Why is the Southern Poverty Law Center picking on Oklahoma’s “Patriot” Activists?

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Why is the Southern Poverty Law Center picking on Oklahoma’s “Patriot” Activists?

Kaye Beach from Radio Free Oklahoma goes solo-debut show.

Special Guests, Jeff Davis from the Georgia Heritage Council, Bob Donohoo, a member of the John Birch Society and Amanda Teegarden, Executive Director of OK-SAFE, Inc. give their thoughts on their organizations being targeted by the SPLC as “Patriots”   Chris Emery from Radio Free Oklahoma makes a surprise appearance,  gives some excellent commentary about the SPLC and provides  some much appreciated moral support to Kaye as she does her first show.

*Note to self-avoid reading on air!



“Whatever you do will be insignificant,

but it is very important that you do it.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Of all the topics I want to cover, the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t even qualify for the top 100.

I chose to cover this due to a sense of urgency. The SPLC is ramping up and apparent campaign to demonize those who are lawfully and peacefully trying to exercise their civic duty through various forms of activism. This country desperately needs the sensible input that ordinary Americans can provide and our neighbors are rising to that task, becoming aware and actively involved in their governance.

I feel very protective of these people who are pushing past their comfort zone to engage in legal, constitutionally protected activities and see some of the material being promoted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as terribly unjust. The actions of the SPL also serve to illustrate tactics that are widely used by those who would like nothing more than to see this resurgence of civic engagement just disappear so that they can continue to benefit from ill gotten gains in peace.

Unfortunately this kind propaganda is used to poison our connections to one another. If we don’t understand what is happening and why, we tend to simply react in ways that divide us and to redirect our ire towards one another rather than the real issues at hand. Let’s not allow ourselves to be so easily diverted.

Be skeptical. Whenever I am treated to an earful of negative information about any person or group my first reaction is to wonder why the source is giving me the information.

Then I decide whether or not it is relevant to myself or the matter at hand. Lastly, if the information passes the “smell test” I will then want to know if it is factual.

Sometimes, the first step of considering the source is as far as it will get, especially if the source or motivation of the source is obviously suspect.

This is exactly the approach I took with the materials being published by the SPLC except I went above and beyond my normal process for evaluating information due to the seriousness of the statements and insinuations made by the SPLC.

Rage on the Right” By Mark Potok

Intelligence Report, Spring 2010, Issue Number:  137

Summary of the Southern Poverty Law Centers report about “Patriot” Groups

The SPLC says that “Patriot” groups espouse extreme “anti government” doctrine. They are nutcases that spend their time fretting over imagined conspiracies that have no basis in reality and that they are mentally unbalanced, paranoid types of people who’s central purpose is to oppose the” New World Order” which is the delusional idea that the federal government is plotting to include the US in a one world government.

Due to weak kneed politicians who are guilty of pandering to this slobbering hoard of armed, anti government slobbering madmen, 37 states have introduce inane Tenth Amendment Resolutions which are based on some obscure constitutional “provision” for keeping those powers not authorized to the federal government reserved to the states.

These anti government “patriot” groups were first formed in the mid 90’s, seeded by racists but they hate the government worse than minorities because of a unifying vision of tyrannical government inspired by the “deaths” of 76 Branch Davidian’s during a law enforcement siege in Waco TX. We should be scared to death of these people because patriot groups are often prone to violence as evidenced by the OKC bombing that killed nearly 200 people.

According to the SPLC these people are not only mentally incompetent and extremely anti government in their doctrine but they are now “seething with anger” fueled by racist concerns with the changing demographics in our country. Some of the issues near and dear to the hearts of these lunatics are liberal policies such as healthcare reform legislation and immigration policy. I gather from the report that the Tea Party groups are in grave danger of being infected by the insane ideologies of these undesirables that lurk among them.

The SPLC notes that the majority of Americans shares a similar distaste and distrust for the government at the present time. Does the Southern Poverty Law Center believe that this means that most Americans are dangerous extremists?

If some of the organizations that the SPLC names really are guilty of the many afflictions that are being ascribed to them, this report would certainly be relevant to me. I have done some fact checking and have found the SPLC’s information to be flawed beyond all credibility.

I cannot vouch for all the groups or individuals being targeted by the SPLC but considering the source, I wouldn’t be quick to t make any judgment on them based on the words of the SPLC.

As for the groups from Oklahoma that were represented on this show, I know better. To say that they are being targeted unjustly by the SPLC is an understatement.

This is an effort to stifle dissent and make money doing it-plain and simple. It is wrong no matter who is doing it or what group it is being done to!


