Midwest City Police Get Automatic License Plate Recogniton-Plan on 24 more

Monday, May 31, 2010


The Midwest City Police Department was recently awarded a $20,880 grant from the Hospital Authority to purchase a camera and software for the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) program.

According to Captain Kenneth Sloan, Investigative Commander for the Midwest City Police Department, the camera and software will assist the department in combating and solving crime in the Oklahoma City metro area as well as in Midwest City and the entire State.

“The technology will be able to capture and monitor all traffic that travels through our city and compare it to other jurisdictions. This technology will not only allow us to see in real time if a vehicle is entering the city that has been reported stolen, but will also allow us to locate a vehicle that has been used in a crime anywhere within the state,” Sloan added.

Although this grant is enough to purchase the technology for one police car,

the department’s goal is to install over 24 stationary cameras to monitor traffic that comes into and out of the city, and approximately 30 cameras in patrol units to monitor traffic while officers are on duty. In addition, the department is hoping to benefit from an $8 million Tiger grant that would underwrite the total cost of this project.

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The department is planning to have the first camera and software installed in a patrol car by June 1, 2010.


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