Judge hits sheriff with the old One/Two


One as in the First Amendment.

The Judge requires the sheriff of Osceola County, who took it upon himself to arbitrarily deny Mr. Bennett concealed carry permit(Two, as in the Second Amendment) based upon his disapproval of the gentleman’s political and constitutionally protected activities, to enroll in some rudimentary lessons on the importance of the First Amendment.

Definitely the feel-good story of the day!

U.S. District Court Judge Mark W. Bennett has ordered Osceola County Sheriff Douglas L. Weber to issue a gun permit to a resident and to complete a college-level course involving the First Amendment.

Bennett’s written decision on Wednesday involves the case of Paul Dorr, of Ocheyedan, who was denied a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Dorr and his son, Alexander, were denied gun permits after being engaged in extensive First Amendment activity — protesting, passing out leaflets and writing letters to the editor — the opinion notes.

“The court finds a tsunami, a maelstrom, an avalanche, of direct, uncontroverted evidence in Sheriff Weber’s own testimony to conclude beyond all doubt that he unquestionably violated the First Amendment rights of at least Paul Dorr,” Bennett wrote in his ruling.

Dorr said Wednesday that he was pleased “justice is served. I get my permit back and the sheriff is being sent back to school.



One response to “Judge hits sheriff with the old One/Two

  1. An excellent smack down, although a college level course on the first amendment…might make things even worse….Ya know what those whack jobs are like.

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