Wayne Pettigrew, former Okla legislator, InsureNet Lobbyist-REVOKED

Wayne Pettigrew InsureNet Lobbyist-REVOKED

The Nevada lobbyist registration of former Rep. Wayne Pettigrew, a national officer in the firm InsureNet, has been revoked for failure to file reports on time. He owes a $200 fine, a spokeswoman tells The McCarville Report Online.

Pettigrew, Edmond insurance agent, registered as a lobbyist for InsureNet, a firm bidding in Oklahoma on a contract to handle Governor Henry’s new highway traffic “spy” camera system designed to nab insurance scofflaws, for Nevada’s 75th Legislative Session as he pushed a similar system in that state.

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2 responses to “Wayne Pettigrew, former Okla legislator, InsureNet Lobbyist-REVOKED

  1. Chief_Cabioch

    I find Government getting more and more Lazy, what ever happened to Probable cause ?, what ever happened to a reason to search and seizure ?, what ever happened to due process ?, it’s time to reverse this BS, and prosecute, and remove all these people who keep infringing on our rights, Liberties and Freedoms……..

  2. this marriage between Government and business, especially the Insurance co’s needs to be closely monitored, the potential for illegal activity and Bribes is endless, and the insurance co’s stranglehold on the people needs to be stopped, beginning with NEW Legislation directed at Liability insurance laws, it’s Time Oklahoma Law Makers DO the right thing, and Force insurance co’s to write a Liability Policy Strictly for the DRIVER, no matter what Vehicle he’s driving, instead of the Insane Law requiring a Policy on a Vehicle that’s Not covered to begin with, if they want compliance, then Sell the Policy that people can afford, and Stop trying to insist the Vehicle listed on the Policy has ANYTHING to do with the Policy, it’s the DRIVER Being Insured,….NOT the Car or truck,….

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