InsureNet and ALPR-Think they just want your insurance status?

We are supposed to believe that the Automatic License Plate Readers are simply for the purpose of determining whether or not a  vehicle is insured right?

Mission creep is, as we all know, inevitable.  This is worse.  With InsureNet, its part of the business plan.

Read the description of IIS’s capabilities and see if you can imagine the vast array of revenue opportunities for a state that IIS and InsureNet is offering.

Intelligent Imaging Systems Technology Partnership

Intelligent Imageing Systems LogoInsureNet, Inc. (InsureNet) and Intelligent Imaging Systems (IIS) have formed a partnership to blend their respective technologies in order to provide added functionality relating to vehicle insurance verification. IIS is a leading supplier of Smart Roadside™ solutions for the Transportation Safety and Security market. IIS’ automated electronic screening systems represent the evolution in effectiveness and efficiency of roadside law enforcement operations. With technology deployed in almost half the States and Provinces in North America, IIS is leading the way in helping public agencies use technology to improve highway safety and security.

Smart Roadside™ electronic screening is based on the deployment of advanced roadside sensors including Automated License Plate Recognition, Automated USDOT Number Recognition, RFID, Radiation Detection, Laser Dimensioning, and Visual/Infrared Imaging systems. Originally developed for commercial vehicle e-screening enforcement operations, the modular Smart Roadside integrates easily with 3rd party sensors and with existing transportation screening infrastructure at ports of entry or open road data collection sites. IIS integrates existing roadside sensors and IIS sub-systems into a local screening station where data from passing vehicles is aggregated into individual vehicle files for processing.

IIS Smart Roadside™ enterprise software networks multiple electronic screening sites and processes remote database queries through a managed central server. Roadside identification data (License Plate, USDOT numbers, RFID) are automatically routed through multiple back-end databases and screened against user-defined business rules to produce automated alerts that can then be displayed for local operators or be sent to a centralized center for processing.

InsureNet’s Smart-Town initiatives blend perfectly with the IIS Smart Roadside™ elements, providing them with added functionality beyond safety credentialing, NCIC alerts and registration information for standard commercial vehicle electronic screening systems. InsureNet’s unique services offer unparalleled depth to IIS’ current electronic screening solution by adding instant, accurate insurance verification to Smart Roadside’s™ network of remote databases to link critical data to roadside enforcement operations.

On the other side of this productive and totally synergistic relationship, Smart Roadside™ provides InsureNet with deployment-ready roadside technology and middleware infrastructure to electronically screen every vehicle that passes through a network of remote inspection sites. Smart Roadside™ has already integrated multiple technologies and 3rd party sensors into roadside screening sites and can quickly adapt previously deployed 3rd party sensors (ie. ALPR systems) into its network screening system. The Smart Roadside™ enterprise software centralizes roadside data collection, processing and storage. Current processing includes remote data query, screening and alert reporting functions in addition to administrative reporting functions. This software infrastructure represents a deployment-ready architecture that will both query the InsureNet back-end database for each roadside event and automatically transmit alert files to an InsureNet citation processing system.

Per Brian Heath, President of IIS: “The IIS – InsureNet technology partnership represents an opportunity to deploy a broader electronic screening capability to the roadside for both commercial and passenger vehicles. Both partners contribute unique and complimentary technology sets that promote each other’s core business objectives. Together, InsureNet and IIS systems form a complete vehicle insurance verification solution for State agencies working to improve the safety and security of their transportation network.”

Jonathan Miller, President of InsureNet, confirms the relationship’s benefits to both companies, and to the jurisdictions served currently and in the future. “There is no possible rationale to have more than one FBI or CPIC/RCMP, more than one NLETS, more than one InsureNet and frankly, there is simply no organization more highly regarded in their business than IIS so….we think, no reason for consideration of more than one source for total solutions. State and Provincial Governments can’t possibly do better than to look to the InsureNet-IIS Partnership for all their needs regarding roadway safety and security.”

For more information, please visit the Intelligent Imaging Systems website at:



3 responses to “InsureNet and ALPR-Think they just want your insurance status?

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  2. emergence of the surveillance society can only be stopped by firing the legislators and officials who advance or allow it. If they claim they didn’t know, they still must go.

  3. Thank you so much …

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