APRIL 2, 2010     Show 01


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.  If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.  If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

–Sun Tzu

The Art of War

Political Backlash “Southern” Style

With little regard for fairness or facts-The Southern Poverty Law Center’s logic and tactics mirror the very kind of ugliness they claim to oppose.



Special Guest Jeff Davis of the Georgia Heritage Council

Mr. Jeff Davis from the Georgia Heritage Council provides some history about the SPLC and shares some of his anecdotes including one very good example of Backfire that involved the Jefferson Davis Beauvoir Mansion, Southern Confederate Soldiers in full regalia including Black Confederates, 9 sniveling  KKK members and the NAACP.

Jeff Davis is a retired radio-TV journalist living in Gainesville, GA. Active in civic and political affairs, he is past president of the Georgia Jaycees and former campaign chairman of the Georgia Republican party. He volunteers as chairman of the Georgia Heritage Council. He is a collateral descendant of President Jefferson Davis and a member of SCV Camp 1404 in Gainesville and National Chairman of Public Relations and Media for SCV.

The Georgia Heritage Council

The Georgia Heritage Council is a group of Georgia citizens taking action to correct the recent abuses of trust by our State government with respect to our heritage.  We cannot stand by as public officials trample our liberties, deny our history and malign our symbols and our religious faith.  “Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” may choose not to stand with us, but like Thomas Paine in the 18th century, we believe the time to act is now.


Georgia Heritage Council-HATEWATCH

The collection of commentary, parody and news links below chronicles the “Hate Industry,” including the racial grievance pimps, hypocrites and demagogues in America.



Also featured were two Oklahomans responding to the dubious honor of being members of organizations listed as “Patriot” groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center

Gusest 1

Mr.Robert Donohoo

Section Leader, Oklahoma John Birch Society

JBS’s National Website



Guest 2

Amanda Teegarden

Executive Director of OK-SAFE, Inc.

I forgot to mention that OK-SAFE was contacted by Janet Wilson from the SPLC wanting to do a story on the organization. Ms. Teegarden rightly decided not to return the call.

**We made mention of OK-SAFE’s great internet radio show “America in the Balance” and in particular their recent interviews with Don Wyatt who helped develop DAARPA.  These shows dated 02/14/10 and 02/21/10


Also included in The SPLC’s list of “patriot groups” from Oklahoma

Complete Okla list;

Constitution Party

John Birch Society
Oath Keepers
OK SAFE, Inc. (Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise)
We the People

There is some dispute about the “Hate”  statistics

SPLC’s “The Year in Hate” misled about FBI hate crime statistics


Items Referenced during the show;

Fusion Centers and the Missouri Information Fusion Center (MIAC) Report

Commentary on the MIAC Report;

Missouri Fusion Center Designates 75% of the Population as Subversives, Extremists

News- the MIAC Report

The eight-page report is labeled “unclassified” but “law enforcement sensitive” and includes numerous editing and design errors, including a misspelling of President Barack Obama‘s name. http://primebuzz.kcstar.com/?q=node/17825

The actual Report:

The Incomparable MIAC Report

NOTE: This is NOT a comic book.  It is an actual report that was put together by the  Missouri Information Fusion Center and disseminated to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

I am pleased to report that according to OSBI Director DeWade Langely, Oklahoma’s Fusion Center did not circulate or utilize this report when it was received.


SPLC report: Radical Right Catches Fire

Number of “Patriot” Groups, Militias Surges by 244% in Past Year

Patriot groups have been fueled by anger over the changing demographics of the country, the soaring public debt, the troubled economy and an array of initiatives by President Obama that have been branded “socialist” or even “fascist” by his political opponents.

“This extraordinary growth is a cause for grave concern,” said Intelligence Report editor Mark Potok. “The people associated with the Patriot movement during its 1990s heyday produced an enormous amount of violence, most dramatically the Oklahoma City bombing that left 168 people dead.”



Also as promised-Yes! RFID chips are Tracking devices.

Identification and tracking of persons using RFID-tagged items IBM Patent App. 2002


Classic guides for activists;

Saul Alinski- Rules for Radicals


Sun Tzu-The Art of War online



The MIPT and the SPLC

Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism

Rise in Anti-Government Groups-MIPT Comments to News9

Experts Warn of Increase in Anti-Government Groups in U.S.-News9.com


MIPT “POLLS” and Mr. Cid



Other Undeserving Targets of the Southern Poverty Law Center;

William Lewis, a documentary film maker and Gary Franchi also take a hit.  I know these gentlemen well enough to say that there isn’t an ounce of hate in them.

Their film, Camp Fema,  is well researched and though the thought of internment camps is a disturbing one, we shouldn’t be too afraid to look.. The movie begins by asking the question Is it possible? and  provides some little known facts about the internment of Americans of Japanese decent during WWII.then goes on to lay out why we should be concerned.

