El Reno Police Thuggary

I’m  speechless.

Thankfully, Will Grigg is not.


Story from NewsOK


5 responses to “El Reno Police Thuggary

  1. Something ain’t right here…I mean in both stories…

  2. What isn’t right? Is something missing?

  3. Dont be surprised Johnny, they’ve been in trouble a year ago over acting the ass.

  4. why is it we don’t force these Union Police (read Thugs) to carry a Bond, so the City Tax payers aren’t held responsible for them?, I say Make THEM carry a Bond of Liability no less than 5 Million each, and let the City Tax Payers off the Hook for these kinds of actions

  5. Yes AxXiom, as we both know there are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere down the middle. Though after reading the story in the Sunday paper I lean toward the police were in the wrong. How dangerous is an old lady with a knife? not very. If they couldn’t handle that…
    Chief is right…

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