Cleveland County Straw Poll Results

Cleveland County Straw Poll results from June 11

By ClevelandCountyGOP ·

U.S. Senator
Tom Coburn 72
Lewis Spring 6
Evelyn Rogers 3

U.S. Congress District 4

Tom Cole 50
R.J. Harris 36

Randy Brogdon 41
Mary Fallin 37
Roger Jackson 3
Robert Hubbard 2

Lt. Governor
Todd Lamb 50
John Wright 16
Bernie Adler 5
Bill Crozier 5
Paul Nosak 1

State Auditor
Gary Jones 48
David Hanigar 18

Attorney General
Scott Pruitt 44
Ryan Leonard 32

State Treasurer
Owen Laughlin 43
Ken Miller 30

State Superintendent
Janet Barresi 68
Brian Kelly 10

Commissioner of Labor
Mark Costello 44
Jason Reese 34

Insurance Commissioner
John Doak 37
Mark Croucher 15
John Crawford 13

Corporation Commissioner
Dana Murphy 56
Tod Yeager 12

State Senator District 24
Anthony Sykes 57
Linda Molsbee 10

County Assessor
Jim Helm 56
David Tinsley 12


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