Tale of Tulsa’s “Tea Party” Terror

This is Mannalis.

Miss Mannalis Barnes once again finds herself the subject of inquiry by the author of this blog.

The last time I wrote about the young lady it was due to her inspiring intervention on behalf of a good bill in danger of being shredded by profit seeking corporate lobbyists.  And then again to report the success of her efforts.

I was so taken by Mannalis’ intelligence and confidence that I invited her to be a guest on my Friday night radio show,  AxXiom for Liberty.  If you would like to hear Mannalis speak about her foray into grassroots activism yourself you can download the audio from that show here (she begins at about 50 minutes into the recording)  She was amazing!

But perhaps Mannalis is more formidable a presence than we could have ever imagined. . .

The USA Patriots seemed very threatened by her on Tuesday evening at the event they held in Tulsa on Tuesday.

Tulsa “Tea Party” Event serves up Flim Flam

Mannalis describes her encounter with the “Patriots”

My name is Mannalis I’m 16, my sister Maya is 13 and on July 6th we attended the Tea Party Congress hosted by USA Patriots.  Towards the end of the event my sister and I were standing near the door talking with some adult family friends.  As we were talking and preparing to leave, a strange man, who works with the USA Patriots and the Kurtz’ walked up to us and said

“I hear that you’re waiting ‘till we’re in the parking lot to ambush us.”

One of our family friends standing there responded “They didn’t say that, who told you that?”  He then said “That’s what I’m hearing” and He then said that he wouldn’t tell us who told him and was going to call the police. I was very upset that while I was just standing and talking with friends, my sister and I would get accused of hurting someone.

The man went over to Mrs. Kurtz and asked her what he should do she said

Off with her head!

(Forgive me with the references the Alice in Wonderland but I am unable to help myself.)

Really what Mrs Kurtz said was;

Call the police and get them out of here”

Mannalis continues;

The man proceeded to do so, he called the police and described us to them.  We felt very threatened so we decided to leave not wanting to cause any problems.

Oh Mannalis!  You did the right thing but it would have been very interesting to see what the officer would have said upon being summoned to deal with the “threat” of a petite and mannerly young lady.

This sounds more and more like a Tea Party only the Mad Hatter could love.

Welcome to the world of politics, dear Mannalis.


4 responses to “Tale of Tulsa’s “Tea Party” Terror

  1. The progressive light’s see the writing on the wall and they don’t like it. They want to maintain the system they have crafted and they see it slipping away…

  2. Yes, I think they should have waited for the Police (they weren’t coming anyway), and seen what happened. If it was said again to them I’d have asked them how they would like being sued over slander and liable. Well y ou know me, I’d have caused a bit of a ‘civil’ rucus.

  3. Ya think ya would have been causing a rucus, just sent Maria an email that she should have called the cops, GRRRRRRRR, those buttwipes….Wouldn’t have been a pretty picture, ‘These guys are accusing a 16 year old girl of threatening them’ . ..Not sure of who would have started the rucus first…

  4. The Kurtzes and USA Patriots are anything but patriotic. They like John Sullivan and every other big-government shill who’s tried to jump on the Tea Party movement’s coattails. The Tea Party people need to file and injunction preventing these hypocrites from using the name Tea Party at any more of their events.

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