I guess RJ won’t get to Afghanistan soon enough for some. . .

Here’s an idea.  Why don’t we ban Tom Cole for going behind our backs helping NASCO build its SuperCorridor through our state.

Cleveland County Chair, Bobby Cleveland and Vice Chair, Tessa Breder


On Tuesday evening the RJ Harris 2010 campaign received an email from Tessa Breder (see attachment page for full text), the Vice-Chair of the Cleveland County GOP, stating that he is now banned from further Cleveland County GOP events because he allowed video of his and his opponent’s speeches, taken at the recent Cleveland County Straw Poll, to be posted on his Facebook wall. It is unclear from the email, sent via her cell phone, whether the Vice Chair is acting at the behest of the County Central Committee or of her own accord.

In response to Breder’s action Harris stated: “I am for an open and fair process whereby the Republican voters of this district have an opportunity to see their candidates side by side. There is no reason to hide these speeches from the public unless Vice Chair Breder has reason to want to keep District 4 Republican voters from having the information they need to make an informed decision on July 27th.”

For a grassroots challenger, Harris did very well in the straw poll receiving 42% of the vote to Cole’s 58%, despite the event organizers pressure on attendees to turn in their straw poll ballots before the speeches were complete. Many who cast ballots stated they would have voted differently had they been allowed to see Harris speak before the ballots were turned in. As is clearly audible from viewing both videos (see links below), Harris was very enthusiastically received by the audience while Cole hits only the usual talking points and evokes little response.

According to Harris, this is not the first time Vice-Chairwoman Breder has attempted to use her official position in a questionable way: “Last year Ms. Breder notified me that she was endorsing and supporting my opponent Tom Cole. Given that such an action by a party official is patently against the party rules, she is hardly the person that should be waiving the rule-book in my face especially when the breach in this instance is nothing more than me providing the constituents the transparency they have come to demand, yet often do not receive, from their elected officials.”


Links to videos referenced in Breder’s email:


Full text of the email:


Due to your and your campaign’s inability to follow simple rules set out by the Cleveland County GOP at last week’s candidate forum, you will no longer be allowed to participate as a candidate in future Cleveland County GOP events. There was a large sign at the entrance of the event clearly stating that recording was not permitted inside the auditorium. In addition, this information was included in every email sent out by the county party pertaining to the event. Because videos of the event have miraculously found their way to your website and youtube page, you clearly condone such actions while being fully aware that you were breaking the rules. If the voters of Cleveland County can’t trust you to honestly follow simple guidelines, I don’t know how we can trust you to follow the constitution.

Tessa Breder
Cleveland County Republican Party Vice-Chairman

PS Good luck in the primary
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T”


It’s a beautiful day for block walking.

Anyone in District 4 who needs Harris signs or literature, just let me know.


  1. a block walk inspiring piece if I ever saw one! thanks for exposing the wickedness afoot and inspiring the liberty lovers everywhere all at the same time. you ‘da best~


  2. kathy mcblair

    Tessa Breeder needs to loosen up the push-up bra. Its cutting off the blood flow to her brain.

  3. I’m out the door tommorrow!

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  5. Ya Rob told me about this today, it’s nuts and shows they are scared. Block walking…Ya I still have enough fliers for this.

  6. Michael Patlan's 6 Chins

    Tessa BrEEder is an intellectual midget, a constitutional neophyte and an intellectual vacuum. The few times I spoke with her, I could actually feel my IQ points dropping. If you took her brain and stuffed it up a flea’s butt, it would rattle like a BB in a box car.

  7. Bad Thalkman

    Alright everyone lay off of Tessa!!!!!!!!!!! She had to kiss a lot of butts and God only knows what else to get into that position. She works hard and may well be the next Mary Fallin. And Patlans cool too, we play video games in his moms’ house!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This gal sounds exactly like one of those ResistNet neocons. Now I totally HAVE to donate to his campaign!

  9. Buddy Combs

    RJ broke the rules. Every campaign there knew they weren’t allowed to record the candidates. He blatantly violated the rules he agreed to follow. Why is that so hard for everyone to understand?

    This site cracks me up. Tessa is a good person and a solid conservative. So is Tom Cole for that matter. People here are simply delusional.

  10. We aim to please!

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