Serious Concerns about HB 2331 by Rep Steve Martin

Kaye Beach

Feb. 12, 2010


Serious Concerns: HB 2331, by Martin (S), amends Title 47. The proposed amendatory language reads that any law enforcement officer, during a traffic stop or accident “shall access information from the online (insurance) verfiication system”, “OR, at any other time, may access the verification system…” At law enforcement’s discretion.

This means insurance verification can be accessed at any time at all – i.e. whether the car is parked in a lot, or moving.  Observation/verification can be from a fixed location, i.e  roadside, or from a moving patrol car. If the vehicle is found to be non-compliant, a citation is issued. (Note: towns in Oklahoma are moving toward electronic ticketing.)

There’s more to be concerned about – HB 2331 proposes amending the law to allow for immediate seizure, towing and storage of vehicles cited as uninsured.

Oklahoma utilizes InsureNet – a global online insurance verification system that makes many claims to accuracy.

Given that both the Oklahoma Dept of Public Safety and the Governor are considering the installation of 200 ALPR surveillance cameras, this bill seems a little bit suspect.

(InsureNet just happens to make the ALPR cameras, too.)

ALPR (automatic license plate reader) cameras can scan upwards of 7,000 license plates an hour.

RE: HB 2331, allowing for random verification of insurance coverage and confiscation of private property, smacks more of revenue generation for both the insurance industry and a cash strapped state, than a public safety issue. OK-SAFE, while not endorsing driving uninsured, believes that the confiscation of private property by government for failure to purchase a product is not a move to be considered lightly; HB 2331 is a seriously flawed bill.


3 responses to “Serious Concerns about HB 2331 by Rep Steve Martin

  1. can you say police state?! sorta violates the heck out of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but then we are marching rather quickly into serfdom and slave labor camps aren’t we . . .

  2. Am I missing something here? The law says you must have insurance, if you choose not to, then you are aware that you are breaking the law and should have to face consequences if caught. With the number of officers getting pink slipped, would it not be great if the state could save these jobs by the additional revenue collected from people who willingly break the law?
    BTW I think using words and phrases like “serfdom” and “slave labor camps” is a great way to incite the uninformed and less educated, but the rest should see this for what it is, fear mongering and exaggeration.

  3. Hi..I am reading your page for a few days now is there any way to subscribe by email

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