WHO has a Fat Pharm? The Little Pandemic that Could. .

Reap profits for Big Pharma

From the Corbett Report;

Lamenting the likely outcome of recent revelations that the WHO knowingly and unnecessarily hyped the recent H1N1 influenza panic, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan admitted: “The days when health officials could issue advice, based on the very best medical and scientific data, and expect populations to comply, may be fading.”

The remarks came in Chan’s report to the WHO Executive Board at the biannual meeting of the board in Geneva last week. They come at the end of a decidedly upbeat report on the WHO’s recent successes that avoids talking about recent allegations that the WHO’s own officials and advisors knowingly and unnecessarily hyped the recent swine flu panic to benefit their big pharma patrons. In the report, Chan does not mention the recent Dutch parliament investigation into Dr. Albert Osterhaus or the ongoing investigation by the Council of Europe, choosing instead to allude to these ongoing investigations elliptically: “It is natural that every decision or action that shaped the response [to the H1N1 outbreak] will likewise be closely and carefully scrutinized.” She adds somewhat hopefully that “WHO can withstand this scrutiny.”

The WHO’s critics, however, are not so sure. The Council of Europe, for one, voted in favor of a resolution authorizing an investigation by that body into the H1N1 scare. The resolution outright accuses the WHO of conspiring with pharmaceuticals manufacturers “in order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against the flu,” and states that the incident has damaged “the credibility and accountability of important international health-agencies.”

Given the intensity and forthrightness of criticism of the organization, it is doubtful that the organization will escape sanction for its transgressions. If the Council finds that the pharmaceutical companies have influenced the WHO’s decision making processes in any way, the fallout is likely to be devastating for the organization and its top brass.

Perhaps in an effort to shape the narrative before the investigations make their determination, Chan appears to deflect criticism of the WHO back on to the public: “It may no longer be sufficient to say that a vaccine is safe, or testing complied with all regulatory standards, or a risk is real.”

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