Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the ‘Net’-Okie Pundit Punts it

Okie Pundit Makes (it’s?) pronouncements on upcoming political races and does a beautiful job of proving that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.

House District 53: Likely Republican (R Hold). This seat is currently occupied by Randy Terrill, which is the only reason we’ve moved this from Safe Republican to Likely Republican. Even with the corruption allegations swarming Terrill, it’s hard to imagine a far-left liberal like Amy Corley winning the votes of this deeply conservative district. If the Democrats had put up someone more moderate or conservative, they might have had a chance at taking this seat from Republicans. But only a chance.

I am will give OP the benefit of a doubt and assume that it did not mislabel someone out of malice.  Perhaps it simply failed to do the homework, but OP should know  that accuracy matters and credibility once lost is rarely regained.

Amy Corley is a Democrat, that much is true however her positions are not “far left”.  How do I know? I went straight to the source and talked with her myself.

First I visited her website where I saw an unexpected sight.

Intrigued, I gave her a call to find out more.

On the Second Amendment she related to me that often the first question that conservatives ask her is “Are you going to take my guns away from me?” her reply; “No. As long as you will let me keep mine”

On the issue of abortion Amy states that she is against it. She adds that having grown up in a foster home and witnessing the pain of young girls who had been the victim of rape or incest and pregnant, she would be hard pressed to force them to carry the pregnancy. She also makes an exception for the life of the mother.

Amy Corley is a dedicated mother and her job is as a legal advocate for parents and children.

She understood the issues and her positions were sensible.

I am a conservative and after talking with the lady at length, found nothing “far left” or otherwise objectionable about her. I think she would be more accurately cast as an independent than anything else.
The thing that impressed me the most was that she is very clear on what the job of a Representative should be and that is representing the people of her district.  After this last legislative session,  I would put a premium on that trait.

Randy Terrill wouldn’t have cause to worry if the only thing against him was this latest scandal.  But there are many upright conservatives who are passionate about the illegal immigration issue and Terrill has put them between a rock and a hard place.  Moral relativism is abhorred by a good number of those whose vote he could count on were it not for the pattern of ethical and legal scrapes that has emerged since he entered the political arena.

The degree that Randy Terrill’s actions have discomforted these voters and to the degree that Amy Corley matches them in their values equals the exact measure of uncertainty as to the outcome of this race.

I will be interested to see what the sum total in District 53 ends up being.

One final nugget of political wisdom from OP;

Terill will face a grand jury soon, but there are still many unanswered questions about the investigation, many of which we’ve pointed out here. It should be quite easy for Terrill to paint the investigation as a politically-motivated witchhunt and sweep back into the House.

I think Okie Pundit shouldn’t be so sure that people will  be so easily swayed by political paintings.   The broad brush style that seems favored by Okie Pundit fails to impress.


9 responses to “Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the ‘Net’-Okie Pundit Punts it

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  2. Crying As They Dragged Me From The Capitol

    The fact that anyone considers Okie Pubis conservative, let alone reads his hit blog, is indication of how meaningless the term has become. This big-government, pro-bailout voter blog is nothing more than the bitter rantings of a constipated obesity sufferer.

  3. You both got that right. Will have to wait and see about the grand jury. Didn’t Terrell try to get pit bulls outlawed?

  4. Okie Campaigns

    First Kaye, I was part of Forrest Claunch re-elect campaign, when She try take out Forrest. I did the op-reseaarch on her. And Corley is a FAR LEFT NUTCASE! She is NOT Pro-Second Amendment or Pro-life! All one has to do is look at the ahole who are helping her, its a who who of the far left from Norman, with that drunk Cal Hobson in the lead.

    I do like the way your libertarian buddy Chad, keep pop in Randy Tent in Moore on the 4th, Sorry Chad we know how you like to lie to people and try to play people. And how you try to drum up backing to run against in a GOP Primary. And that funny because you are NOT Conservative or a Republican, your are just a libertarian.

    And here the bad news for you kids (and will make Okie Pundit look bad), after two days being in ‘the Team Terrill tent’ at the Moore 4th of July event, NOT ONE PERSON gave Terrill any trouble. Everybody saw right thought what was going on. Randy will WIN his re-election

  5. You know what John? You often have good insights but this is usually trumped by you inability to communicate without being completely abrasive.
    I have yet to form an opinion as to whether this is merely your style or part of a larger personality disorder.

    I have no doubt that Randy Terrill enjoyed visits by supporters at his campaign tent. Birds of a feather, as always, flock together.

    I will go out on a limb here and make a prediction of my own; Terrill will be re elected and when the inevitable happens and Terrill goes too far this will cause much heartache for the decent people that chose to override their better judgment about him in favor of his strong anti-illegal immigration measures.

    Terrill will view his re election as approval and not forgiveness which will empower his tendency to consider himself above the rules. This is my opinion only and I am glad that I am not a voter in the 53rd.

