“Our Rulers”

Opinion Letter by Roger Warren – July 3, 2010

Have you noticed there is a certain contempt for “voters”, Republican and Democrat, by the Administration, by Congress and by the Courts?  Not 100% of the people involved are holding the people (you and I) in contempt.  There is Michele Bachmann, District 6, R-MN; Frank Lucas, District 3, R- OK; four members of the Supreme Court and a few others scattered throughout the Federal Government.  I am talking only about the Federal not the State Government.

The Administration, Congress and the Courts have become our Rulers.  They do not give one flip what you and I think about anything.  Say “Bailout” “Stimulus” “Health Care”, etc.  Our Oklahoma coterie is part of that.  We were spat on and disregarded in ‘08, ‘09 and ‘10.  Did your Representative or Senator represent you in ’08?  They became worried about being re-elected in ’09.  In ’09 they became the party of no.  The three branches of Government quit representing you and I a long time ago.  Which brings us to why this letter.

If an election were held today in Congressional District Four, our incumbent might not win.  His challenger has made deep inroads in the district with the exception of Norman and Duncan.  So what do you do if you are losing?  You cheat.

On July 3, 2010, the GOP in Stevens County was caught assuring people that the incumbent’s challenger was a Democrat.  Heaven only knows what they are doing in Cleveland County .  The challenger was banned from any party functions, straw polls, or anything to do with the Cleveland County Party after the District 4 Straw Poll at the Cleveland County Party Candidate Forum, June 12, 2010.

This business of barring people started in late fall of 2009.  A female activist of 30 years was barred from her County Party and removed from her position on the Executive Committee.  Her sin?  She stated she was a Constitutional Conservative!

I ask you in all seriousness, “What is wrong with wanting our country guided by the Constitution not the courts (Supreme and others)?”  I think the rulers need to go.

Let us be serious about Government.  Example:  Next year, 2011, we will be paying much more in taxes (the 53% who pay taxes).  I defy anyone to tell me how much the new taxes are:  Is this really going to be the highest percentage of taxes we have ever paid in the history of our country?  Think Stimulus.  Who is going to pay for it?  How about the 60% we are paying out to secure our debt?  That leaves only 40% to operate the Country.  Our rulers want us all equally poor and living in squalor, thus dependent on them.  We have become Greece and on our way to becoming Argentina .  Do we accept this?  I don’t.

Why are the County Parties so desperate to send our Rulers back to office?  If there is anyone who has a feasible theory of why, I would love to hear that theory.

Next week’s opinion letter will be information about our State Candidates.  July 27th is getting ever so close.

Thanks, Roger Warren, a Constitutional Conservative


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