop/smokescreen

    4. Create a priest class that keeps the principles upper most in the victims mind and heart with constant new products and ideology; pop stars, pop preachers; activists ..give them Very Public Awards ( the Nobel to Obama, etc. )

    5. stage events as theater (usually crime but also Pop culture events ) to seem to validate the stereotypical language of the favored rhetoric

    all that is being used now to market birth control to Muslims via “imans” on the take, etc. That is already being used against Christians the same way, etc.

    Human Terrain System of the Army, etc.

    Its all occult no matter how it is presented or under what name. Think Kellogg. Booz Allen. Aspen, Cato Institute, Americans for Democratic Action, that type of thing.

    Isaiah 37:28,29 But I know thine abode, and thy going out, and thy coming in, and thy raging against me. Because thy raging against me and thine arrogance is come up into mine ears, I will put my ring in thy nose, and my bridle in thy lips, and I will make thee go back by the way by which thou camest.


    In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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