Brogdon Questions Palin Endorsement

Brogdon Questions Palin Endorsement

Brogdon sees Palin’s action as one of pragmatism rather than conservatism in her support of pro-bailout Fallin

It’s perplexing why Gov. Palin, a self described conservative, would endorse someone who supported the Wall Street Bailout and was key to adding hundreds of billions to the national debt. The simple truth is that an endorsement from Ronald Reagan himself wouldn’t change the fact that Mary Fallin supports Big Government Bailouts and Pork Barrel Spending.

Mary Fallin can line up endorsements until the cows come home but at the end of the day, it’s the Oklahoma voters endorsement on July 27th that decides the election. And while Gov. Palin might not know who the true conservative is in the Governor’s race, the people of Oklahoma do and I plan to spread my conservative message to as many voters as possible in the upcoming weeks.

It is obvious that Palin’s endorsement is more about her bid for president in 2012 than supporting Oklahama’s values of limited government and controlled spending. I am seeking the approval of Oklahomans and not the Republican establishment.

Dedicated to Liberty,

Randy Brogdon

Paid for by Randy Brogdon for Governor


4 responses to “Brogdon Questions Palin Endorsement

  1. God help us Palin doesn’t run for Prez.

  2. Apparently, Ms. Polly Palin has been seized by a strain of the Feminist swine flu. She’s lost her principles and it showed in California.

    To paraphrase Samuel ADAMS dismissal of those who betrayed freedom, “GO from us in peace, Ms Palin. And may posterity forget ye were our countrymen.”

  3. Yes, Sarah did have her eyes on 2012 instead of what was best for Oklahoma, and that person is Sen Gary Brogdon. Sarah embraced Fallin who is guilty of the very things Sarah has traveled this country spouting she was against….what a disappointment she is, and sorry Sarah, you blew it if you want my vote….

  4. I am willing to bet that she is being paid for her endorsement.

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