Kaye BeachMarch 15, 2010

The International Association of Chiefs of Police Help Score Another Direct Hit on Freedom-Thanks IACP!

We are grateful for the prominent role you have played in the upending of the US Constitution.

I sure hope we are finally getting close to the “balance” between liberties and security because I don’t know what is left to strip us of.

Once again proving that the IACP is at the forefront of forfeiting Americans’ most essential liberties, the IACP pushes a new currency tracking system.The iCVn system also provides transaction history information for individual currency notes, enabling the authorities to trace the path of any suspect bill or, by use of specially designed software applications, obtain a variety of statistical information

IACP Products: Follow the money


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Departments around the country deal with drug-seized money, money laundering, and cash attached to criminal enterprises daily. Officers often struggle to identify, trace and seize the assets of these criminal groups because of a lack of technology associated with currency tracing and validating.

iCVn (Intelligent Currency Tracing and Validation Network) is hoping to change all of that.

iCVN demonstrated their sophisticated product at the IACP tradeshow, where I got a chance to talk with Steven Cramer about how the system works and how police departments are saving time and money with state-of-the-art technology.

“The idea is that we take the anonymity out of the criminal use of cash by recording serial numbers and tagging that serial number electronically with transaction information such as time, location, date, agency number, or case number,” Cramer said. Targeting the drug enforcement agents, iCVn aims to alleviate the task of manually tracking drug money.

Manually tracking money means that agencies are sometimes not sharing information within their own departments, let alone with other jurisdictions or other countries.

“This network-based system allows for information sharing on the state, federal and local levels –domestically and internationally,” Cramer explained.

So how does it work? All currency notes have a “fingerprint” –a serial number. The iCVn system has the ability to read that serial number and compare it to the data available in the server database, determining if it is a valid number, if there are multiple bills with the same serial number, or if the serial number is included in wanted lists maintained by government agencies like the FBI, DEA, etc.

“It allows for an inter-agency, cross-border operation that links bad guys and criminal organizations together that [officers] never even knew existed,” Cramer said. “Recording serial numbers is not new technology, but electronically tagging them and associating them with criminal activity is new –it’s like biometrics for cash.”

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Visit the IACP’s website frequently to stay on the forefront of America’s enslavement!



IACP Products & Services

Feb 2010


The Latest IACP News


Advances & Applications

Feb 2010


The IACP Capitol Report


IACP Resolutions (my secret to uncannily accurate predictions of future legislation and policy)


2002 IACP Resolutions, among other things, call for;

Support for National Uniform Standards for Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards:

The resolution directs the IACP to support federal legislation that would establish national standards for the issuance of driver’s licenses, if it meets several conditions, including minimum standards to ensure the information used to establish an individual’s identity at the time of application is valid; that licenses contain a unique identifier and anti-counterfeiting security devices; encourage states to link databases so licensing agencies and law enforcement personnel in other states can access an individuals’ criminal and motor vehicle traffic violation history; increase the penalties for identity theft; and fraud and provide states with incentives, not sanctions.

-Psst! That’s REAL ID

2003 IACP Resolutions include the creation of;

The National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan

This is the foundational policy that has created such government surveillance hits as Fusion Centers (and much, much more!)

In 2004 the IACP proposes changes in US policy to enhance; Telecommunications Interception Techniques

And a resolution that:

affirms the need for a dramatic increase in the capabilities for gathering and sharing of intelligence between all levels of law enforcement and the private sector”

See all this and more at the IACP Resolutions page!


Another section that you won’t want to miss is the

National Policy Summit page;


The IACP works tirelessly to keep us safe. Wait till you see their work on “Reducing Gun Violence

Most notable effort,in my book is The Great Lakes Summit on Gun Violence

Prepare to be amazed! The IACP has been consultants to the UN since the 1970’s and go so far as to join hands with organizations like the Joyce Foundation, all in the interest of making America just a little safer.

Arms and the Law informs us that;

Download Joyce’s 2003 financial statement from this page and you’ll find Joyce invested no less than $1.25 million on its antigun efforts in that one year.

The funding was for a wide range of efforts, including one to set up campaigns to write newspapers and ask that they refuse firearm want ads.

$400,000 of that apparently went to create a “Second Amendment Research Center” at Ohio State, headed by Saul Cornell, who has written in support of the collectives rights view. article here. Other sums went for a study arguing that shooting ranges are environmentally hazardous due to lead.

Other projects being funded currently, from Joyce’s webpage include a Harvard study “funded in part by the Joyce Foundation” that attributes teen suicides to firearms laws, a book by David Hemingway, who “has been a Joyce grantee for his pioneering work,” that calls for a public health approach to gun law issues, and ” a new book based on a symposium supported by the Joyce Foundation and edited by legal scholar Carl T. Bogus” that “cast[s] doubt on the individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment.”

Read more of this article; http://armsandthelaw.com/archives/2005/04/joyce_foundatio.php

Also, see The IACP, The UN and the Joyce Foundation-Disarming the World…; https://axiomamuse.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/the-iacp-the-un-and-the-joyce-foundation-disarming-the-world/



Just for you unreasonably curious people, here is a link where I have uploaded some of my all time favorite IACP documents;


Happy Perusing!



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