Travis Maddox-“My Experience with Homeland Security”

Written By Travis Maddox

**Update Dec 1, 2010-Travis tells his story in a new film by William Lewis and Gary Franchi : DHS Whistle-blower: They’re Training Local Police to Suspend Rights

My experience with Homeland Security…

Nov, 6, 2009

Greetings my dear friends of Liberty. I have a story to tell of my first hand experience with Homeland Security and FEMA. I have told several friends and have tried to get the word out over the past few years of my experience with them. I feel I must now tell this publicly with the hope of awakening more to the dangers that may lie ahead in the very near future. What I will tell is the complete truth and although many of you may not know me that well I hope the ones that do can vouch for my character in being honest.

From 1999 through 2008 I worked in the law enforcement field. I am a 2000 graduate of the Drury University Peace Officers Certification Academy and in 2005 I was working as a Hospital Security Officer for a local hospital in Springfield, MO. While working there I was told of a new emergency response team being formed in my area and was asked to volunteer to be on the team. Along with being on the team came additional training that I felt could help my career. I soon found out that this team was part of Homeland Security and the training would be through them. Being that I had already been very aware of the damage to our liberties that the HSD was doing I wanted to see first hand what this training was about so I volunteered.

This training was to be for Chemical, Nuclear and Biological terrorism. It would be three days of training. The team consisted of Law Enforcement, Medical and First Responder personnel. The training was put on by a private company contracted by the US Army out of Ft Leonard Wood Missouri. Ft. Leonard Wood is the headquarters for the Army’s training in chemical, nuclear and biological warfare. The first day of training was typical book learning about the affects of these agents in or on the human body and how to decontaminate if in contact with them. After the first day we broke up into groups of our respective fields of work and that is when it became interesting.

Being in the law enforcement group my training dealt very little with the medical side of things other than how the personally protect ourselves if we were to come into contact with said foreign chemicals. My training dealt mostly with how to deal with the population in a time of crisis. We trained on forced evacuations, containment, quarantine, removal from homes, forcing citizens into the quarantine areas to be decontaminated and to receive their forced vaccination. Yes, I did say forced vaccination.

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