Grassroots Campaigning 101 LIVE! Friday July 2, 2010 6-8pm

Grassroots Campaigning 101


Friday July 2, 2010 6-8pm CST on Rule of Law Radio


It’s getting down to the wire! The state Primaries and General elections are coming up.

Ready to Clean House?


List of State Primary Dates

Oklahoma’s primary is July 27th

We have an opportunity to really clean house both on the state and national level with great grassroots liberty candidates running for office in record breaking numbers.

If these candidates are to win, it will be up to us to make that happen.

If you have been wondering what an ordinary person can do to help your favorite liberty candidate get elected then you will want to be listening to Friday night’s AxXiom for Liberty show.

I have a few very special guests lined up that have experience and ingenuity to spare. They will tell us just what can be done with our enthusiasm in order to make a difference.

*Cheryl Williams-Party pro and Grassroots Queen*

*Kirk Shelley-Political Guru, C4L*

*Amanda Teegarden-Citizen Action Champ Exec. Director, OK-SAFE, Inc.*

  • If you are an activist, call in and tell us what you are doing and what you have learned.
  • If you want to get started but don’t know how, this is the time to ask!
  • If you are a candidate, call in and tell us what you need and how volunteers can contact you.

Elections are won one vote at a time and this is where the grassroots can shine!

There is one thing we have that money can’t buy and that is the enthusiasm that beams from the face of a volunteer who is working for a cause that they believe in. Enthusiasm glows! It is unmistakable, attractive, and persuasive. Let’s make the most of it!


Friday night from 6-8pm CST AxXiom for Liberty dedicates this show to helping these candidates and their supporters to hit the ground running.

The number to call in is 512-646-1984

You can listen live on the internet at beginning at 6pm Friday.



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