Open Carry Fusion Center Report


3 responses to “Open Carry Fusion Center Report

  1. Chief_Cabioch

    California sucks, and the Illegals Own it, and they can Have it as far as I am concerned, only Liberal Elite Progressives and Mexican Illegals live there now, and those who aren’t….will leave soon

  2. AmericanBob

    liberals, they promote pot smoking in the name of Liberty, but they force health care on us, and deny us of our 2nd amendment rights. they wish to disarm AMerica, and allow the UN to govern us. They demonize business, and have done great damage to America. They disgust me!

  3. Bob, all the more reason to Send them to the Unemployment lines in Nov.

    then we had BEST close and Lock the borders for a while, Make DAM sure who it is that are here, including the 10 escaped Pilots in training from Lackland AFB in San Antonio, and God Knows where and who the rest are….and anyone who believes there is less than 40 Million Illegals here….hasn’t traveled much……and the muslims that are here…Make them Leave, and Stop all this Islamic stuff before it gets started, …..but I am afraid there are too many muslims here already, since 9/11 they have flooded America, the number of muslims here now would scare the average person……

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