I was familiar with Mr. Lewis’ work through his previous excellent films Washington Your Fired, and Beyond Treason.

I highly recommend Washington Your Fired as a primer on the changes to government and law since 9-11.

Washington Your Fired! promo

Have you ever wondered what all of those “terror-related” bills, passed over the last eight years, have collectively done to the U.S. Bill of Rights?  Do you really know what “Habeas Corpus” means?

Washington, You’re Fired explains all of those unfamiliar terms that keep getting thrown around in the press… “Posse Comitatus,” “Habeas Corpus;” “Torture.”  Includes breakdowns of The Military Commissions Act, The John Warner Defense Act, The USA PATRIOT Act, and other astonishing bills that you may not be familiar with, such as The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. This film captivatingly delivers an education into detrimental legislation that will affect generations of Americans to come. With Special Guests: Jonathan Turley, Meria Heller, Charles Goyette, Ann Wright

a clip


Beyond Treason was an eye opening documentary and as always, Mr. Lewis’s facts check out.

If I hadn’t already been sold on William Lewis, I admit, Camp Fema might not have made it onto my ‘films to see’ list just because the whole idea is, well, unthinkable.  I wondered how he would go about approaching a topic that for many is literally unthinkable.

He did though, and he did it well. See it and make up your own mind.

from Wikipedia

Beyond Treason is an 89-minute 2005 film by William Lewis and Joyce Riley.

It reveals a history of profiteering by chemical companies such as Monsanto Company who used war as an occasion to sell their latest products, such as agent orange. The film gives details of US government testing of chemicals on its own citizens such as Operation Whitecoat and MKUltra. The film makes a compelling case that this policy is responsible for Gulf War syndrome, still referred to by the US military as a ‘mystery illness’. The film suggests that the symptoms have a range of causes including cost cutting on safety equipment by military contractors, exposure to depleted uranium (DU) munitions or other unlicensed chemicals as well as intentional experimentation on American soldiers by the US military.

The documentary has been criticized by some for over emphasizing the dangers of DU. Beyond Treason won the Grand Festival Award at the 2005 Berkeley Film Fest. The film is accompanied by a CD that contains supporting information that depleted uranium was considered as an area denial weapon in 1943.

Indy Bay Reports;

Southern Poverty Law Center Takes Aim at Camp FEMA & Others

In its Spring 2010 Newsletter and a recent article about Colorado Public Television, SPLC appears to be becoming a mouth piece for an out-of-control government.

Is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) running damage control for the Federal government? In Popular Mechanics denial fashion, its Spring 2010 newsletter and newest article are all but rejecting the widespread evidence about FEMA camps and they are taking potshots at a new documentary that includes information about FEMA. Considering the plummeting approval rating of the new President and Congress, the government must be feeling the pressure of anxiety among US citizens, especially with the outright anger caused by last year’s “leak” of the now-infamous MIAC (Missouri Information Analysis Center) report, the CNN attack piece on the Oath Keepers, and the fall 2009 release of the new film Camp FEMA, it seems likely that damage control is exactly what is going on.

[. . .]The William Lewis Films/Gary Franchi production opens with newsreel footage from the World War II era explaining the internment of Japanese Americans. At that time, the facilities were not referred to as “FEMA camps” (for those with questions, research REX 84), but were called War Relocation communities, as there was no Federal Emergency Management Agency at the time. What is revealed by the first two minutes of the film, however, is that of those relocated to these “communities,” more than two-thirds were American citizens, a fact that sets the stage for the rest of the well-documented film.


a portion of the film can be seen here;


Camp Fema website

I became familiar with Gary Franchi first through his Magazine Restore the Republic. They I met his remarkable wife.  Gary lived up to both very well.  He’s smart caring and kind.

Here is the copy that won me over.  The whole issue is about REAL ID, a subject that I was already very familiar with.  No fluff, lots of facts and the issue made me a fan because it had some information in it that I still to this day have not seen covered anywhere else.  There was a small blurb about what happened to the DAARPA and Poindexter crew after Total Information Awareness, the creepy program that was ended in 2003 due to outrage from Americans and Congress alike.  Answer?  Singapore.  I got enough info there to dig in a little and short story is that it is true and the little I have written about it seems very fascinating to Singaporeans as I have gotten thousands of hits from that country on those pieces.

you can check out his monthly magazines here; his magazines here.


Anyone out there that offering such valuable  bits of  knowledge has my respect-these guys both have a knack for that.

Only fools take anything on someones word alone, much less the thoroughly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center and these people that they have tried to disparage are all the evidence I need that the center is not doing the work of good.



End Notes


Show Promo 04.02.2010


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