OK ALERT! INTERPOL Washington “Aggressive Expansion” Oklahoma DO NOT Feed the FUSION!

I stumbled onto this report while researching for information to use in order to explain to Oklahoma residents why HB 3209 and SB483 two “Direct Electronic Access” bills that will make the Department of Public Safety the designated the Broker for your Biometric Data (digital photos) is NOT something we want to do.

Overview for the U.S. National Central Bureau of INTERPOL

In FY 2011, the U.S. National Central Bureau of INTERPOL (INTERPOL Washington) requests a total of $37,018,000, 88 FTE, and 94 positions to prevent crime, enforce federal laws and prevent terrorism.  This request includes a total program increase of $6,927,000, 9 FTE, and 17 positions

[. . .]INTERPOL Washington is requesting enhancements to IT budget base funding of $4,000,000 for technological expansion and enhancement of the 24/7 Command Center in the new building where INTERPOL Washington will move in FY 2010

[. . .]This role is enhanced by INTERPOL Washington’s aggressive strategy of expanding INTERPOL services throughout the United States. Expansion has led to an increasing number of law enforcement officers accessing INTERPOL information for the first time.

[. . .]INTERPOL expansion has been enhanced with its Biometric Exchange Program allowing fingerprints and mug shots to be shared and stored in domestic fingerprint systems for law enforcement purposes.

[. . .]Federal and state law enforcement agencies participate in the INTERPOL Washington through detailed personnel

[. . .]These personnel operate in divisions dedicated to specific investigative areas, typically with a nexus to their parent agency’s jurisdiction and expertise:  Alien/Fugitive, Economic Crimes, Drugs, Terrorism and Violent Crimes, and State and Local Liaison (this means Fusion Centers)

[. . .] This request includes specific outcome-based objectives as well as a range of enhancements that that will move INTERPOL Washington toward greater cooperation and information sharing among law enforcement organizations throughout the world

2 Bills, SB 483 AND HB 3209 STATE;

<StartFT>An Act relating to driver licenses; amending 47> O.S. 2001, Section <2-110>, as< last >amended by Section <1>, Chapter <199>, O.S.L. 20<05> (<47> O.S. Supp. 2009, Section <2-110>), which relates to the release of records by the Department of Public Safety; directing the Department of Public Safety to establish procedures for access to computerized images

The Commissioner of Public Safety is authorized to establish procedures and enter into agreements with any other law enforcement agency of this state or political subdivision of this state for the purpose of providing direct electronic access to the photograph or image in computerized format of any person who has been issued a driver license or identification card by the Department of Public Safety

I was going to tell you all about State Fusion Centers.

I wanted to explain how “FUSION” is really a concept  NOT any one place although Oklahoma does have a Fusion Center as does every state in the nation (many have several) Fusion is taking place between Public and Private entities, Military and Civilian Forces and National and International Governments.

JULY 2008

If the federal government announced it was creating a new domestic intelligence agency made up of over 800,000 operatives dispersed throughout every American city and town, filing reports on even the most common everyday behaviors, Americans would revolt. Mike German and Jay Stanley


Part of domestic surveillance system that incorporates private contractors, federal government, military, and local law enforcement Originally organized by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice Provide federal authorities with access to local databases and legally protected information concerning law-abiding citizens  Often function with military liaisons and integrate with National Guard Often at undisclosed locations listing only post office boxes as physical addresses  As of July 2009, approximately 72 fusion centers exist nationwide


Many fusion centers have not shared with the public what databases they use. This was demonstrated in an April 2, 2008 article in The Washington Post titled “Centers Tap into Personal Databases.” It revealed that several fusion centers in the northeast have access to millions of people’s information including unlisted cell phone numbers, insurance claims, driver’s license photographs and credit reports.

–Rebecca Andino, PMP, CIPP/G, president and founder of Highlight Technologies

I wanted Oklahoma residents to know about the kind of information that Fusion Centers collect and how that information is shared;

JULY 2008

If the federal government announced it was creating a new domestic intelligence agency made up of over 800,000 operatives dispersed throughout every American city and town, filing reports on even the most common everyday behaviors, Americans would revolt. Mike German and Jay Stanley

Face recognition next in terror fight



The government is paying for some of the most advanced research into controversial face-recognition technology, which converts photos into numerical sequences that can be instantly compared with millions of photos in a database  More recently, 19 states have adopted the technology and compare driver’s-license applicants with a photo database of license holders to see whether an applicant already has a license or is using a false identity, Hamilton said.

What Is a “SAR”?

“Official documentation of observed behavior that may be indicative of intelligence gathering or preoperational planning related to terrorism, criminal, or other illicit intention”

A SAR is a “Suspicious Activity Report”.  LAPD’s program of information gathering on non-criminal behavior has been nationalized.  These reports follow the same path that a criminal report would.  Officers in the field have access to these reports when they pull you over for a citation.

