OK Capitol Happenings Today

OK Capitol Happenings Today


HB2317 The Oklahoma Enumerated Powers Act, passed committee today

HJR 1063 was taken off the Rules Committee roster about 15 minutes before the meeting started, apparently by Speaker Benge.

HB2538 (Message from OK2A)

Open Carry would allow law abiding Oklahomans to openly carry a sidearm if they wanted to do so. But, unfortunately, the chairman, Representative Sue Tibbs, of the (Public Safety) committee that the Open Carry bills are assigned to in the House has single-handedly held those bills up.(last session)

Because of pressure brought to bear by freedom loving Oklahomans, Representative Tibbs promised she would run an Open Carry bill.

After obtaining a copy of the bill, it is crystal clear that Rep. Tibbs is not living up to her promise…

NewsOK 2/24/2010

Rep. Sue Tibbs, chairman of the House Public Safety Committee, said House Bill 2538 would allow a gun owner who has a permit to carry a concealed firearm to put the loaded weapon on the dashboard or seat of a vehicle. Now gun owners with permits must conceal the weapons in their vehicles, said Tibbs, R-Tulsa. HB 2538 passed the committee 11-1 and goes to the full House.

Read more:

This sure doesn’t sound like an “Open Carry” bill to me.

Rep. Mike Ritze attempted to read a brief statement in support of the proposed amendment that would have added open carry to the bill but was not permitted to do so. When asked if there were any other amendments, Rep. Ritze offered “The Second”

Good Call!

Tibbs tabled the amendment immediately; the move was opposed by Ritze, McCullough, and Murphy who managed to get a recorded vote on that vote.

Results- Oklahoma. No Open Carry for You!  Oh.  Don’t go barring your door either;

Well, if police are permitted to assault and detain peaceful citizens legally bearing arms in public, and civilians are forbidden to wear enhanced clothing intended to protect themselves against bullets and high-voltage energy weapons, we can still cower in our heavily fortified domiciles, can’t we? A man’s home is his castle, and all that?

Maybe not.

Last November, a measure went into effect in Oklahoma that makes it a felony, punishable by a five-year prison term and a $10,000 fine, to “fortify” a home “for the purpose of preventing or delaying entry or access by a law enforcement officer.”

Under the measure, written by Republican (natch) State Representative Sue Tibbs, it is impermissible to “construct, install, position, use or hold any material or device designed … to strengthen, defend, restrict or obstruct any door, window, or other opening into a dwelling, structure, building or other place to any extent beyond the security provided by a commercial alarm system, lock or deadbolt, or a combination of alarm, lock, or deadbolt.”


And now for the shocker of the day- HB 2569 the anti-RFID bill by Rep. Wesselhoft passed unanimously BUT, Rep Liebmann moved to strike the title meaning that the bill has been effectively monkeywrenched. Wesselhoft was quite surprised as apparently he had not been informed of Liebmann’s intention to strike the title.

Customarily the author of the bill will be informed beforehand when such a move is planned as a matter of courtesy.

Why Liebmann chose to do this is a matter of speculation. It might be assumed that he did so as a payback for all the heat he has been taking over holding back HB 2810. The other possibility is that federal officials got wind of it and directed him to quash the bill. Insiders say to expect the PASS ID ACT to be implemented shortly after state legislatures adjourn this year. These ID’s will likely be loaded with RFID.


2 responses to “OK Capitol Happenings Today

  1. Has anybody called Liebmann & Tibbs today?
    people need to be calling!

  2. I would say that -YES! they were calling. Ms. Tibbs is reported to be growing very touchy

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