    I corrected Okie Pundit because what it was asserting is contrary to the stated positions of the candidate (Corley) Since she has not been in office, there is little else to go on.
    You are essentially saying that the woman is a liar. I have no evidence or reason to doubt her and the information is presented as I received it.

    I would always advise people to do their own investigations and not take anyone’s opinions as the gospel.

    Have a nice day John

  6. Chad T Williams

    I will take a chance to respond to what you had to say Angier. I stopped by Terrills tent primarily to talk with Kathy McBliar about the status of the SRA resolution with the State Party. I did my best to avoid even talking to anyone associated with the Terrill campaign. I stopped by in the heavy rain while leaving because I wanted to check with Kathy to see if anything else needed to be accomplished for some activities in the SRA.

    During the filing period, I was receiving a lot of calls from people that were upset with things that Terrill had done in the legislature and from others who were concerned about the story breaking in the Oklahoman. I am not in a position in my life right now where i am looking for elected office. The phone calls that I made were attempting to get to the facts of what was happening. It was not my intention to seek this seat. The ONLY reason that I even looked into this matter was that some people were very concerned about the seat winding up in the hands of a liberal democrat IF and I repeat IF the Oklahoman’s allocations were true.

    Furthermore, I doubt that you really understand my political philosophy well enough to classify me. I have been a registered Republican since 1994 and a conservative for years before that. I firmly believe in restraint in the use of government force at all levels. If you think that make me a libertarian then you really lack a basic knowledge of what I believe or how it would be classified.

    We have all been talking about how to build the the conservative movement over the past several months. We have to look at what will unify the party and not what will divide it. Yes, I looked intently at the local house race when the most recent scandal was advanced by the Oklahoman. Some people that I know were supportive of the effort and others opposed it. In the end, I determined that their was a lot of supposition and characterization of events. The reason that I backed away and took a HUGE amount of heat for stepping back was I did not see a reason to split this effort any further. I am working to build the conservative effort and that includes those who are more libertarian in their beliefs as well as those who are more in favor of statist philosophies.

  7. Okie Campaigns

    About Randy Terrill, You do not get what going on. One would think that you would be out rage. A group of powerful ahole (like Kirk Humphrys and the Oklahoman) want to take out a Member of the Oklahoma House, by trumping up a spin job, just to over turn HB 1804 and to keep Oklahoma from getting AZ law.

    And there some other pay back in play, but it would take to long, to list what is all going on

    Here the thing, You and Chad are Libertarian. Being a Libertarian is not a bad thing, its just a different philosophy that being a Conservative. True you have some overlap in monetary policy, but over all you have two different political philosophy.

    Even Ron Paul, have said that He is a Libertarian and not a Conservative many time, and Chad He is a registered Republican too.

    All I ask is for one to be intellectually honest about his or her political philosophy, and stop playing words game with code words like ‘liberty republican’ ect. This just like the game the Demo now trying to call themselves progressive and not liberal.

  8. Chad T Williams

    Angier, you are free to consider me to be anything that you want. In the past couple of days, I have been called a neocon, blue blood republican, and a libertarian. None of these classifications are accurate. The truth of the matter is that I believe in limited and effective government at all levels. In order to have true freedom, a minimal level of government is necessary. Excessive government and insufficient government both have the effect of limiting freedom. The debate that we need to be having is what is the real role of government. I consider my beliefs to be traditional mainstream conservative and I would challenge you to justify your claim that I am anything else. I will agree with you that the terms have been changed especially over the past couple of years. You will have a difficult time classifying me with the likes of Karl Rove, or many other neocons that claim to be conservatives.

    When the story started breaking about Terrill and the ME’s office, I started to ask questions. I do not take anything that anyone tells me on face value. I always look into the situation that interest me. I spoke with many people of different political stripes to find out what what they knew. I knew that it was the filing period and I know that rumors run like crazy during this time. At the time, I was not able to find any consistency to the story. More recently, I have come to my opinion on the situation but I will keep that to myself.

    I know that there are many people who are upset with Terrill for many reasons and that he has upset some very wealthy and politically influential entities. Perhaps this was the motivation in the Oklahoman in breaking this story when they did. I rarely give much consideration to the media bias these days because it is so pervasive. I instead cross source and read all that I can about subjects that interest me. I will also contact sources that I have developed to see what facts may be missing from the story.

    I will get back to the bigger issue that concerns me. The real challenge that this nation faces today is freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility versus governmental power and control. I will work with people who agree with me that restrained government is necessary but should be as limited as possible. You can call them libertarians, conservatives, liberty candidates, or your term ‘law and order’ conservatives. At the end of the day, we need to finds ways to stop fractionating the broader conservative movement is finds ways to work together on the agenda that we agree on. There will be time for debates on finer points in the future but for the time being we have to work together to elect, support, and hold accountable our elected officials that claim to share our beliefs.

  9. I find it especially provocative when someone says someone else isn’t a conservative, they’re a libertarian. I have yet to meet one such person who can give a clearly defined definition of “conservative”. Most of them say they believe in “smaller government”, but can’t tell you smaller than what. Such people are invariably part of the problem.

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