Do you have a “SARs”?

The answer is that you cannot know.

If you are a criminal you can review your files to ensure that they are accurate.  If you are a law abiding citizen with no criminal history, you may not know if law enforcement has 1 or more “SARs” reports following you for such innocuous behavior as sitting in your vehicle too long.  You may have 3 “SARs” reports on you when a cop pulls you over and not even know it.  Is it possible that these reports might have an effect on the treatment you receive from an officer so informed?


In April 2008, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times both reported on a new Los Angeles

Police Department order that compels LAPD officers to begin reporting “suspicious behaviors” in addition to their other duties—creating a stream of “intelligence” about a host of everyday activities that, according to documents, will be fed to the local fusion center.

LAPD Special Order #11, dated March 5, 2008, states that it is the policy of the LAPD to “gather, record  and analyze information of a criminal or non-criminal nature, that could indicate activity or intentions related to either foreign or domestic terrorism,” and includes a list of 65 behaviors LAPD officers “shall”report.

The list includes such innocuous, clearly subjective, and First Amendment protected activities as:

taking measurements

– using binoculars

– taking pictures or video footage “with no apparent esthetic value”

– abandoning vehicle

– drawing diagrams

– taking notes

– espousing extremist views


FUSION of Military and Civilian forces, Public and Private Institutions, State Federal and International Governments.


September 15, 2009

WASHINGTON – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Monday that it was giving state and local fusion centers access to the classified military intelligence in Department of Defense (DOD) databases. The federal government has facilitated the growth of a network of fusion centers since 9/11 to expand information collection and sharing practices among law enforcement agencies, the private sector and the intelligence community.


International Police Organization Proposes Worldwide Facial Recognition System.

Oct. 20, 2008

An Interpol face-recognition database would permit Interpol member nations to search records containing travelers’ personal biometric information, and could be used in conjunction with travel watch lists.

“We need to get our data to the border entry points. There will be such a large role in the future for fingerprints and facial recognition,”

— Mark Branchflower, head of Interpol’s fingerprint unit

In Dec 2009 the President quietly released this executive order;

Executive Order — Amending Executive Order 12425

– – – – – – –


There was much speculation on what this order meant;

Why Does Interpol Need Immunity from American Law? [Andy McCarthy]

You just can’t make up how brazen this crowd is. One week ago, President Obama quietly signed an executive order that makes an international police force immune from the restraints of American law.


This document should help clarify the purpose of EO 12425 it should also make the problem with allowing direct electronic access to the Oklahoma state DMV database at will, no warrant crystal clear.

International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)

U.S. National Central Bureau

(INTERPOL Washington)

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

Washington, D.C.

FY 2011 Performance Budget


Following is a brief summary of the Department’s Strategic Goals and Objectives in which INTERPOL Washington plays a role and how our proposed enhancements fit within those goals.

DOJ Strategic Goal 1:  Prevent Terrorism and Promote the Nation’s Security (FY 2011 Request:  $4,505,000)

  • Prevent, disrupt, and defeat terrorist operations before they occur (1.1)
  • Strengthen partnerships to prevent, deter, and respond to terrorism incidents (1.2)

DOJ Strategic Goal 2:  Prevent Crime, Enforce Federal Laws and Represent the Rights and Interests of the American People (FY 2011 Request: $1,155,000)

  • Strengthen partnerships for safer communities and enhance the Nation’s capacity to prevent, solve and control crime (2.1)
  • Reduce the threat, incidence and prevalence of violent crime (2.2)
  • Prevent, suppress and intervene in crimes against children (2.3)
  • Reduce the threat, trafficking, use and related violence of illegal drugs (2.4)
  • Combat public and corporate corruption, fraud, economic crime and cybercrime (2.5)

Read the Entire Report (BUT FIRST-Contact OK State Legislators about HB 3209 “Direct Access Bill” !)


HB3209 – Department of Public Safety to establish procedures for access to computerized images – byRep. Armes will be heard in the Public Safety Committee Wed. 2/17/10 3:00pm Rm 432A

Contact these legislators and tell them DO NOT FEED THE FUSION!

Public Safety

Rep. Tibbs, Sue – Chair

Rep. Martin, Steve – Vice Chair

Representative Collins, Wallace
Representative Hoskin, Chuck
Representative McCullough, Mark (405) 557-7414
Representative McDaniel, Randy
Representative Murphey, Jason
Representative Osborn, Leslie
Representative Ritze, Mike
Representative Roan, Paul D.
Representative Smithson, Glen Bud
Representative Thomsen, Todd


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