Remember the Bailout?

Remember the Bailout Association is announcing a state wide ad campaign starting on Tuesday, July 13th.  The purpose of the ad campaign is to remind the Oklahoma voters that Mary Fallin voted for the Bank Bailout Bill (renamed the TARP Bill) that was passed in October 2008.  This bill was the start of additional bailout and stimulus spending that now has the United States national debt exceeding $13 trillion. This out of control government spending spawned the explosive growth of the movement now called the Tea Party movement.

You might be confused if you see this video.

She voted against it before she voted FOR it.

Her bailout vote can be found here :

Facebook users report;

“if someone asks Mary Fallin on Facebook about her bailout vote, that the question gets deleted quickly. Then she replies privately with “that she did NOT vote for the stimulus bailout”.  She is purposely trying to confuse the questioner between the stimulus bill and the bailout bill. That has been her tactic on this issue for some time.”



2 responses to “Remember the Bailout?

  1. I’ve thought about liking her facebook page so I could ask about it, but I don’t really want to add to her number of likes.

  2. Why can’t Facebook add a “dislike”button?

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