The Oklahoma Gubernatorial Debate-Brogdon Wins!

Although the media seems to have overlooked what would have to be a news worthy event, I am happy to report that Sen. Brogdon won the GOP straw poll!  54 to 42 %.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


6 responses to “The Oklahoma Gubernatorial Debate-Brogdon Wins!

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  2. William Malicoat

    It seems obvious to me that Mary Fallin intends to bring Washingtonian politics back to Oklahoma, and once again she danced around issues with BS without making real commitments. I heard a lot of I… I… I… from her. Please go away Mary!

  3. Video’s won’t load!

  4. I am not anti-incumbent, I am anti-liberal, I
    am anti-moderate, especially anti-progressive.
    We have got to retire any of these this fall
    that are of that spot ie: Mary Fallin, Tom Cole,
    John Sullivan, Dan Boren and many others
    across the nation.

  5. You got that right Ed….

  6. Crying As They Dragged Me From The Capitol

    Notice that Okie Pubis was notoriously silent on this one.

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