Insurenet, Switzer and the Okla. Scamera deal-You don’t say. . .

Mike McCarville digs into this story and hangs on.

I think I like Mike!

The McCarville Report;

Meacham Confirms Highway Traffic ‘Spy’ Camera System Meeting With Barry Switzer; J. C. Watts Involved In Louisiana, Wayne Pettigrew Says

Governor Henry’s chief budget writer confirms to The McCarville Report Online that he met with former OU and Dallas Cowboys football coach Barry Switzer as Switzer advocated one company’s plan for a system of controversial highway traffic “spy” cameras to nab insurance scofflaws that Switzer wanted Henry to include in his budget.

Nobody seems to know where that 95 million dollar number cited by the governor in the first budget go -round came from.   A vendor responding to the Dept. of Public Safety’s RFP asks about this;

  • Section E.7.6 In the Summary of The Executive Budget of the State of Oklahoma submitted to the Legislature by the Governor for FY 2011 on page A-5 accounts for $95,000,000 in new revenue from this what is the source and methodology giving integrity of that projection and is it available to all respondents of this RFP?

Answer:  DPS does not know where those figures came from.  Unknown


We don’t need a crystal ball to figure this one out.

InsureNet says;

“Vehicles from other States must also be insured and each State must act to determine status: InsureNet is the only way to do that.”

The system described in the Governors Budget proposal also touts the ‘out of state’ feature;

In the Governors FY 2011 Budget on pg A-5;

Compliance Initiatives
Automated Enforcement of Vehicle Insurance
The Governor’s budget proposes that the State of Oklahoma better protect Oklahomans from
uninsured motorists by increasing drivers’ compliance with compulsory vehicle insurance laws
through implementation of an automated enforcement system. An automated enforcement
system will increase the efficiency of the current Oklahoma law enforcement, enable equal
enforcement of in-state and out-of-state violators
and reduce costs to existing vehicle liability
policyholders. An automated system also eliminates insurance fraud by providing instant
insurance verification.
The automated system can be implemented at no cost to the state. It is estimated that the
state will collect $95 million in revenues from this program.

I think it is safe to say to assume that InsureNet is the source of these facts and figures (ranging from 95 million, now pared down to 50 million)

[. . . Switzer says he is working on a contingency basis for InsureNet, the Chicago-based firm that has bid on the multi-million dollar Oklahoma contract.

Treasurer Scott Meacham, through Deputy Treasurer Tim Allen, told The McCarville Report Online that he met with Switzer. Said Allen: “Yes, he (Meacham) did meet several months ago with Coach Switzer.”

Apparently Oklahoma law does not allow contingency payment plans for lobbyists.  Seems like Switzer would be aware of this.  Sure would be a shame if all of his hard work went unrewarded.

Henry’s ‘Not even involved’?
“Brad Henry is not even involved in this,” Switzer told The Oklahoman’s Randy Ellis despite the fact that the entire purpose of the Meacham meeting was for Switzer and others to advocate the InsureNet system to spot vehicle insurance scofflaws for inclusion in Henry’s budget. It was included as a revenue measure by Henry after Meacham’s meeting with Switzer; bids have been taken by the Department of Central Services but a contract has not yet been awarded.

What Switzer doesn’t say is that he hasn’t talked with Gov. Henry about Insurenet because there was no need to.  Scott Meacham, State Treasurer, is close enough.


What are you looking at?!

Insurenet is quick to say that it does not retain license plate data and this statement is supposed to alleviate privacy concerns.  Once again,it is  what they don’t say(to us) at this point that is most illuminating;


InsureNet’s producthas been accepted as “The National Law Enforcement Standard” by NLETS, (founded as the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System …. now the International Justice & Public Safety Network)


NLETS connects InsureNet to over 35,000 U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies and 1.2 million Officers. NLETS is the National Recovery System for the FBI which like InsureNet, is a Strategic Partner. Other NLETS Strategic Partners include U.S. Coast Guard, NCIS, CID, NCIC, NICB, and USDOJ. NLETS’ link to CPlC provides InsureNet with connectivity to all CanadianProvinces and the NLETS link to INTERPOL links this system around the world

I believe InsureNet when they say that THEY don’t retain the information.  Of course, they cannot speak for what any receivers of the data via NLETS does with the data that is transmitted.
Confusing Public Safety with profits is a dangerous game for the residents of this state and the fact that this system is being implemented quite openly as a budgetary fix should make the cud fall right out of our mouths.

Cash Cow

Why are we permitting public safety to be perverted this way?


One response to “Insurenet, Switzer and the Okla. Scamera deal-You don’t say. . .

  1. This is a Violation of the 4th amendment,

    Amendment 4 – Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    And the Attorney General Drew Edmonson should stop this bill in it’s Tracks, and if not, the New AG should declare this law Unconstitutional and Void, it is High Time WE the People put a stop to these Liberal Progressive Encroachments into our Lives through Illegal acts and Unconstitutional Laws

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