The Numbers Game-IBM and the Holocaust

Technology is neither bad nor good but people,  people can be murder on you.

Does the government have your number?

Let me count the ways…..

You Better BELIEVE it!

8 Million Reasons to Refuse to Be a Part of Any Government Numbering System

What do you think accounts for IBM’s association with the Nazis? What was their motivation?
It was never about the Nazism. It was never about the anti-Semitism. It was only about the money. They didn’t hate Poles when they opened up a subsidiary in war-torn Poland. They didn’t hate the Dutch when they opened up the subsidiary in Holland just before the Nazis moved in, or the French when they ramped up the subsidiary in occupied France. They didn’t hate the Brits or the Americans when Hollerith machines were used to target the V2 rockets. It wasn’t personal–it was just business.


One response to “The Numbers Game-IBM and the Holocaust

  1. Yea it was just ‘business’ as long as they were not on the receiving end, what a crock…

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