HB 3354 Oklahoma Open Carry Goes to the House

10/7/10 update
If you are wondering how it ended….
Passed both houses, vetoed by Gov. Brad Henry.
Failed override vote.
Thank the turncoats with a big fat NO vote in November
(especially Glen “Bud” Smithson who called supporters
of the measure COWARDS!)

“. . . most of them are cowards.”

SUBJECT: Urge AWOL & Turncoat legislators to override open carry veto! 

You’re receiving this email because you support the Petition for Open Carry in Oklahoma at http://www.petitiononline.com/oc4ok/petition.html.

House Representative Rex Duncan has stated that he may make another attempt to override the Governor’s veto of HB3354, see http://newsok.com/article/3462793.

Here’s the deal – the open carry bill passed by veto proof majorities in both houses. But after Governor Brad “Veto Happy” Henry vetoed the bill, 15 representatives changed their vote or refused to vote at all for the bill!

It’s one thing for a legislator to stand up and vote anti-gun – that’s at least honest.

But its a whole ‘nother thing to play games and tricks with the people’s right to arms – to hide your vote, duck your vote, and otherwise shirk their duty to take a stand and cast a recorded vote.

Adding insult to injury, incredibly, Representative Glenn Bud Smithson (D-Sallisaw) called open carry supporters COWARDS, see
http://newsok.com/open-carry-weapon-…ad_story_title, but then turned around and REFUSED to even stand up and cast a vote on the veto override matter!

TURNCOATs – Changed Vote from YEA on original vote to NAY on override vote –
Auffet ( D) johnauffet@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7394
Carey (D) johncarey@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7366
Glenn (D) larryglenn@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7399
Hoskin (D) chuck.hoskin@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7319
Inman (D) scott.inman@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7370
Luttrell (D) ken.luttrell@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7355
Rousselot (D) waderousselot@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7388
Shoemake (D) jerryshoemake@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7373

Buck (D) sam.buck@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7383
Hilliard (D) weshilliard@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7412
Kirby (R) dan.kirby@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7356
Morgan (D) dannymorgan@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7368
Morrissette (D) richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7404
Nations (D) billnations@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7323
Smithson (D) glensmithson@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7315

[Voting record and contact information can be found at http://www.ok.gov]


The Tulsa World Reports;


In broad daylight

The next step for the gun measure is the House

By SHANNON MUCHMORE World Staff Writer
Published: 4/29/2010  2:25 AM
Last Modified: 4/29/2010  5:06 AM

Oklahomans licensed to carry a gun would be able to display them openly in most public places if a proposed bill makes it through the Legislature and is signed into law.

Supporters of the legislation say it simply extends already guaranteed Second Amendment rights, while opponents say open carry intimidates other citizens and wastes law enforcement resources.

The state already allows people who complete a background check and receive training to carry a handgun as long as it is concealed from plain view. The proposed law would not relax permit requirements and guns would still be banned from bars, government buildings and schools.

The measure passed the Senate last week by a 33-15 vote and now awaits action in the House.

Read More;


From Oklahoma Open Carry;

lease contact your elected Representative and request his/her support of this important legislation, sponsored by Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, and Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore.

Petition for Open Carry in Oklahoma at http://www.petitiononline.com/oc4ok/petition.html .

The Petittion-We currently have 11051 signatures demanding restoration of our 2nd Amendment rights
in Oklahoma.  Your voice is being heard!  The Oklahoma State Senate has passed a bill
which will allow residents with a concealed carry permit to exercise the option to carry

The Open Carry in Oklahoma Petition to Oklahoma State Legislature and Governor Brad Henry was created by and written by Russell Cook (russcook@mbo.net).


5 responses to “HB 3354 Oklahoma Open Carry Goes to the House

  1. In 1776 EVERYBODY open carried, and amazingly enough, they were not too worried about accidental shootings, or anything else the left wants to drag up. Guns are a part of America and will always be, because it is our RIGHT, given to us by God, and confirmed by our Forefathers! We will keep our Liberties, because we will keep our guns!

  2. Guns are a part of America and will always be, because it is our RIGHT, given to us by God, and confirmed by our Forefathers! We will keep our Liberties, because we will keep our guns!

    I agree with the right to bare arms but I’m not too sure about the God thing.

  3. Linda,

    “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”

    If our rights don’t come from our Creator, they aren’t rights at all, they are agreed upon privileges that are meaningless as a defense against government and each other. If you believe we have rights, you must also believe they are given by our Creator.

  4. Gov. Henry vetoed the bill saying – Law enforcement felt that it would make it harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys at a crime scene or domestic disturbance-

    Thats a weak reason. I sent him a message asking for the REAL reason. Anyone can see that the one he gave is weak.

    Here’s hoping the legislature overturns the veto.


  5. Steve, it’s not just a weak reason, it’s a false reason. I have spoken to two Norman cops who are very enthusiastic about open carry, they have no problems with it. And since SDA licensees are required to have their license with them whenever they are carrying a weapon, it is not any harder for police to tell who is legally in possession of a gun and who isn’t. On the contrary! Police would rather have the possession of a firearm out in the open because it makes them more comfortable knowing who has a gun and who doesn’t. Henry either didn’t do his research, or he’s a liar.

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