Tulsa “Tea Party” Event serves up Flim Flam

by Kaye Beach

Posted July 7, 2010

A group calling itself the  “Tea Party Congress” offered the public a heaping helping of status quo tonight.

Care for a spot of tea?

Judging from the tepid turnout, I’d say Tulsa’s  famous Tea Party firebrands turned up their noses at the  “Tea Party’s” fare.

I don’t know who this group is calling itself the “Tea Party Congress” but this event produced a definite wrinkling of the nose at first sniff for the grassroots Tea Party fans in the area.

Four term Congressman John Sullivan, was a featured speaker at the event.  Congressman Sullivan voted in favor of the big banker bailout, aka TARP, which means he is Tea Party toast and to top it off,  the event organizers permitted no challengers of Sullivan’s to speak.

One of these challengers, Nathan Dahm, definitely a Tea Party favorite along with four others were muzzled by this TP Congress.

The Tulsa World reports;

Sullivan has been on the outs with at least some tea partiers since voting for the Troubled Asset Relief Program — the bank bailout bill — in late 2008. It seems to be the main reason he has five primary challengers this year, and he was quizzed fairly intently Tuesday night about that vote.

Sullivan said the measure was necessary to keep the country from sliding into an even deeper recession.

“We were looking at unemployment of as much as 30 percent,” he said.

When it was mentioned that most of the $700 billion outlay for the measure has been recovered, many in the crowd booed and shouted “no!”

Read moret http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=336&articleid=20100706_11_0_Atleas729521

The World got this item wrong though;

Although the forum was open to any candidate, only Republicans appeared to be in attendance. Candidates for most statewide offices were present, as well as Sullivan and his challengers and at least one 2nd Congressional District hopeful.

This event was in no way “open”

The World does supply us with the name of the organization.

Tuesday’s event was sponsored by the USAPatriots Tea Party group, but organizers billed it as a “congress” for all tea partiers

A search turns up that Mike and Cris Kurtz are the founders of the phony balony USAPatriots.  Their website is markedly different from the grassroots Tea Party websites which are generally chock full of news and resources useful to citizen activists who are trying to do their part in restoring our Republic.

OKforTea, for example,  has a well-earned reputation for credible information and activism.  This is their website- OKforTea

USAPatriots has a button to volunteer, to buy, their events and promos and a donate button.

The search also produced a variety of well-known grassroots groups who have many complaints about this group.

These phonies ought to be ashamed for insulting the intelligence of the people in Tulsa!

You can call yourself a “Tea Party” or a “Republican” but saying it doesn’t make it so.

Read more about this “Tea Party”


10 responses to “Tulsa “Tea Party” Event serves up Flim Flam

  1. They just want to maintain the status BS and their comfy jobs… Those types wouldn’t want me at a meeting…

  2. No, they are trying to confuse the two. The kids would call them ‘posers’, LOL

  3. Someone does “Remember the Bailout”

  4. I’m not sure what the problem was. I am a challenger to Sullivan and I did get to speak at this event. It was short, only 2 minutes, but I understood that there were over 25 candidates that needed to speak, so we had to keep it short.

    I believe that I took a strong message to the people and I straightforwardly challenged Congressman’s Sullivan’s support for the River Tax.

    It was good to be at one event where so many good Republicans like Scott Pruitt and Randy Brogdon were all speaking. It was also nice to see that Congressman Sullivan was having to face his constituents regarding the details of not only voting for TARP, but explaining what led up to it.

    I think it is somewhat odd that the KOTV coverage of this event showed Dahm and Rice, in addition to Sullivan, but did not include me; Somewhat odd because I actually spoke at the event and Dahm and Rice did not. But, I’m not whining about it – they can’t always get everything just perfect.

  5. Patrick, it kinda the old saying… “a little too late”. You started campaigning for this race what 5 weeks before the actual election? That doesn’t go very far with people in the district when other in the race have been campaigning for months… Do you really expect to just be picked up in the news as a last minute candidate? Doesn’t really work like that.

  6. To answer your question, no I did not enter 5 weeks before the election. I did file lawfully, when and where I was supposed to do so.

    It’s true that some voters will base their vote on who has been running for a long period of time instead of where the candidates stand on the issues.

    I’m of the opinion that the majority of voters will care more about policy stances of their politicians instead of giving credit to someone based on how long they have been running.

    It’s true that I came into this race reluctantly, just wishing that someone else would enter who didn’t have deal-breaker policy positions – The fact of the matter is that I have too much integrity to lend support, in a primary, to someone who does not comprehend crucial national security issues. If you would like to hold that against me, that is your perogative. Fortunately, for you, it’s still a free country. Unfortunately, if you decide to back someone who doesn’t understand the advantage and the need for our troops forward deployment, then one day, when it’s do late to do anything about it, you may realize that it was your own actions that helped lead to the loss of our nation’s freedom.

    I sincerely hope that you will realize that all who have served in the military and allow themselves to be forward deployed are not a bunch of numb-skulled idiots who have no clue about the needs of the nation that they are providing. What they do is vitally important to national security and should not be discredited by either power-hungry or naive politicians. I hope that you will help my campaign. We intend to win this race, but your personal decision could be the one to make the difference.

    I’m in this race, out of pure motives and strong conviction because, “… to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” James 4:17

    Regardless of whether you are persuaded or not, best wishes to you, fellow American.

  7. do = too. Sorry. :+)

  8. “We intend to win this race, but your personal decision could be the one to make the difference.”

    Never in history has a race been decided on one person… You stand more of a chance to loose due to the margin of error then my one vote. No one said anything about the troops being “numb-skulled idiots”, I am actually insulted that you would make such a random and naive statement, sounds like you have some personal issues that need to be worked out. Good luck but I will not be voting for you!

  9. I did not intend for you to get the impression that I thought you think that way. I was simply pointing out that the position that two of the candidates are taking is that the vast majority of all of our forward-deployed troops are participating in a national defence strategy that is foolish. No offense intended; honestly.

    What I meant by your decision could make the difference is simply that you have a circle of friends and family and they all do, too. The difference that one person can make in a political race can be very significant.

    I should have been more careful with the strong words that I used and for that I apologize to you. I should have known that many people’s emotions run high during these elections, because we all love this nation and have strong opinions regarding what is best for it. I still wish you well and if I do win this election, feel free to contact me and I’ll do everything that I can to fully understand whatever issues are of concern to you.

  10. I didn’t go to this event, however, I did work with Cris and her husband for the April Tea Party and I do not agree with the assessment here.

    It takes a lot of money to make this happen and Cris and her husband are local, regular people like you and I. I have no problem with the donation buttons.

    And just because Cris and her husband are doing it a little different doesn’t mean they are not serious tea party contenders. Quite the opposite. These two get more done than most regular folks.

    Besides, who said all tea party patriots had to be exactly the same?

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