Camera Shutdown Just One Step For Wiedermann

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The red light cameras at the intersection of 10th and Minnesota in Sioux Falls have been shut down.

The police department turned them off yesterday while a judge continues a court case against the city.  And the driver who filed the initial complaint against the city, hopes it’s just the start of things to come.

In 2007, I.L. Wiedermann loaned his car to a friend, who turned right on red at this intersection. But the red light camera caught the illegal turn, and Wiedermann got an $86 ticket in the mail. He filed a complaint against the city, arguing it can’t enforce civil penalties for criminal traffic violations. And now, more than three years later, he’s still challenging the cameras.

“When this first started, I never once envisioned it going as wide as it did,” Wiedermann said.  “I mean, it’s all over the country. I just didn’t anticipate that.”

Wiedermann’s glad the city shut the cameras down Friday, but he wishes it would’ve happened a lot sooner. Wiedermann says he thinks the city’s trying not to get in over its head.

“The reason they’re shutting them down is because they should have shut them down two or three years ago,” Wiedermann said.  “Then, they wouldn’t be up to $2.6 or $2.7 million, whatever it is in funds. Now, because of the ruling and the unconstitutionality of it, they’re fearful of having to refund funds.”

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One response to “Camera Shutdown Just One Step For Wiedermann

  1. I hope he wins and they have to refund the money…

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