Sarah Palin and Mary Fallin BFF

Sarah Palin announces her endorsement of Mary Fallin just a short time ago on Facebook.

Never underestimate the power of a BFF!


6 responses to “Sarah Palin and Mary Fallin BFF

  1. Well, Sarah has blown it again!

  2. I was very disappointed to hear this! I thought Sarah would surely endorse a true Constitutional Conservative, I guess I was wrong, and so is Sarah Palin!

  3. She certainly has!

  4. Shame on Sarah Palin – she needs to feel the political heat on this one and I think the teaparty is about to tell her who is in charge. Grassroots, bottom-up, and no bailout voters allowed!

  5. Do you have her facebook address? I would
    like to write her.
    I know her by a special friend of mine.


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