The Sooner Republican Assembly Takes a Stand! Endorsing Convention Results

June 27, 2010

Good to see some Republicans take a stand on the recent nonsense emanating from the Cleveland County GOP leadership.

“No Confidence” Amen!



Two resolutions were proposed, both of which passed unanimously. The first condemned the recent decision to ban 4th District Congressional candidate R.J. Harris from future Cleveland County Republican Party events. The second was a motion of no confidence in the county’s GOP chair and vice chair.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Endorsements

The Sooner Republican Assembly (SRA) held its 2010 Endorsing Convention this morning. Twenty-one statewide and local candidates recieved the endorsement of the SRA, which required them to earn 2/3 of the delegates’ votes. Detailed information on the votes is available here. Those winning endorsements are listed below.

  • Tom Coburn for US Senate
  • R.J. Harris for US House, 4th District
  • Kevin Calvey for US House, 5th District
  • Randy Brogdon for Governor
  • Paul F. Nosak for Lieutenant Governor
  • Scott Pruitt for Attorney General
  • Owen Laughlin for State Treasurer
  • Janet Barresi for State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Mark Costello for Commissioner of Labor
  • John Doak for Insurance Commissioner
  • Anthony Sykes for the State Senate
  • Norm Seaberg, Kent Hunt, Scott Martin, Randy Terrill, Sally Kern, Charles Key, Mike Reynolds,
    and Mike Christian for the State House
  • David Tinsley for Cleveland County Assessor
  • Jim Reynolds for Cleveland County Treasurer

In addition, the SRA delegates endorsed State Questions 746, 747, 748, 750, 751, 752, and 754. They voted against Questions 744 and 757.

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